Random Images: Adam Fuss

I had intended to do a proper post on Adam Fuss (b1961) a while ago. I was intrigued by a composition of his using a silhouette of his own daughter (not shown here). My friend Poli knew him and I thought I might have more luck interviewing the artist if I had an introduction but her health was deteriorating and she never saw him again in her few remaining travels. While searching for that silhouette, I ran into this perplexing piece so I present it here.

Adam Fuss – The Space Between Garden And Eve (2011)

This installation piece naturally evokes a lot of questions, perhaps something one of our readers can find out more about. Is there a backstory out there? In my earlier research on this artist, I did come across an amusing comment he made. Apparently, viewers of his work often want to know how he accomplished his various effects. His attitude during his reply was usually something like, “Why? Do you want to try this at home?”. I felt it completely understandable than an artist might want to keep his techniques close to his chest (and that the lay public wouldn’t understand anyway). But one commenter, not familiar with the artistic temperament, was critical of Fuss complaining that his manner of brusque and off-putting. I just had to roll my eyes when I read that.