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(Last Updated On August 1, 2023)

The films below are those most relevant to Pigtails in Paint because they 1) feature a little girl as a prominent character or 2) the little girl is an important catalyst in the story or 3) little girl(s) appear in a short scene that is remarkable in some way or heavily informs the motivations of the characters in the film. Readers have asked what our age cutoff is. There is no such age, but when girls exhibit more adult physical, emotional or behavioral characteristics, that begins to fall outside the purview of this site. Therefore, important films featuring adolescents may be listed here for our readers’ reference but will probably not be featured in a dedicated post.

Trusted associates involved with this site have only viewed perhaps 1–2 percent of the films listed. Leads have been accepted from readers in good faith and we trust that they were made using good judgment and with the understanding of the scope of this site. Naturally, the purpose of having this list is so that readers can make constructive suggestions while avoiding duplication of effort. But at the same time, if a film has been listed here that is not appropriate, please say so in a comment or private message along with a reasoned justification.

Pigtails has digital copies of most the films below. Those we do not have will be indicated by an asterisk (*) before the name. Except when there is special information, a description of the film will be left to the IMDb database. An readers who have digital copies of films we are still looking forward to are encouraged to come forward and share.

Relevant films will eventually get a proper review and those with incidental scenes where the child actress is not a major character in the film will be published in future ‘Random Scenes’ posts. Films that have already been reviewed will be indicated with a check mark (✓) with a link to the relevant post. Because of the extreme popularity of certain series of blockbuster films, we don’t plan to review them fully here but just make some comment of this page. Such items will be indicated with an ex (×).

An excellent reference guide is Quilty’s Guide to Nymphets in the Movies [link removed]. When I get around  to it, I will add many of its titles and mark the entries below with a (Q) to indicate those that are reviewed in that book.

5 Children & It (2004): There is also a TV series The Sand Fairy (UK, 1991) based on the same premise.

*The 7th Day (Spanish, Spain, El 7º día, 2004): Directed by Carlos Saura. We need a higher quality version of this film.

36 Chowringhee Lane (India, 1981)

1914 the Glorious Summer (French, Le bel été 1914, 1996)

Adieu, Mon Ami (TV movie, German, 1996)

The Adolescent (French, L’adolescente, 1979)

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (UK, 1988)

The Adventures of Ociee Nash (2003)

After the Spring (Short film, Norway, Sommerjubel, 1985)

*Agnus Dei (Hungarian, Égi bárány, 1971): This is apparently the original on which the Danish and Russian (Tender Age) versions are based. This Latin expression translates as Lamb of God.

*Agnus Dei (Danish, Nonnebørn, 1997): Need copy without hard-coded subtitles.

Air (Hindi, India, हवा, 2003)

Akeelah and the Bee (2006)

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp (1917): One of two ‘Fox Kiddies’ films know to exist in digital format.

Alex in Wonderland (Australia, 1970)

Lewis Carroll’s Alice: Understandably, there are numerous versions of the Alice stories: Alice in Wonderland (Silent short film, 1903), Alice in Wonderland (1933), Disney’s Alice in Wonderland (1951), Alice in Wonderland (TV movie, UK, 1966), Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (UK, 1972). Those versions that stand out will be listed separately.

Alice (Czech, Neco z Alenky, 1988): Also dubbed in English and released as part of a DVD collection of Jan Švankmajer short films.

Alice in the Cities (German, Alice in den Städten,1974)

Aliens (1986)

All That Matters Is Past (Norwegian, Uskyld, 2012)

Amazon (Finnish, 1990): Incidental appearance of indigenous people.

Amazon (French, Amazone, 2000)

An American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong (2009)

Ana and Mateo (Short film, Spanish, Ana y Mateo, Argentina, 2009)

Anamika (Hindi, India, 1973)

Anatomy of Hell (French, Anatomie de l’enfer, 2004): This was a vague recommendation from a reader. From the synopsis, there is a little girl who seems to be playing the protagonist as a child in flashbacks and “playing doctor” is involved. A little better detail would be appreciated.

Angel’s Egg (Japanese, 天使 の たまご,1985): This underappreciated masterpiece by Mamoru Oshii also has a YouTube video by Chris Stuckmann, which gives a very cogent synopsis and analysis of the religious metaphors depicted.

Angel Face (French, Gueule d’ange, 2018)

Angela (1995): This intriguing film is in the pipeline to be reviewed soon. The DVD has an excellent commentary by director Rebecca Miller who helps explains the religious symbolism and motivation of the characters.

Angels and Cherubs (Spanish, Mexico, Ángeles y querubines, 1972)

Angels of the Sun (Portuguese, Brazil, Anjos do Sol, 2006): As of the date this lead was given to me, this film could be viewed on YouTube.

