Sir Frank Brangwyn

Sir Frank Brangwyn was an English artistic powerhouse–graphic, textile and industrial designer, painter in oils and watercolors, muralist, engraver, lithographer and illustrator, he could do it all, despite having had almost no formal training. Occasionally he even took photos of models to work from later. The following is an example of this.

Sir Frank Brangwyn – Maud Cox and Professional Model (1930)

This photo was the reference for a drawing called Nude Mother and Child in Tropical Flowers which, unfortunately, there does not seem to be any examples of on the Internet. Brangwyn taught Dean Cornwell, one of the greatest of American illustrators, whose work I will be featuring soon. If you look at Cornwell’s work from around the time the photo was taken (early 1930s) it looks as if the same child–or one with a very similar haircut–appears in several of his illustrations too. That, of course, is pure speculation on my part; short hair was very popular for girls at that time. But Cornwell did go to England specifically to study mural painting from Brangwyn, and the short-haired girl appears almost exclusively in his murals. Makes you wonder . . . 🙂

The Brangwyn Bazaar

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