Random Images: Waltham Watches

This item has been on my radar for a while and I keep hoping that a better-resolution image will appear on the internet. So perhaps someone out there has a good scan of this because I have seen this ad many times on the secondary market.

There is a long tradition of using the images of children to sell things and when the children are naked, it helps emphasize something specifically. In this case, the idea is that the watch will last a long time and this sweet little girl will still be using this reliable device even when she is grown up.

Waltham “Bare Facts” campaign ad (1968)

[20211231] A couple of readers have located a slightly-better version of the image which I have replaced above. Thank you, -Ron

Maiden Voyages: December 2021

This month, we had two related items.

The Trouble with Bots: Regarding the complaint that resulted in our site being shut down for a while, the offending image is a big surprise. It is the color image labeled: Brasil Indias Kamaiuras del Alto Xingu (c1965). Apparently, real humans don’t do the browsing, but an algorithm that uses pattern recognition that does. Perhaps the mere presence of a naked adult and child in the same photo set off the red flags! Needless to say, this algorithm needs to be improved. Also, The Canadian Centre for Child Protection has submitted complaints to us for comment before passing off the lead to the authorities. It is clear that none of the staff have even looked at it.

The Business of Child Protection: Protecting children from undue exploitation and abuse had been a hot topic in the political arena the past couple of decades. Conceptually, this is a noble pursuit, but any philanthropic organization that becomes too important or powerful has a tendency for corruption. Prostasia Foundation has done a little digging into the Canadian Centre for Child Protection expressing concerns over its lack of transparency and checks and balances.

Maiden Voyages: November 2021

Contacting Us: We are still overcoming some technical rough patches from when this site was reinstated. Also, many readers have encountered a malfunctioning CAPTCHA when trying to contact us or leaving a comment. We apologize for the difficulties and we certainly want your feedback. We have changed contact forms and the new one seems to be working well. However, if you tried to reach us in the last couple of months, your message may have been lost. We urge you to try again. And if you don’t hear from us in 72 hours, try emailing us directly at:

Facebook Page: For those of you familiar with our Facebook page, you will have noticed some neglect of late. The page was established as a way to stay in contact whenever the site is shut down. We have regained control over the page and are cleaning out some of the garbage that has accumulated. One of our associates, Matthew, is running it and I would like suggestions from readers on how we might make use of the page to create some synergy with Pigtails.

Parsons-Balthus Revelation: During my first visit to see Graham Ovenden in 2016, I experienced an information overload. One artist of note was Jacynth Parsons who was not only a skilled illustrator of children, but was for most of her career a child herself. And as an extra twist, Graham noticed some close similarities between the poses of Parsons’ figures and those of Balthus. Nowhere in Balthus’ biographies is Parsons ever credited but compelling evidence now demonstrates that she must have been a key influence. Upon Balthus’ death, Graham asked an associate to check the man’s studio for any books by Parsons that might have been used as a reference. Not only was a copy of a book called Ann’s Book (1929) found there but upon closer inspection, flecks of paint were found on some of the pages! I had hoped to write some kind of exposé at some point but I am delighted to learn that Alastair M. Johnston, a long-time friend of Graham’s, beat me to it. The article, ‘Was Balthus in Ann’s Room?’, is expected to be published sometime this month in The Book Collector. Although the full text is only available to subscribers, the publisher is planning to write a special article promoting the piece. I will keep readers posted and Johnston has also written another article on children’s book illustrations in 1810 to be published in the Spring.

Maiden Voyages: October 2021

I have learned many things in the course of managing this website, but lately the most prominent thing is that it is easier to censor than to follow due process. I would like to apologize at this time to RIPE NCC because we were led to believe they were responsible for this latest interference. It is clear now that they did not block our site. The misunderstanding arose from a complaint from Canadian Centre for Child Protection (CCCP) which resulted in someone else placing the block. We assumed that since RIPE is the proper organization to order such an action, that it was they who did it. But internet providers have an incessant tendency to err on the side of conservatism and often take precipitant action instead of observing standing procedures and the due process of law. We have opened communication with CCCP and RIPE to keep tabs on things and to demonstrate our willingness to listen to concerns reported by the public. We have also requested a service ticket with the internet provider we believe is actually responsible in the hopes that they can see their way clear to follow reasonable practices, keep us in the loop and not to take summary action based on the say-so of an overzealous organization claiming to act for the greater good.