Anger (Spanish, Argentina, La rabia, 2008)

Anna (Short film, Danish, 2009)

Anna and the Wolves (Spanish, Spain, Ana y los Lobos, 1973)

Anna’s War (Russian, Война Анны, 2018): The copy we have has the very ending cut off. Still looking for a better copy.

Annelie (Documentary, 2014): Directed by Noel Chanan. Background music provided by Graham Ovenden.

Annie (1982): There are undoubtedly many films based on this story by Thomas Meehan.

The Annunciation (Hungarian, Angyali üdvözlet, 1984): This film is in the pipeline for review soon. All the parts in this intriguing drama are played by children.

Antonio’s Chance (Czech, Antonyho šance, 1986)

Apnea (Short film, Spanish/English, Chile, 2015): There is an interview with director Manuela Martelli which includes an airing of the film. The interview is in Spanish but the film clip is in English with Spanish subtitles.

Aquamarine (2006)

Ariel (Short film, Swedish, 2018)

Assassination of a High School President (2008)

At Play in the Fields of the Lord (1991): Incidental appearance of indigenous people.

Atonement (2007)

The Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank (1998)

Aunt Alejandra (Spanish, Mexico, La tía Alejandra, 1979)

Aurore (French, Canada, 2005)

Autumn Sonata (Swedish, Höstsonaten,1978): In this Ingmar Bergman film, a woman faces issues in her relationship with her mother which includes some touching flashbacks of her childhood.

Azucena (Phillippines, 2000)

The BFG (2016)

The Baader Meinhof Complex (German, Der Baader Meinhof Komplex, 2008): This film feels like a good standard for judging whether the presence of incidental naked children is sufficient for commenting on a film for this site.

The Babes in the Woods (1917): This is the only other surviving film I know of featuring The Fox Kiddies. The other example was reviewed earlier on this site, Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp and offers some details on this all-child acting troupe.

‘Baby Burlesks’ (1932-33): Series of 8 films with children playing adult roles including Shirley Temple’s earliest roles. Recently released on DVD in 2009. The rather tongue-in-cheek titles include: Runt Page (1932), War Babies (1932), Pie Covered Wagon (1932), Glad Rags to Riches (1933), Kiddin’ Hollywood (1933), The Kid’s Last Fight (1933), Polly Tix in Washington (1933) and Kid ‘in Africa (1933).

The Babysitter (1995)

Back Roads (2018)

Bad Habits (Spanish, Mexico, Malos hábitos, 2007)

Bad Little Angel (1939)

The Bad Seed (TV movie, 1985)

Ballerina (TV documentary, 2006): This film was produced in France, about Russian dancers and narrated in English.

Ballet Shoes (TV series, UK, 1975)

*Balthus: Through the Looking-Glass (TV documentary, French, Balthus de l’autre côté du miroir, 1996)

The Banishment (Russian, Изгнание, 2007)

Baraka (1992): Incidental scenes with indigenous children.

Bastard Out of Carolina (1996)

The Bathers (Short film, Australia, 2003)

Bathhouse (Short film, Swedish, Badhuset,1989)

*To Be a Good One (Short film, German, Alles wieder gut, 2008)

Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012)

Because of Winn-Dixie (2005)

Behind the Blue (French, Canada, L’enfant d’eau, 1995)

The Belles of St. Trinian’s (UK, 1954): There are numerous sequels and remakes based on this film as well.

Bellissima (TV movie, Polish, 2001)

Beppie (Short film, Netherlands, 1965)

*The Big Departure (French, Le grand départ, 1972): One of the main
characters is “Innocence” played by the director’s daughter Alexandra Raysse, about 10 years old. The director’s son also plays in the film. Reportedly Innocence is either completely nude or wears only a shawl over her shoulders throughout the film. The film has an absurdist quality, like something Samuel Beckett would write. The
original film was released as a negative.

Birthdays and Other Disasters (Short film, Swedish, Födelsedagar och andra katastrofer, 2000)

Black Bear Moon (Short film, Mandarin, Taiwan, 黑熊阿墨, 2014)

Black Lullaby (Short film, 2014)

Black Moon (1975)

Bless the Child (2000)

The Blue Island (French, L’île bleue, 2001)

The Blue Lagoon films (1949 and 1980): The 1980 film is more famous because it stars Brooke Shields. I was surprised to learn of the 1949 film which is essentially a different interpretation of the same storyline and there is also a sequel, Return to the Blue Lagoon (1991).

The Blue Umbrella (Hindi, India, 2005)

Bluebeard (French, Barbe bleue, 2009)

Boarding School (German, Leidenschaftliche Blümchen, 1978)

The Body (Documentary, UK, 1970)

The Book of Stone (Spanish, Mexico, El libro de piedra, 1969)

The Book Thief (2013)

The Bow (Korean, S.Korea, , 2005)

The Brand New Testament (French, Le tout nouveau testament, 2015)

The Brave One (Short film, Spanish, Spain, La valiente, 2004)

Bridge to Terabithia (2007)

Bridget Jones’s Diary (US version, 2001): Apparently not in the UK version, the director chose to add a scene when Bridget first met Mark and she frolics about in her panties at the end of the film.

