Random Images: William Blake Richmond

(Last Updated On April 13, 2020)

William Blake Richmond (1842–1921) was best known for his portrait work and decorative mosaics in St. Paul’s Cathedral. In its way, this composition of a naked child clinging to mother is an archetype. It reminds me a lot of O.G. Rejlander’s Allegory of Motherhood.

William Blake Richmond – The Slave (c1886)

Random Images: Niki Boon

(Last Updated On April 10, 2020)

Niki Boon is a self-taught photographer from New Zealand whose work emphasizes the freedoms of family life. It is nice to see there are still people bringing attention to the quality of childhood unfettered by needless public prudery.

I grew up on a farm in rural New Zealand, with a childhood barefoot ,wild and free. In part my photographic work pulls from my childhood freedoms and adventures that still exist so strongly in my mind. -From her website

Niki Boon – A Sincere Place of Freedom (Date Unknown)

Random Images: Elke Böhm

(Last Updated On April 12, 2020)

This photograph is from a collection documenting life in the German city of Mehrow. Thus these are really snapshots and not images from a professional photographer. You can read here account here. But once again it helps illustrate the attitudes of different people in different times.

Elke Böhm – Badewanne (1940s)

Of course, strictly speaking, Ms. Böhm would not really be the photographer since she is simply recounting her childhood, but rather one of her family members or friends, perhaps Falko.

Random Images: Arthur Benda

(Last Updated On April 10, 2020)

In case it is not abundantly clear, the presence of children in the nude is hardly a rarity since practically the advent of photography. Almost exclusively, they are taken at naturist camps or produced with the cooperation of the families who frequent them.

Arthur Benda – Zwei sitzende Nudistenkinder beobachten Kaulquappen im Rexglas (1930)

Random Images: Elvira Amrhein

(Last Updated On April 8, 2020)

Elvira Amrhein (b1957) was born in Germany, the daughter and granddaughter of artists but works in France. Her paintings are meant to have a spiritual depth “For a moment the divine becomes alive, imbuing the artist’s creations with the power to transform viewers into initiates … Ageless legendary characters bring a breath of the divine with them”. It makes sense that a young girl’s body should represent the archetype of agelessness and spiritual purity. In addition, the prevalence of bare skin (only the requisite accoutrements of angels is needed) also helps detach the characters from the fashion of the day giving them their timeless quality.

Elvira Amrhein – Angel #3 (c2016)

Random Images: Berit Alits

(Last Updated On April 8, 2020)

Like so many other artists, Berit Alits does commercial work (weddings and child portraiture) to make ends meet. Despite the documentary nature of the work, there is always a creative impulse to satisfy. The image shown here is hardly documentary.

Berit Alits – Standing with the Wind (2013)

The artist identifies the model as Courtney and there are other shots of the same girl on her creative photography page.