Max Vogel

Another image of child-like fairies. The title translates as Full Moon Night, a time of month when fairies were thought to be at their most active.  Max Vogel may be the shortened name of Heinrich Max Vogel but I don’t know for sure, as there is simply not enough information available on either artist.  I suspect, based on the similarity in their illustration style, that they are the same person.


Max Vogel – Vollmond-Nacht – Jugend No. 46 (1896)

Heinrich Max Vogel

As I said before, Heinrich Vogeler and Heinrich Max Vogel are two different artists.  We did a post on the former last month; now we shall do a post on the latter.  This first painting reminds me of the work of Léon Fréderic (whom we will be getting to at some point), and at first I thought it was his work, but it clearly bears Vogel’s signature.  At any rate, it is most certainly a Symbolist piece.  The only version of the image I could find has a Swedish title rather than a German, and while I’m not exactly sure what it says, since I am much better at reading German than I am Swedish, I think it translates to something like “Playing Children and the Frog Prince”—the Frog Prince is hard to see, but he’s located near the bottom center of the painting.


Heinrich Max Vogel – Lekande barn och grodprinsen

Heinrich Max Vogel – Kinder mit Gänseschar (Children with a Gaggle of Geese)

Heinrich Max Vogel – Kinder mit Gänseschar (Children with a Gaggle of Geese)