Brute (Polish, Bandyta, 1997)

Bugsy Malone (1976): One of a few examples of films with children acting in adult roles.

Bureau of Proto Society (Short film, Japanese, ヒストリー機関, 2015)

Burnt by the Sun (Russian, Утомленные солнцем,1994): A true-to-life recollection of a girl’s youth during the Stalin era.

Butterfly Kisses (UK, 2017): There are a number of films with the same or similar title, so it is hard to get clear information on this film.

C’est la Vie (French, La Baule-les-Pins, 1990)

Captain Fantastic (2016)

The Captain’s Kid (1936)

Carmen & Babyface (Danish, 1995)

Carrie’s War (UK, 2004)

Case 39 (2009)

The Castle of Purity (Spanish, Mexico, El castillo de la pureza, 1973): Two of the three children in the film are adolescent (played by adult actors) leaving only the 10-year-old girl who gets very little screen time and does not seem especially integral to the story.

Castle in the Sky (Japanese, 天空の城ラピュタ, 1986): Hayao Miyazaki film dubbed in English.

The Cat o’ Nine Tails (Italian, Il gatto a nove code, 1970)

The Cat Prince (Czech, Kocicí princ, 1979)

Cat’s Eye (1985)

Catfish (2010)

Celia (Australia, 1989)

Celia (TV series, Spanish, Spain, 1993)

Chang: A Drama of the Wilderness (Documentary, 1927)

Chestnut: Hero of Central Park (2004)

Chef (Hindi, India, बावर्ची,1972)

Child Bride (1938)

Child of Divorce (1946)

*Child in the House (UK, 1956)

The Child Stealer (TV movie, 1979)

The Child Woman (French, La femme enfant, 1980)

*A Child’s Day (Short documentary, 1913): Loosely based on the book of Walter de la Mare poetry illustrated by Will and Carine Cadby.

A Child’s World (Documentary, 2002): This is a well-produced documentary series on child development presented through The Learning Channel.

Childhood (TV documentary series, 1991): Originally an American PBS production, DVDs are currently distributed by Ambrose Video.

Childhood Holidays (Russian, Праздники детства, 1981)

The Children of Bullerby Village (TV series, Swedish, Alla vi barn i Bullerbyn, 1986): Also known as The Children of Noisy Village this 7 episode series was based on the writing of Astrid Lindgren.

The Children of Montmartre (French, La maternelle, 1933)

The Children Thief (French, Le volour d’enfants, 1991)

The Children’s Hour (1961)

Chocolat (2000)

Counting Sheep (Czech, Počítání oveček, 1981)

Crazy Love (TV movie, French, Amour Fou,1993)

The Christmas Box (TV movie, 1995)

The Church (1989)

Cider with Rosie (UK, 1971): There seem to be other films with this title and readers are encouraged to investigate to find if any of these films are relevant to Pigtails.

The Circular Glance (Short film, Spanish, Spain, La mirada circular, 2010): A thinly-veiled propaganda film using the plight of kidnapped children to illustrate the ethics of our treatment of animals.

City of Ember (2008)

The City of Lost Children (French, La cité des enfants perdus, 1995)

The Coca-Cola Kid (Australia, 1985)

A Columbus on the Havel (TV movie, German, GDR, Ein Kolumbus auf der Havel, 1978)

Commune (Documentary, 2005): Although there are very few children appearing in the background, this film is remarkable in that it discusses the history of the Black Bear Ranch Commune where Jock Sturges got his start in photography. The cover photo in the film is credited to him. There is also some discussion of a group called the Shivalila who were in search of the perfect environment for raising children.

Coqueta (Spanish, 1983)

Crash of Silence (UK, aka Mandy, 1952)

Crimson Peak (2015): Written and directed by Guillermo del Toro.

Crows (Polish, Wrony, 1994)

Curious Alice (Short film, 1971): This is a US government-produced propaganda film about the dangers of various drugs with Lewis Carroll’s Alice narrating.

Curly Sue (1991)

The Curse (German, FRG, Der Fluch, 1988)

The Curse of the Cat People (1944)

Cuties (French, Mignonnes, 2020):  This controversial coming-of-age film about child dancers caused many to protest against Netflix for producing it. See the trailer here. Another reader contributed some links on the controversy (here, here and here). Please see discussion on January 2023 ‘State of the Blog’ post under the heading ‘Bad Choice’.

