Heinrich Vogeler

Heinrich Vogeler’s (not to be confused with Heinrich Max Vogel) work appeared a few times in Jugend.  Here are a couple paintings by Vogeler.  I like the translucence of the girls’ dresses and the way they seem to be dancing in the first one.  I wonder if this piece was influenced by Isadora Duncan’s little dancers.  Remember, Duncan opened her first dance school in Grunewald, Germany in 1904, and there is a cartoon of Duncan with some of her young students in one of the 1904 issues of Jugend.  Anyway . . .


Heinrich Vogeler – Spielende Kinder (Children Playing)

Note how Vogeler transitions from pure Impressionism to a more Expressionistic style over the years.  A lot of new styles were emerging in the late Victorian period and throughout the first half of the twentieth century, and artists from that era often experimented with a number of them.  Gauguin really set the tone for this, I think.

Heinrich Vogeler – Mädchen mit Katze (1914)

Heinrich Vogeler – Mädchen mit Katze (1914)

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