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Community of Practice: This term was introduced to me by one of our readers with an academic background and I realized that it was not only something that is needed, but that many valuable fields of inquiry began that way and eventually were recognized as legitimate disciplines. I think readers have noticed that I take a somewhat analytical approach to things and that even though the appreciation of young girls may seem in public discourse a shallow endeavor, I am discovering it is a kind of cornerstone to the understanding of human existence. The fact that it is regarded with suspicion by many is an indication of the ills of Western society and its propagation to other societies under the modern global paradigm. I have thought deeply about this for a while and am convinced that both extreme obsessive or extreme paranoid behaviors are just expressions of the stress and poverty that promote the mistreatment of girls and women. My words are a plea for a humanist approach to the subject and a compassionate acceptance of the foibles of human beings.  The original ‘Community of Practice’ post was published on July 1, 2014. -Ron

I would like to remind fans that work on Pigtails in Paint is all volunteer, so some of these ideas are not meant to be implemented immediately, but when we can get to it. The more readers who make an effort to participate, the more we can offer. This should be a community and this site can hopefully provide a stable resource and sounding board.

Pages that fall under this heading include: ‘Job Board’ (a solicitation of readers for technical and non-technical work), ‘Related Sites’ (this will not be comprehensive and will only include sites that are considered reputable by our standards) and ‘Discussion Groups’ (this will include extant groups and those facilitated by the Pigtails Facebook page).

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    • There are no official registrations at this time. The essay was an attempt to let readers and other supporters know the agenda and long-term goals of the site/enterprise. Something this big and this important simply cannot be completed with such a small number of people. We need the efforts and resources of others. If you have an idea on how you would like to contribute, let me know. You can also email me directly. Take care, -Ron

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