Dad Is Gone, Mom Too (French, Papa est parti, maman aussi, 1989)

Daddy (UK, 1973)

Daddy O! Baby O! (Phillippines, 2000)

Daddy’s Little Girl (2012)

The Daisy Chain (Ireland, 2008)

Daisy Winters (2017)

Dance with Me, Henry (1956)

Dark Enemy (UK, 1984)

Dark Night of the Scarecrow (1981)

Dark Water (2005)

*The Daughter (German, Die Tochter, 2017): Starts Helena Zengel.

The Day of the Triffids (TV series, UK, 1981)

*The Days (Spanish, Argentina, Los días, 2012): Still looking for a copy without hard-coded subtitles for review purposes.

Death on a Rainy Sunday (French, Mort un dimanche de pluie, 1986)

Debt of Love (Hindi, India, गीत गाता चल, 1975)

Deep Red (1975)

Depth (Hindi, India, गहरायी, 1980)

The Descent (UK, aka The Dark,  2005)

Desire (Spanish, Argentina, Desearás al hombre de tu hermana, 2017)

Desperate Living (1977): I am told this film is not worth watching in its entirety. There is one funny scene where the mother catches the children playing doctor. Her hysterical reaction is par for the course and a kind of mirror to society. Apparently, the woman has similar hysterical reactions to numerous events that happen throughout the film.

Devi Maa (Hindi, India, 2006)

The Devils (French, La diables, 2002)

Diary of a Nudist (1961): Girl children appear only momentarily in the background of scenes.

Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg films: A series of short stop-animation films, the best of which deal with the ambivalence of being female. Of particular interest to this site are the films Florentin (2004) and The Necessity of Loss (2006).

Dr. Christian films: A series of films featuring the character Dr. Christian beginning with Meet Dr. Christian (1939) and They Meet Again (1941).

*Doctors & Nurses (Australia, 1981): Children play the roles of doctors and nurses to a bunch of ailing adults.

Dolly Dearest (1991)

The Dolly Sisters (1945)

Don’t Bite, We Love You (French, Mords pas, on t’aime!,1976)

Don’t Bother to Knock (1952)

*Don’t Cry (Kazakh, Jylama, 2003)

Don’t Cry, It’s Only Thunder (1982)

Down into the Cellar (Short film, Czech, Do pivnice, 1983)

Drake and Josh Go Hollywood (TV movie, 2006)

Dream Girl (Hindi, India, 1977)

Driftwood (1947)

Early Awakening Report (German, FRG, Frühreifen-Report, 1973): A series of sex reports intended to address the issue of pedophilia. It is not clear how much of these stories are fiction and how much on actual case studies.

Edge of Divorce (UK, aka Background, 1953)

Educating Julie (1984): The presence of any girl children in this film is only incidental as background.

*Eene meene mopel (TV series, German, GDR, 1992–1994): I had a small excerpt from this show, but I could not find out anything about it.  One of our German readers was kind enough to do some digging and offered some information.  It was praised for its revolutionary format: little acts done by children (such as tongue twisters or playing guitar) accompanied by short films. The image below comes from one of those film clips and it is not clear if the girl featured, Katharina, appears in other films.  In it, she and her father build a paper castle from which a ghost William emerges.  The red and yellow X in the top left are the logo of the TV channel Kinderkanal, but apparently this series first broadcast on MDR, a regional channel from East Germany (DDR).  There is some information on this show in German (here and here) and I would like to find someone who has any complete episodes.

Eene Meene Mopel (c1993) (1)

Eene Meene Mopel (c1993) (1)

Eene Meene Mopel (c1993) (2)

Eene Meene Mopel (c1993) (2)

The Eighth Day (Swedish, Den Åttonde dagen, 1979)

Eighth Grade (2018)

Elina: As If I Wasn’t There (Swedish, Elina – Som om jag inte fanns, 2002)

*Eloise (TV episode, 1956): This story was an episode in the the anthology series Playhouse 90 and considered far superior to the later Hollywood incarnations Eloise at the Plaza (2003) and Eloise at Christmastime (2003).

Emanuelle’s Daughter: Queen of Sados (aka I mavri Emmanouella, UK, 1980)

*Emilie (2015)

Emma’s Shadow (Danish, Skyggen af Emma, 1988)

*Equestrian Sexual Response (Short film, 2010)

Escape to Witch Mountain (1975): This film has had sequels and remakes including: Return from Witch Mountain (1978), Escape to Witch Mountain (TV movie, 1995) and Race to Witch Mountain (2009).

Eva (Catalan, 2011):This film was reviewed by Christian.

Everything Will Be Okay (Short film, German, Alles wird gut, 2015)

Expulsion from Paradise (Czech, Vyhnání z ráje, 2001): Girls only serve as background or secondary characters.

FairyTale: A True Story (1997): Story based on real events surrounding the Cottingley Fairies hoax.