We cannot make any promises about future service interruptions but we will act with due diligence to keep things running here. We will continue to put a mirror up to society’s face and get them to notice, with whatever discomfort, who we are as human beings and resist the temptation to scapegoat others for our own shortcomings.

Favorite Quote: There is a quote by Laurie Lee that is a favorite of Graham Ovenden’s. In fact, he quotes it so much, I’ve gotten kind of sick of it! So I was surprised to learn that this quote is virtually impossible to find on the internet. I wanted to post it here last month, but I couldn’t find a copy of it. Graham was kind enough to forward a copy which appears in a the Garage Press edition of his monograph. And for your information, the quote was not just taken out of context. Lee was a fan of Graham’s work, wrote an introduction to his original monograph and made this statement in reaction to efforts to censor and persecute him.

… I well remember when my own Cider with Rosie was first published how some moralists picked on the natural sensuality of girlhood and tried their utmost to defame this series of essays based on my boyhood experiences. I hardly dare write this, but I now wish I had been more forthright in showing certain members of the public their puerile actions and minds, for they are the true pornographers. Laurie Lee, 1988

Cooperation: One of the positive effects of reaching out to RIPE is that we were invited to participate in their Cooperation Working Group or Anti-Abuse Working Group. Although this would add some more bureaucracy in our world, what is at stake is having our voices heard in a forum which monitors and regulates behavior standards in the publicly accessible internet in most of the world.

Protestations of Protection: I was informed by the Prostasia Foundation that the CCCP (also referred to as C3P) has been on their radar and that they will be publishing an exposé on the organization soon. The details are too extensive to go into here, but essentially it is a private organization receiving public funds and yet is not subject to reasonable rules of transparency. Their recent launch of Project Arachnid was designed with the idea that not enough illegal content is getting reported while law enforcement actually has their hands full with legitimate investigations. Arachnid is an automated system which does not carefully distinguish between legitimate content and illegal and so numerous above-board sites are getting reported when they shouldn’t. This process actually contributes to the harm of children because it draws law enforcement attention away from serious issues that need it.

Maiden Voyages: September 2021

At Last! As most readers know, Pigtails in Paint and allied sites (Agapeta and Graham Ovenden’s sites) were shut down by order of the UK police. Backups of the sites were then transferred to a new host. However, in the case of the Ovenden sites, the previous host kind of screwed us over by using an unconventional format for those sites, so information regarding their proper reconstitution was not included. Therefore, the sites had to be assembled by hand which took time and money. But I am pleased to announce that the Graham Ovenden personal website and Garage Press website (Graham’s publishing enterprise) are now operational. Because of Graham’s history with persecution, both sites cannot receive comments or messages. Graham has authorized Pigtails in Paint to serve as a public relation liaison. If you have any questions or are interested in Garage Press publications, please use the contact form on this site.

Fund Raising Protocols: Because of the extra effort of reestablishing Graham’s sites, some extra expenses have been accrued (up to about US$1000). Fortunately, we are in the process of being able to accept donations to help with the running of this site and keep Graham’s sites online indefinitely. I know we have mentioned this before but our new host is going to help with this so it can actually happen.

Pigtails Communications Glitches: During the process of switching hosts, there are always some things that slip through the cracks. One is that I had no idea comments and the Contact Form were not operating correctly. I apologize for the inconvenience and I can assure readers that the problems have been rectified.

Promises, Promises: Although Pip founded this site and there are key contributors to this site, I am inclined to regard this site as belonging to the readers. Part of that requires that those who have interesting information should submit contributions so they can be shared with other readers. I am at your disposal for editing services if you lack confidence in your writing. Those of you who have promised articles—you know who you are—please follow through. We are only as good as our contributors. I will resume writing new articles myself when I feel that our key databases are up-to-date (‘Artists by Name’ and ‘Pigtails Library Index’).

The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back: The beginning of the end for Pigtails under our old host were the controversial images of the Debbie Dreschler post. We were required to remove them to stay operational. This was an almost amusing piece or irony since the artist’s purpose was to make readers aware of the realities of child sexual abuse. Now that we are no longer under UK jurisdiction, I have restored those images. There are also plans to include redacted images from a couple other posts. Readers will be advised when we make any changes.

