Random Images: Roland Heyder

Roland Heyder was born in Germany in 1956 and has been a professional artist since about 1980.  In the beginning, his style was influenced by Salvador Dali and those he calls the Fantastic Realists with their vibrant and surreal theatrical scenes.  He has traveled to Singapore, The Philippines, South Africa and California to study and for inspiration using music, travel and other personal experiences to inspire him.  Whether working in oils or in watercolors, he takes pride in his attention to detail and rich color.  Like most artists, he does not like overly interpreting his work to the viewer.

It is hard for me to discuss my work because I don’t like the idea of influencing someone by explaining my own thoughts and opinions concerning my art. Each painting can either put you in another world, in the middle of a story or simply be the expression in symbols of my inner feelings.

Roland Heyder - Kinderwelten

Roland Heyder – Kinderwelten (2000)