The Fall (2006): A remarkable performance by Romanian actress Catinca Untaru who did not know a word of English and so memorized her part phonetically!

Family (Short film, 2014): This is disturbing yet compelling film was produced by DxE Productions, a well-executed no-budget film.

The Family Jewels (1965)

*Family Rock (French, 1982)

Farewell, I’m Kurt (Danish, Farvel, jeg hedder Kurt, 1969)

Fat Girl (French, À ma soeur!, 2001)

Father Goose (UK, 1965)

Father is a Bachelor (1950)

Father of My Children (French, Le père de mes enfants, 2009)

Fatty Finn (Australia, 1980): Although the lead character is a boy, it is an all-child cast with plenty of charming scenes involving the female cast members.

Fight with the Panther (Spanish, Mexico, La lucha con la pantera, 1975)

Final Result (Spanish, Spain, Resultado final, 1998)

Finding Nemo (2003): This film will be getting a brief mention in a post dedicated to Pixar Studio girls.

Fiorile (Italian, 1993)

Fire-Eater (Finnihs, Tulennielijä, 1998)

Fire Show (Telugu, India, आग के शोले,1985): This film was also dubbed in Hindi and available with English subtitles.

Firelight (UK, 1997)

Five on a Treasure Island (UK, 1957)

FiXeD (Short film, Australia, 2014)

The Florida Project (2017)

Fly Away Home (1996)

Flying Into the Wind (TV movie, UK, 1983)

Footprints on the Moon (Italian, Le orme, 1975)

For Ever and Ever (German, Für immer und immer, 1997)

For My Name (Short film, Russian, За Имя Моё, 2005)

For the Sake of the Children (Documentary, UK, 1997): A Channel Four special produced by Nicky Akehurst focusing on artists who photograph children and controversies associated with it.

Forbidden for Children trilogy (Danish, Forbudt for børn): Three short films by director Jesper W. Nielsen: Buldermanden (1996), Ogginoggen (1997), Lykkefanten (1997). It appears that after the completion of the third film, they were packaged together and distributed on a single disk.

Forbidden Games (French, Jeux interdits, 1952)

The Forgotten Man (TV movie, 1971)

×Fortress (Australia, 1985): Although this is an interesting ensemble child piece, there is nothing distinctive about the roles of the female children to warrant a review.

The Four Ages of Love (Russian, Четыре возраста любви, 2008)

The Fox and the Child (French, Le renard et l’enfant, 2007):This film was reviewed by Arizona.

Freedom to Love (Documentary, German, Freiheit für die Liebe, 1969): A sex-ed docudrama.

Freeze, Die, Come to Life (Russian, Замри, умри, воскресни!, 1990)

Frolics on Ice (1939)

The Games of the Countess Dolingen (French, Les jeux de la Comtesse Dolingen de Gratz, 1991)

×The Game of Thrones series: I am told to keep a special lookout for the characters of Arya Stark (in the first two seasons) and Lyanna Mormont (for seasons 6,7 and 8).

Garden of Eden (1954)

Gardens of the Night (2008)

Ghost Ship (2002)

Gigi (1958): Features the famous song, “Thank Heaven for Little Girls”, which has since acquired a sinister connotation.

Ginny and Johnny (Hindi, India, गिन्नी और जॉनी, 1976)

The Girl (Swedish, Flickan, 2009)

The Girl and the Echo (Russian, 1965): The original title, Paskutine atostogu diena, is actually in Lithuanian and means “The last day of vacation”. There was also a Hungarian short film in 1973 based on the same story, A visszhang titka. An artist who is a fan of our site had this supplementary information to offer: “Lina Braknite, a young actress who bathed naked, starred in two more child roles, became a cult actress, but left the movie business when she graduated from high school.”

*A Girl Named Sooner (TV movie, 1975): Most of the copies floating around out there are edited versions that have a censored a bath scene that, although innocent, reportedly shows explicit nudity. I have examined the copy in the Pigtails Archive and it includes a bath scene but I am told that even that is an abridged scene. The bath scene is an integral part of the story because it is a transitional scene showing the bond forming between the adoptive mother and the girl. Also, all the versions out there seem to be of poor quality in video and audio (mostly transferred from VHS). Someone able to find an uncensored cleaner version would be much appreciated.

Girl Model (Documentary, 2011)

Girl of the Ozarks (1936)

The Glow Worm (Hindi, India, जुगनू, 1973)

The Gods (Telugu, India, దేవుళ్ళు, 2001)

The Golden Compass (2007)

The Golden Key: Enter the Fantasy World of Tasha Tudor (1957): One of Nell Dorr’s cinematic efforts showing off the idyllic life at the home of her friend, Tasha Tudor. A DVD reprint was released in 2007.

