Victorian Christmas Assortment

This is just an assortment of Victorian-era paintings (and one sculpture).  I have nothing much to say here, so I’m just going to post the images . . .

Agathe Röstel – Am Weihnachtsmorgen (Christmas Morning)

David J. Jacobsen – Selling Christmas Trees (1853)

Bernhard Plockhorst – Martin Luther on Christmas Eve with His Family (1888)

Wikipedia: Bernhard Plockhorst

Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller – Christmas Morning (1844)

Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller – A Traveling Family of Beggars is Rewarded by Poor Peasants on Christmas Eve (1834)

Wikipedia: Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller

Hans Stubenrauch – Christmas Time

Henri Jules Jean Geoffrey – The Drop of Milk in Belleville: The Christmas Tree at the Dispensary (1908)

Joseph Clark – A Christmas Dole

Sophie Gengembre Anderson – Christmas Time – “Here’s the Gobbler!”

Wikipedia: Sophie Gengembre Anderson

The Famous Artists: Sophie Gengembre Anderson

William C. T. Dobson – Christmas Roses (1881)

Thomas Falcon Marshall – Christmas Morning (1865)

Franz Skarbina – Under the Christmas Tree (1892)

Wikipedia: Franz Skarbina

Maud Humphrey Bogart – Vintage Christmas

Jeanne Itasse – Sabot de Noël (Christmas Shoe) (1)

Jeanne Itasse – Sabot de Noël (Christmas Shoe) (2)