Two Photos by Josef Větrovský

Josef Větrovský was a Czech photographer who was born in 1897. Compared to other artists, there is not a lot of information about him available on the internet. He studied photography under František Drtikol, and his style of photography is similar to that of Drtikol.

Josef Větrovský – Nude With Shadow (1927)

Větrovský photographed in Art Deco style, emphasizing contrast of light and shadow, simple geometrical shapes, and female nudes. He photographed many adult female portraits and nudes. The two photos shown in this post are the only Větrovský photos of young girls that I could find. Větrovský participated in a Czech Photographic Society exhibition in 1926. In 1929 he published, at his own expense, A Handbook of Practical Topography. In 1939 he assembled a retrospective exhibition of his work. Větrovský died of a heart attack in 1944.

Josef Větrovský – Girl With Ball (1931)

The two images posted here, Nude With Shadow and Girl With Ball, are both typical Art Deco style. In the first, the dramatic shadow catches my attention almost as much as the girl.