The Golem (German, Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam, 1920): Silent film with short scene at end where only the humble little girl can disarm the golem.

*Gondola (Japanese, ゴンドラ, 1987)

Good Intentions (Ukrainian, Благi намiри, 1984)

A Good Little Devil (French, Un bon petit diable, 1983)

The Good Mother (1988)

Goodbye Uncle Tom (Italian, Addio zio Tom, 1971)

The Grand Highway (French, Le grand chemin, 1987)

Grave of the Fireflies (Japanese, 火垂るの墓 , 1988): A Ghibli Studio film.

The Great Man Votes (1939): Stars Virginia Weidler.

The Great O’Malley (1937)

The Great Pumpkin (Italian, Il grande cocomero, 1993)

Great Torment (Czech, Velké trápení, 1975)

The Grey Zone (2001)

Gritta von Rattenzuhausbeiuns (German, GDR, 1985)

Half-Price (French, Demi-Tarif, 2003)

Hammer House of Horror (TV series, 1980): A number of episodes from this series features children to differing degrees and are too numerous to mention, for example, Children of the Full Moon. At some point, all 13 episodes will have to be viewed and made into a consolidated post with relevant commentary about children in horror themes.

Happy Birthday, Wanda June (1971)

The Happy Road (1957)

✓The Harry Potter films: Although there are many incidental young female characters, I took a special interest in Luna Lovegood and did a three-part series on her (here, here and here). It occurs to me that covering very popular series is a duplication of effort since there are undoubtedly many fan sites dedicated even to specific characters like Luna. Of course Hermoine (Emma Watson) is also worth commenting on in the early installations and I understand she became something of a heartthrob for the younger audience members out there.

The Haunting of Julia (UK, aka Full Circle): Samantha Gates has a short cameo at the end of the film as the malovalent ghost.

The Heathens of Kummerow (German, Die Heiden von Kummerow und ihre lustigen Streiche, 1967)

Heavenly Body (Italian, Corpo Celeste, 2011)

Hermit Crab (Short film, Norwegian, Eremittkrepsen, 1996)

Hey Babe! (1983)

*Hidden in America (1996)

Hidden Love (German, FRG, Versteckte Liebe, 1987)

The Hideaways (aka From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, 1973)

A High Wind in Jamaica (1965)

Hold My Heart (Norwegian, Tyven, Tyven, 2002)

The Holy Mountain (Spanish, Mexico, La montaña sagrada, 1973): An intriguing film by director Alejandro Jodorowsky steeped in religious themes.

Home Before Dark (1997)

Homecoming (1996)

The Host (Korean, S. Korea, 괴물, 2006)

Hounddog (2007)

House (Japanese, ハウス, 1977): Lily C, who guest wrote a couple of posts, suggested this film for review and plans to do a post when she has the time.

House of Ghosts (Russian, Дом с привидениями,1987): This film is roughly Russia’s equivalent to the US’s Poltergeist.

The House of the Spirits (1993): This film covers the lives of three generations of girls/women in living in politically unstable Chile.

*A House for Us (TV Series, German, Ein Haus für Uns, 1977): This is a two-part story about an 8-year-old girl who frequently runs away and escapes into her own world. The two episodes are entitled: ‘From the Family of Reptiles’ (Aus der Familie der Panzerechsen) and ‘The Island’ (Die Insel).

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000): Of course this is a remake of the classic 1966 film which gives us the tantalizing suggestion of the catalytic role of Cindy Lou Who.

Hugo (2011)

Hugo and Josephine (Swedish, Hugo och Josefin, 1967)

The Hunter (Australia, 2011): Stars Morgana Davies.

The Hussy (French, La drôlesse,1979)

I Am (Polish, Jestem, 2005)

I Am Dina (Norwegian, Jeg er Dina, 2002)

I Am Maria (Swedish, Jag är Maria, 1979)

I Am Never Going Back (Short film, Russian,  Я сюда больше никогда не вернусь, 1990)

I Am Sam (2001)

*I Am Still Here (2017)

I Come from My Childhood (Russian, Soviet Union (Belarus), Я родом из детства, 1966)

I Enjoy the World with You (Czech, S tebou mě baví svět, 1983)

I Love Melvin (1953)

I Love You More (Short film, 2015)

I Won’t Love You (Polish, Nie bede cie kochac, 1974)

*I’m the Same, I’m an Other (Dutch, Belgium, 2013)

I’m a Woman Already (Spanish, Spain, ¡Ya soy mujer!, 1975)

Ice Palace (Norwegian, Is-slottet, 1987)

The Imaginary Girl (Short film, UK, 2007)

Imagine (Short film, UK, 2015)

Immorality (Italian, L’immoralità, 1978)

An Impudent Girl (French, L’effrontée, 1985)

In America (2002)

The Incredibles (2004): This film and it’s sequel will be reviewed in a post focusing on relevant films produced by Pixar Studios.

