Poster Art: ‘Logan’

I’m doing a new series that focuses on poster art for girl-related films, television shows, etc., starting with the upcoming X-Men film Logan. This film is set in the near future when most of the mutants have been wiped out. In this context Logan, a.k.a. Wolverine, is charged with protecting a young mutant named Laura, better known as X-23, who, in the comics at least, is actually a female clone of Wolverine. The character is portrayed by the super-talented Dafne Keen.  If she is, in fact, Logan’s clone, then she was well-cast because their resemblance is remarkable. I don’t know about you but I am quite excited for this film, which hits theaters on March 3rd in US venues.

The first poster is actually the official poster for the film. It only shows X-23’s hand, but I love the juxtaposition of her small, seemingly vulnerable hand against Woverine’s deadly claws.

Artist Unknown – Logan (poster)

The next one was illustrated by comic book artist Babs Tarr (best known for her stint on the Batgirl series). I think it perfectly captures X-23 in all her adorable fierceness. I certainly wouldn’t want to cross her!

Babs Tarr – Logan (poster)

This last one is my favorite. It references all those fantastic illustrated film posters from the late 70s and the 80s we all know and love, most of which were done by Drew Struzan. This poster is for the IMAX edition of the film and was illustrated by Dave Rapoza.

Dave Rapoza – Logan (IMAX poster)


Random Images: Michel Simonidy

Michel Simonidy (1870–1933) was a painter, draftsman, designer and illustrator.  He was born in Romania and was a portraitist there before moving to Paris.  His paintings were in the style of Art Nouveau.  He produced artwork for a number of posters including this one.

Michel Simonidy - Poster for La Bourboule (1895)

Michel Simonidy – Poster for La Bourboule (1895)

The Winds of Change

I know I must have said this ad nauseum, but one of the most compelling images that moves many of us emotionally is that of the little girl. This fact has been used cynically many times by powerful institutions and it behooves us to remain conscious of its power. A contest was conducted to create a design to promote the People’s Climate March to take place in New York City this September 21st. There were two winners: one with a rather dismal vision of the future, but also a more hopeful one by James Jean entitled Winds of Change.

James Jean - Winds of Change (2014)

James Jean – Winds of Change (2014)

Celebrity judges chose the winners (although there was also an online vote for the finalists) and the Grand Prize winner was to receive an award of $10,000 and a flight to New York to participate in the march. According to the Huffington Post, over 400,000 people turned out. The march took place just a few days before about 120 world leaders were to debate environmental action at a United Nations climate summit.  More than 1,500 groups filled Central Park West before the march representing a variety of interests, including the scientific community, religious organizations, students and grandparents all expressing concern for their legacy and that of their descendants.

James Jean was featured before on Pigtails in Paint (here and here) and it is good to see that his work continues to be noticed.