Random Images: Gerald Moonen

(Last Updated On July 12, 2021)

New Zealand artist Gerald Moonen appears on our radar because of his fight with New Zealand authorities regarding civil rights and standards of decency. I think all readers will agree that censors went way too far in this case. A critic wrote that the image below would have been acceptable if the subjects were boys! Besides being understandably insulted by this notion (the image is of his own daughters), it happens to be the girls’ own grandmother’s favorite picture of them. It supposedly appeared in a book called Image Dei but I cannot confirm this with internet sources.

Gerald Moonen – From the book Image Dei (c2000)

Moonen wrote a wonderful credo to the Government Administration Committee regarding the interpretation of the Films, Videos, and Publications Classification Act of 1993. It strikes me that this case has the same flavor as that of Graham Ovenden’s.

Random Images: Sashko Milkovich

(Last Updated On July 12, 2021)

Being a repository of images of a particular genre, I frankly don’t know where half these things come from. This could be an image that Pip collected or a lead from a reader and I neglected to note the details. Sashko Milkovich is a Ukrainian wedding photographer. Examining his portfolio, one can see the kinds of images one would expect but it also includes this perplexing image. It is a lovely image of domesticity but not really fitting in the wedding genre. Perhaps Milkovich is trying to exert his artist impulses and the photo does also say something about cultural attitudes in The Ukraine.

Sashko Milkovich – (Untitled) (Date Unknown)

I was curious about the blankets with writing on them. I would be interested to know what they say. Are they just mundane platitudes or some kind of political statement by the artist?

Lorne McKean

(Last Updated On July 2, 2021)

Lorne McKean was born in 1939 and began working in art at age 10 as a model and student of Prince Serge Yourievitch. At age 20 she had two of her sculptures accepted by the Royal Academy. She became Fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors in 1972. She has had five Royal commissions, and has sculpted portraits of both Her Majesty and Prince Philip. In 2012 she was chosen as one of ten outstanding UK artists to commemorate the 2012 London Olympic Games by the BT Art of Sport initiative. McKean is very popular with the lay public as well as the art world; many of her works appear in public places. She is married to sculptor Edwin Russell and has two daughters.

Anonymous – Lorne McKean Working on The Girl and the Swan (c1984)

McKean has created many sculptures of people and animals, especially horses. Three of her statues that feature young girls are included in this article. These statues speak for themselves; their artistic merit would be apparent even if the reader did not know of McKean’s many honors. Although the articles in Pigtails are generally very brief and focus on young girls to the exclusion of other things, I thought it would be good for the reader to know a few things about Lorne McKean both for general background and for what it says about young girls in art.

Lorne McKean was a young girl herself, and a child model. She is the mother of girls. She is highly respected by the art community and the public, and has been commissioned multiple times by the Queen, who was also once a young girl, and is the mother of a girl. Since McKean is highly respectable, and has sculpted nude girls, it would seem that there is nothing inherently unrespectable about an artist who creates work involving nude girls. Of course some artists may be involved in reprehensible conduct, but we shouldn’t assume it is typical of all artists. If the Queen approves commissions for an artist whose work includes nude girls, why should lesser ranking individuals in Her Majesty’s government object to Pigtails in Paint, Agapeta, or Graham Ovenden?

The first McKean sculpture in this article is Girl and Swan, on public display on the side of a building on King’s Road, Reading, UK. A girl tries to touch a swan flying overhead.

Lorne McKean – The Girl and the Swan (1984)

Lorne McKean – The Girl and the Swan (1984)

Seated Child, the Artist’s Daughter is a bronze of one of McKean’s two daughters. I could not find out which one. At least one daughter was following in her mother’s footsteps as a child model.

Lorne McKean – Seated Child, the Artist’s Daughter (no date)

Girl With Shell is a fountain at the Willoughby House, Richmond, UK.

Lorne McKean – Girl With Shell (no date)

Maiden Voyages: July 2021

(Last Updated On July 3, 2021)

Since this is the first of the month after Pigtails being reinstated, I felt I should at least do a MV post to get a normal routine going again.

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Random Images: Francis Gruber

(Last Updated On June 16, 2021)

During the period when this site was offline I received this interesting lead. The reader said he discovered this work by Francis Gruber (1912–1948) while browsing a second-hand bookstore. I delight in such serendipitous finds like this.

Francis Gruber – Jeune Fille Assise dans Latelier (1938)

You can see more of this artist’s work here. Interestingly, this painting recently fetched just under 20,500€ in auction.


Random Images: Adam Fuss

(Last Updated On June 16, 2021)

I had intended to do a proper post on Adam Fuss (b1961) a while ago. I was intrigued by a composition of his using a silhouette of his own daughter (not shown here). My friend Poli knew him and I thought I might have more luck interviewing the artist if I had an introduction but her health was deteriorating and she never saw him again in her few remaining travels. While searching for that silhouette, I ran into this perplexing piece so I present it here.

Adam Fuss – The Space Between Garden And Eve (2011)

This installation piece naturally evokes a lot of questions, perhaps something one of our readers can find out more about. Is there a backstory out there? In my earlier research on this artist, I did come across an amusing comment he made. Apparently, viewers of his work often want to know how he accomplished his various effects. His attitude during his reply was usually something like, “Why? Do you want to try this at home?”. I felt it completely understandable than an artist might want to keep his techniques close to his chest (and that the lay public wouldn’t understand anyway). But one commenter, not familiar with the artistic temperament, was critical of Fuss complaining that his manner of brusque and off-putting. I just had to roll my eyes when I read that.

Random Images: Toni Frissell

(Last Updated On June 16, 2021)

Toni Frissell (1907–1988) was a documentary and fashion photographer known for her portraits of famous people and coverage of World War II. Because some of her portraits covered families, children were sometimes captured by her lens.

Toni Frissell -Hilary Paley for Vogue (Sept 1944)

Not only did she shot well-composed portraits but sometimes she would shoot her subjects in some kind of period dress.


Toni Frissell -Stanford White Granddaughters, Long Island (1963)

Random Images: Anna Maltz

(Last Updated On June 17, 2021)

Since the advent of the internet, there sure has been a lot of crazy-ass stuff out there. Anna Maltz says she is an avid knit and sweater-spotter and has published a couple of books. Most intriguing are her knit suits which cover the entire body. This photo is of one of her creations and it blurs the link on nudity. Is it or isn’t it? I just couldn’t resist showing this one and it does have a little girl in it, so it’s legit for this site.

Anna Maltz – Natasha, Peter, Zack and Imogen (2004)

Anna Maltz website

Random Images: Tatiana Kovaleva

(Last Updated On June 17, 2021)

The problem with this artist is that she has a relatively common name and it is difficult to distinguish her from others with a similar name. Nonetheless, I share this piece called Winter Stories and perhaps readers can do a little digging, especially on Russian sites.

Tatiana Kovaleva – Winter Stories (date unknown)