Always Under Siege:  Although Pigtails has been around for over ten years, we are still subject to persistent attack. When a DDOS (Denial of Service) attack takes place, readers are unable to reach the site due to excessive processing volume. Internet hosts usually keep a database of IPs to block but because this information was not passed from the old host, these attacks have resumed. It will take time to block all these individuals again so be patient if you can’t reach the site at first. Over time, service should become more and more reliable. Sometimes, it is necessary to change this site’s IP address. If you use a shortcut to visit our site, please make sure it is a URL (web address) shortcut and not one that uses our IP directly as we have to sometimes change it with no notice.

Maiden Voyages: July 2021

Since this is the first of the month after Pigtails being reinstated, I felt I should at least do a MV post to get a normal routine going again.

Notice to All Bots: For some reason, the security plugin had a defective Captcha program. I know some of you had trouble leaving a comment. My apologies for that. We had to disable that part of the program. Also, it was not a proper captcha because it was not something that would confound computers. I will be adding a new captcha if the bot traffic starts to become unmanageable again. So far, the spam filter has picked those up so I haven’t had to look at them. If there are any problems with the site, please feel free to leave a message using the contact form.

Database Progress: Currently, I am adding to the ‘Artists by Name’ database. I have now gotten up to the letter ‘L’. If there are any artists not posted or listed in this database with letters before ‘L’, they are not on our radar and should be brought to our attention. Please note that there is a Film Database as well which is pretty complete but will need some revision when the other projects are done.

Take care and be safe. -Ron

2021 State of the Blog Address

Given all that has been going on, I feel like this is a great time to publish a ‘State of the Blog’. As can be seen from the last post, our host was ordered by UK police to shut down this site, Agapeta and Graham Ovenden’s two sites. As has happened a number of times in the past, we have guardian angels who appreciate our mission and assist when they can to keep us afloat. Thank you all so much for your support.

Status of Allied Sites: Because Pigtails and Agapeta use the WordPress template, they were the easiest to reinstate. What I understand is that Agapeta is publicly visible right now under the same domain name but with an incomplete database. It is expected to be completely restored during the coming weekend. Graham’s sites (The Graham Ovenden personal site and Garage Press) will take longer. Our former host did not like the unwieldy structure of WordPress and so used something he was more comfortable with. Our new host needs to familiarize himself with that protocol before they can be restored. All domain names have been successfully transferred and there are no changes to any of the web addresses.

Our New Host: There is something of an interesting story about our new host. As readers are probably aware, there is a lot of controversy with a site such as ours which focuses on the “Cult of the Girl Child”. Another sensitive topic these days is the way young girls are sometimes portrayed in fantasy situations in manga and anime including sexually suggestive or even explicit content. There are many who want to make the important distinction between fantasy and the advocacy of physical abuse. In order to protect this material (some with artistic or political merit, Debbie Dreschler for instance) from undue censorship, a team was put together to figure out a “bulletproof” way to have this material be available online despite heated objection by the lay public. The problem with corporate management of domain names and websites is that with their bottom line of profits, they are simply too susceptible to public opinion and anything that is not worth the trouble gets shut down. This has happened many times with Pigtails as many of you know. The idea is that our host will boldly deal with the ridicule, complaints and cyber attacks on the sites to keep them up and running. In addition, the sites will be run in jurisdictions that are are more understanding of the real challenges of freedom of speech (definitely not the UK or the US). I don’t want to give you the impression that this is some kind of obstinate rogue operation; when there are legitimate legal issues, such complaints can go through proper legal channels (namely, the courts) and will be dealt with according to the rule of law. This program is in its early stages so I imagine hosting Pigtails is an important test case, especially because of our size and the fact that we don’t really push the limits that much except in the service of academic pursuits.

Our Priorities Going Forward: I have not had much time for this site recently, but it is important that it remain active as a resource. I will continue to make occasional posts, but my focus will be on completing the databases: first, completing the ‘Artists by Name’ page and then putting together a bibliography of the PIgtails Library.

Contributors Pulling Their Weight: Since I am less active, I do urge readers to make contributions by writing short pieces. I understand that many of you are not confident in your use of English but as Editor-in-Chief, it will be my responsibility to edit your work to make sure it is presentable and meets our standards of content. Moko, for instance, is planning on making monthly contributions. A few others have promised to do works and I think I will make the rounds and ask them to get on with it.