Infinitely Polar Bear (2014)

Ink (2009)

Innocence (French, Innocence, 2004): I only glimpsed at a few random scenes, but it has the feeling of a girl version of Lord of the Flies. There is some director commentary explaining her motivations for creating the film. A reader tells me that I have the wrong impression. Instead, he says that the girls are mostly nice to each other. They magically travel (float down an underground river in coffins!) to a mysterious school in a
bejeweled forest. There they play and learn dance, but some seek to escape back to the outside. Very surreal (or maybe symbolic): perhaps a last chance to be innocent before growing up.

Innocent (Hindi, India, मासूम,1983)

The Innocents (UK, 1961): A well-executed film based on the writing of Henry James. Disc version comes with some interesting commentary. There were about 20 films that have been based on The Turning of the Screw.

Inside Out (2015): This Pixar film will be included in a review of relevant titles from that company.

Intermezzo (1939)

*Into the Woods (2014)

Intrigue of Love (Hindi, India, 1976)

*Iratan and Iracema (Portguese, Portugal, Iratan e Iracema, 1987)

It Ain’t Hay (1943): Stars Patsy O’Connor.

It Happened at the World’s Fair (1963)

It Happened near the Sea (Russian, Это было у моря, 1989)

It’s Summer at Long Last (TV series, Hungarian, Na végre itt a nyár, 2002)

Jeannette: The Childhood of Joan of Arc (French, Jeannette, l’enfance de Jeanne d’Arc, 2017): A French musical.

Jellyfish (Israel, מדוזה‎, ‏2007)

Joey (Australia, 1997)

Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer (2011)

Jungle Child (German, Dschungelkind,2011)

Just Beyond this Forest (Polish, Jeszcze tylko ten las, 1991)

Just Like Home (Hungarian, Olyan, mint otthon, 1978)

×Jumanji (1995): Stars a young Kirsten Dunst and there are remakes and sequels and video games based on this story as well.

Kartemquin films: This documentary film company is better-known for its more recent releases but there are a few older films that focus on the lives of urban children including Winnie Wright, Age 11 (1974) and Now We Live on Clifton (1974).

Kept and Dreamless (Spanish, Argentina, Las mantenidas sin sueños, 2005)

Kick-Ass (2010): This film is based on a comic book. Since Pip has more expertise in that media, this film is being left for him to review as a consolidated post.

Kid Svensk (Swedish and Finnish, 2007)

Kiki’s Delivery Service (Japanese, 魔女の宅急便, 1989): A Hayao Miyazaki film dubbed in English.

To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)

The King Fell in Love with the Queen (Hindi, India, राजा को रानी से प्यार हो गया, 2000)

The King of Masks (Mandarin, Hong Kong, 變臉, 1996)

King Uncle (Hindi, India, 1993)

Kiss of the Tarantula (1976)

Knee Dancing (1988)

Lady in White (1988)

Lake of Fire (Documentary, 2006): Although the film centers around the debate over abortion, an interesting element is the fact that the woman who was the test case in Roe v Wade later had a change of heart due to her emotional attachment to children.

Lamb (2015)

The Last Bench (TV movie, Hungarian, Utolsó padban, 1976)

The Last Butterfly (Czech, Poslední motýl, 1991)

The Last Sin Eater (2007)

The Last Summer of La Boyita (Spanish, Argentina, El último verano de la Boyita, 2009)

*The Latest from the Philippines (Spanish, Spain, Las últimas de Filipinas,1986)

Lawn Dogs (1997)

Lea (Slovak, Czech Republic, 1996)

Leave Us Alone (Danish, La’ os være, 1975)

The Legend of Paul and Paula (German, GDR, Die Legende von Paul und Paula, 1973)

Léon: The Professional (1994)

Lesya (Short film, Russian, Леся, 2016)

Let the Right One In (Swedish, Låt den rätte komma in, 2008): And also an American adaptation, Let Me In (2010).

Life, Love & Other Such Trifles (Short documentary, Polish, Zycie, milosc, smierc i inne blahostki czyli Jan Saudek, czeski fotograf, 1997): Documentary about Jan Saudek. There is also the more recent Jan Saudek: Trapped by His Passions, No Hope for Rescue (Czech, Jan Saudek – V pekle svých vásní, ráj v nedohlednu, 2007)

Life with Mikey (1993)

Like Rabbits (Czech, Jako zajíci, 1982)

Line of Beauty and Grace: A Documentary About Jock Sturges (2009)

Little Bird (Spanish, Spain, Pajarico, 1997)

The Little Bunch (French, La petite bande, 1983)

Little Girl in Blue Velvet (French, La petite fille en velours bleu, 1978)

The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane (1976): Stars Jodie Foster.

