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This disclaimer is to address any legitimate concerns from readers and detractors alike regarding the legality of our site.

Two major legal issues affect this site: 1) Intellectual Property and 2) Subject Matter.

1.  This site is educational and a vehicle for social criticism and therefore falls within the rules of the “Fair Use Clause” of the Copyright  Act of 1980  (and applicable counterparts in other countries).  Although we sometimes consult with artists about what content is or is not included, it is not necessary for us to do so if its use is clearly justified in a particular post.  Images or video presented here will not be comprehensive nor of such high quality to cause issues of copyright infringement.

2.  Our site does contain some nude images and videos of children.  Although some may rationalize their objection on arbitrary moral grounds, we endeavor to strictly adhere to U.S. law, under whose jurisdiction this site operates.  Pigtails in Paint will not present material that has been produced unlawfully through the exploitation of children or images that might constitute a “lascivious display” of genitalia in violation of U.S. code.  The rules regarding non-photographic material (drawings, paintings, sculpture, etc.) are more lenient but this site will nonetheless try to err on the side of conservatism when presenting this illustrative material.

If there are questions concerning the legality of a particular image or video clip, you can direct your concerns or complaints to the Walters Law Group (specializing in Free Speech, Internet Law and Intellectual Property issues) operating out of Florida.  To spread the burden, Pigtails intends to approach other qualified lawyers to assist in dealing with these issues.

Another point regarding the legitimacy of this site is that since it is hosted in the UK, it falls under the guidelines of the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) which has much stricter rules than the US with its legacy of protecting free speech on principle. It should also be noted that we are aware that pornography sites do link to ours, much to our irritation. We are in no position to stop this unless anyone has some clever ideas they would like to share. Also, due to unfair procedural technicalities, we are no longer in control of the domain name which has been co-opted and is serving as another porn site. This has been done despite our official protests and attempts to correct this through proper channels. If anyone believes they have found something illegal on this site, they are invited to report it to IWF and if they determine that we must correct something, they will notify us in an official capacity.

I sincerely hope this clarifies matters and demonstrates our commitment to operate completely above board.  -Ron, Editor in Chief at Pigtails in Paint

23 thoughts on “Legal

  1. I just found your site and I have to say that I am impressed! I am a great admirer of Little Girls and I am always happy to view them in a way that is not pornographic. Please keep up the good work and feel free to try anything new on me via my email address. Again, thanks for this site.

    • Thank you for your kind words. Anything “new” will eventually be posted on Pigtails and we ask our readers’ patience. But if you have suggestions of anything important we might have overlooked, please let us know. -Ron

  2. I’m a painter and a huge admirer of little girls and all that involves her world . Indeed I wish I had born one of them. Some of my paintings talk about be ‘half something’ or ‘two beings’,maybe for the frustration of this error. Well,this message is to compliment the beautiful site of yours and to say that the site make me think of publish my serie of small canvases called ‘Minor offenses’ .Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!!……When the paintings get online will be in ,artist Al1n3.

    • Thank you for your kind words. I checked out the site and there are quite a few interesting artists represented there: very, very symbolic material. And I imagine you are working out more than a few personal demons through your work. I admit I am no art scholar, but your work reminds me a little of Dali. I look forawrd to seeing your new installation. -Ron

    • I took a look and it is interesting what you did with that seemingly transparent outfit. The colors are more vibrant there indicating a kind of hidden “vitality”. The images do not appear to suggest a particularly sexual theme except in what might be implied by your “getting under the skin”. As has been stated on this site at least a few times, nudity does not equal sexuality. If there are standard symbolic cues to indicate otherwise in your work, I’m afraid I’m not educated enough to pick them out. Thank you for sharing your work with us. -Ron

    • You’re very welcome, and thank you for the feedback! We are rather proud of our baby. As long as we are able, we’ll keep doing what we’re doing. 🙂

  3. as a college student i think ur awesome site is worthsharing,please visit pennsyl. museums and colleges.

    • Thanks! Ron and I always appreciate good feedback, and it’s nice to know we’re making an impact with young people. 🙂 – Pip Starr

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