Random Images: Yoshiaki Machino

Christian came across this image of a nude girl holding a falcon. Not much is known about Yoshiaki Machino except that he is Japanese and exhibits in only a couple of Japanese venues. Based on the titles of the exhibitions, the artist’s work focuses on girls, especially redheads. Unfortunately, I could not figure out the provenance of this particular image so it’s hard to say how recent it is. Machino seems to be a relative newcomer, only exhibiting in galleries since 2011.

Yoshiaki Machino – (Title Unknown) (Date Unknown)

Unusual compositions like this are very compelling. Both the nude girl and the falcon may be representative of the bridge between nature and civilization. The girl and the falcon are products of nature (especially in nude form), but both species become assimilated in civilized culture and begin to perform their roles in that capacity.

[20210728] Christian found another example which bolsters the idea that the nude virgin’s presence has a spiritual connotation. I also would not be averse to one of our readers doing a more complete post on this artist.