The Charming Thing about Conspiracies: The word “conspiracy” has a pretty straightforward definition but in modern society, it is regarded with ridicule even when there are real machination at play. One of the key reasons Pigtails was brought down the way it was is due to flagrant (UK) police corruption. Let me be clear that a great many policemen and detectives are honorable and do their work with an eye for real service to the public. And every organization of course has it’s bad seeds as well. It is mostly because of this site’s support of Graham Ovenden and my personal role in helping get his first websites established that has made us such a target. Certain individuals in the UK police force have real reasons to be concerned about their misbehavior being exposed and the public demanding action. They cannot afford these claims to get any traction in the media. Why am I so confident? As part of the conditions in the conclusion of the Ovenden court case, the judge ordered that copies of police records used in the prosecution be given to the defendant. In one of my recent visits to Graham, I got to see one of those documents and my jaw dropped! Right there in the police’s own written records (which I’m sure they never expected would see the light of day) their strategy and overt manipulation of the evidence and witnesses is actually spelled out. Graham assures me that these papers are now in a secure place but it is uncertain if political circumstances will ever permit an airing (the CCTC declined an appeal despite overwhelming evidence) of this particular misconduct and the escalating and vindictive efforts to cover it up. That is all I wish to say about it for now since I have only seen a few of these items personally. I only want to impress upon readers that attacks on us are not only a matter vocal self-righteous complaints of perversion but a real threat to the careers of certain members in the UK police hierarchy (and possibly officers of Her Majesty’s courts). I wish I could somehow disentangle this issue from our usual work, but I would consider this an act of cowardice. I understand that Graham has shared a few of these details on his website which you can read when it goes back online.

My First Act: The thin end of the wedge in bringing down Pigtails was the request that images from the Debbie Dreschler post be removed because they portray child abuse. Ironic, since the comic book artist’s point was to bring attention to that exact issue. My first act this weekend will be to replace those.

It is a delight to once again welcome readers back to PIgtails in Paint. We look forward to your continued support. -Ron, Editor-in-Chief

State of the Blog Address: 10th Anniversary Post

Some of you may know that today is the 10th anniversary of when Pip posted his first item. Pip’s idea was that due to excessive prudery, interesting and legitimate art was not available on the internet. At first, the site was to cover children of both genders but given that he had so much more material on girls, he decided to focus on that. Reaching this landmark is a testament to the approach we have taken on handling a sensitive subject. Although my lifestyle precludes me from spending much time on the site anymore, I do intend to keep it running as a resource as long as practicably possible. I have ceased the ‘Maiden Voyages’ posts but will post them occasionally when new information is offered by readers. Even if we were shut down tomorrow, Pigtails in Paint has gained new ground in spite of the zealous actions of people who would rather live with the simplicity of arbitrary standards rather than put thought into complex issues. There are certain important ideas that should be shared mostly to do with the reason for our success and what we all should strive for in the future. I will add these items to this post as I think of them over the next couple of days. I suggest readers check in again on the 20th to make sure they have not missed any items.

Base Impulses: it would be naive not to realize that most readers were drawn in by the allure of the girl children presented here or shocked at one artist’s presentation or another. One of the pitfalls I see most people fall into is misinterpreting their own response to the images. Children move us for a reason, in fact for their own protection. We treat them with kid gloves so they may develop into healthy adults. The assumption that this attraction is sexual (in the adult sense) is misleading and can lead to maladaptive behavior conditioned over time. It was not our intent to have a peep show of cuties (and let the chips fall where they may) and when I joined the team, I felt it important that all images should be accompanied by some kind of text. Some thought should be given to why we react to these images and not make simple assumptions about complex interpersonal issues.

Balancing Quality with Respect: When I mentioned the principle of having text for every post, my friend Graham Ovenden whole-heartedly agreed. In addition to that he felt it was also important to present images of high quality. There have been too many examples of bootleg productions—in print and on the net—that are poor reproductions and obviously pandering to prurient interests. On the other hand, we deliberately avoided sharing images of such high quality that someone might violate an artist’s copyright and profit without permission. So we tried to find a happy medium and in a few special cases present lower-grade items if it was felt important to present. Graham’s commitment to this idea is reflected in his beautiful publications under the banner of Garage Press.

