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Maiden Voyages: January 2016

Please Excuse the Mess: As the site continues to grow and new staff members contribute to the site, some reorganization is necessary to make it more functional and accessible.  We apologize for any temporary inconvenience this may cause.  The categories and tags have been revised and now it is a matter of going back and making corrections and updates to older posts.  We are also in the process of adding and updating supplementary pages so readers can be up-to-date on the site’s needs.  We are still in need of volunteers to help with art styles.  Some of us are expert in some areas, but not others, so the accuracy on some posts may be hit and miss.  Please bring errors and omissions to our attention when you notice them.  Please also report and technical issues (missing images, etc.) so that we may address the problem(s).

French Transcribers Needed: Pigtails in Paint has been asked to do a post on Jacques Bourboulon.  Although plans were in the works to do a short post on this artist, his agent feels the information currently available on the net is not adequate.  We have been provided with a number of published articles to serve as a basis for a piece which can be further referenced by other sites.  These materials are in jpeg format and need to be transcribed so they can more easily be translated and made accessible online.  Volunteers are needed to assist in this effort.

Nudes in Open Exhibitions: An exhibition targeting negative self-image in a square in Copenhagen has been closed down by police.  The images are part of a series ‘Female Beauty’ produced by photographer Mathilde Grafström of women who don’t have the traditional model look.  The contention that the exhibit is indecent is naturally insulting to the artist but also brings up the issue what subject matter is acceptable to display in public, where children in particular may see it.  How much should public institutions and parents dictate their children’s access to expressions of healthy nudity?

The Wish List: The Wish List was established to communicate to readers information we still need on particular artists or materials to do a proper post.  I am thankful to the many readers who have taken the time so far to check this list (as well as the Image Research Library and Little Orphan Images page) to provide follow up information.  The problem is that these pages cannot be labelled for internet searches, so from now on, new artists added to the list will be mentioned in that month’s ‘Maiden Voyages’ and when satisfactory information has been collected, the label will be removed (and then reestablished when the actual post is published).  Currently, more information is still needed for Iris Bancroft, Nell Dorr, Violeta Gomez, Clare Henze, Ata Kandó, Gertrude Käsebier, Satoshi Kizu, Mona Kuhn, Ron Oliver, O.G. Rejlander and Christian Vogt.  If you have good information on any of these artists, visit the Wish List to learn what specifics are still needed.  [180101] Please note that the Wish List name has been changed to better suit its purpose but the link and original material is still present. -Ron