Real Feminism: All the while working on this site, I would look within and ask myself what I am getting from the experience. One of the remarkable conclusions is that it is a genuinely feminist act. I began to realize that the problem with feminist movements in the past is that they are mostly run by women. It seems reasonable that women should take the lead in so-called women’s issues but the problem is the mentality of the war of the sexes, as though all men did not have women’s interests at heart. Given the typical personality and behavior of the “typical” woman, the success of such movements are ultimately limited. It is important that men and women be thought of as complementary partners and achieve greater results when working together. To that end, Pigtails in Paint presents two sides of girls: 1) who they really are and 2) what projections of fantasies we have of them. These fantasies are hard-wired in our brains and it is reckless not to acknowledge them and pretend that we only see girls for what they really are. I actually got some flak for this when someone accused me of endorsing the traditional paradigm of the “feminine mystique”. Despite conventional wisdom, this mystique is not strictly a cultural construction but a cultural manifestation of a primal response. Ignore it at your peril!

Animal Spirits: We must have a respect for the past as well as an eye for the future in equal measure. When it comes to the beauty of the human body and the acceptance of our sexual natures, there have been many movements in the past. The existence of naturist colonies is one of the modern remnants of that. While researching items for Pigtails, something that was on the periphery suddenly came into sharp focus. There is a modern day equivalent of the “hippie” movement and it is receiving a lot of ridicule as so many have received in the past. But these things don’t exist in a vacuum. People participate because there is something there for them they cannot get from mainstream society. What I am talking about is referred to as Furry Fandom. On the surface, it is a kind of ludicrous fantasy, but dig deeper (the values vary from person to person) and one finds a striving for freedom of personal and sexual identity. The partial or complete fantasy of it allows people to play with social interactions in ways not possible in their workaday lives. As civilized people it is all too easy to lose sight of the merits of our animal natures and become cogs for the sake of convenience and survival. Sexuality being one of our most repressed aspects always leads to experimentation in movements like this and there is heartache, personal epiphany and profound acceptance to be had. We naturally project our ideas on things in the world around us and that includes little girls, however much we can really know them, and those projections would perhaps inevitably find expression in anthropomorphic renderings of our animal friends as well.

Maiden Voyages: Happy New Year 2021!

Readers can make a perfectly reasonable case that I have been neglectful the past few months. And although we try to present things as professionally as possible, I should reiterate that this is a volunteer enterprise and work can only be done as time permits. I have been promised some articles from a few of our readers, but only Moko has followed through so far.

Young Environmental Activists: We mentioned the work of Greta Thunberg and Ralyn Satidtanasarn who captured the public imagination as among of the youngest activists. In a sense, age is not a requirement to be effective protester. In fact, it could be these girls’ innocence that might finally move us grown-ups to affect some meaningful change. We can now add Licypriya Kangujam from India to the list (Instagram account). I only hope the novelty of these youngsters does not wear off before real progress is made.

The Trouble with Controversies: The release of controversial materials is not just a legal/ethical matter. But because there tends to be some kind of public outcry, it becomes almost impossible to the judge the merits of the piece objectively and discuss whether the nudity or sexual content is just sensationalism or an essential part of the work. A case in point is the 2020 film Cuties (French, Mignonnes), a coming-of-age story of a young dancer (trailer here). In typical corporate fashion, Netflix has apologized in response to protests, really satisfying no one (sorry but not sorry). You can find some of the discussion here, here, here and here. I would be interested in what Pigtails readers think.

Our Artist Fans: It is always a delight when a living artist sees our site and is pleased with it. This happened recently with Dolphine (Andrei Sharapov, aka d’Elf) who requested a dedicated post. Pip discovered this artist long ago and there are numerous lovely submissions, but given the extensive coverage already given here (and my limited time), we have to decline. However, I am happy to share key links to his gallery and Instagram.

Defunct Websites: We aren’t the only ones operating on a as-time-permits basis. That is why some sites have disappeared, most notably Novel Activist. It was my intent to reissue some of the more important pieces right here (with the author’s permission). Fortunately, our internet host has taken it upon himself to reconstruct the site in full and make it available. The project is basically complete but cannot be published until some sense is made of the connecting links. Also, some of the images are missing or of poor quality so some assistance will be needed by our readers when the reissue is released.

Last Chance for the Movie Guide: I remind readers of an excellent resource recently released for movies featuring young girls, Quilty’s Guide to Nymphets in the Movies. It is not simply a list of films but bona fide reviews with the author’s opinion of the merit (or lack thereof) of each one. I am told that the book will be removed soon from Blurb and will be sold for a higher price on the secondary market so if you intended to get this one, do so soon.

Postcard Archives: Although we gripe about the amount of censorship of legitimate artistic nudity, sometimes it’s just a matter of knowing where to look. A reader found a collection with a couple of adolescent nudes and I simply share them with you (here and here).