Little Lips (Italian, Piccole labbra, 1978): There is a version dubbed in English. Lamentably, the higher resolution copies are censored and do not include an important scene is key to the motivation of the lead character.

A Little Love, a Little Magic (Hindi, India, aka Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic, 2008)

Little Mary Sunshine (1916)

Little Miss Marker (1980): This is a remake of a film of the same name starring Shirley Temple in 1934 and Sorrowful Jones (see below).

Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

Little Mom (French, Petite Maman, 2021): After a girl’s passing of her grandmother, she helps clean out her mother’s childhood home and meets a girl her same age building a treehouse.

A Little Princess (1995): There are many versions of this Frances Hodgson Burnett classic including one starring Shirley Temple and countless illustrated books.

Little Sweetheart (TV movie, 1989)

The Littlest Diplomat (Short film, 1937)

The Locket (1946)

Long Life, Happiness & Prosperity (Canada, 2002): Also dubbed in Cantonese.

Long Live the Family (Czech, Rodina je základ státu, 2011)

A Long Walk (Japanese, 長い散歩, 2006)

Lost Homeland (Serbo-Croatian, Yugoslavia, Izgubljeni zavicaj, 1980)

*Love on a Daily Basis (Japanese, 恋子の毎日, 1988): Most information on this film is in Japanese but it was supposedly released on DVD with English subtitles.

Love, Love, Love (Hindi, India, इश्क इश्क इश्क, 1974)

Love Sublime (Hindi, India, सत्यम शिवम सुंदरम, 1978)

Lovely Rivals (Korean, S. Korea, 여선생 VS 여제자, 2004)

Lovers of the Arctic Circle (Spanish, Spain, Los amantes del Círculo Polar, 1998)

Lovers and Lollipops (1956)

Lucy (Short film, 2003): This film is time-lapse footage of filmmaker Marie Julia Bollansée’s daughter, Anaïs, as she sleeps along with her life-sized doll.

Luna (Short film, 2013)

Mad Men (TV series, 2007–2015)

Madita & Pim (Swedish, Madicken på Junibacken, 1980)

The Magic Hour (Spanish, Entre la tarde y la noche, 2000)

The Maiden (Short film, 2018)

Make Room for Daddy (TV series, 1953–1965): There is some charming business involving the adopted step-daughter in the early years.

Man on Fire (2004)

The Man Who Will Come (Italian, L’uomo che verrà, 2009)

Manganinnie (Australia, 1980)

Manny’s Orphans (1978)

Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966)

Many Days (Hindi, India, बहुत दिन हुवे,1954)

Maramao (Italian, 1987)

Mario and the Magician (German, Mario und der Zauberer, 1994)

Marry Me (Short film, Australia, 2008)

*Martha… Martha (French, 2001)

Matilda (1996)

Maya (Hindi, India, 2001)

Mean Teddies (Short film, 2015): No, this is not a trailer; the film is really just over two minutes long.

Mérette (French, 1982)

Mermaid (Russian, Русалка, 2007)

Midnight’s Child (TV movie, 1992)

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1935): This film first caught our attention because of this film poster found online.

Mili (Hindi, India, 1975)

Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

Miss Potter (2006): Based on the real life of writer-illustrator Beatrix Potter.

‘Mister George’ (TV Episode, Boris Karloff’s Thriller, 1961): The 32nd episode of this series centered around a girl whose scheming family are trying to get a hold of her inheritance. It was remade in Spanish as part of another horror series El Quinto Jinete (Spain, 1976).

Mr. Stink (TV movie, UK, 2012)

Hayao Miyazaki films: A majority of the films directed by Miyazaki and Ghibli Studios star a young heroine. There will be a dedicated post on this director at some point with only a handful of the most relevant films are listed here. John Lasseter from Pixar Studios recognized the merit of many of these films and arranged to have them dubbed for distribution in the US.

Mockingbird Don’t Sing (2001): A horrific story based on real events.

Monkey Trouble (1994)

Mommy (1995)

The Monster Squad (1987)

Monsters (Short film, 2016)

Monsters, Inc. (2001): A film by Pixar Studios.

Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

More Than Anything in the World (Spanish, Mexico, Más que a nada en el mundo, 2006)

Morning Light (Short film, Portuguese, Luz da Manhã, 2011)

Mother’s Heart (Italian, Cuore di mamma, 1969)

Munted (Short film, New Zealand, 2011)

Murder in All Innocence (TV movie, German, Mord in aller Unschuld, 2008)

Musketeers 4a (Short film, Russian, Мушкетеры 4’А’, 1972)

Mustang (Turkish, 2015)

My Cousin Angelica (Spanish, Spain, La Prima Angélica, 1973)

My Dear Killer (Italian, Mio caro assassino, 1972)

*My Father Alfons (German, GDR, Mein Vater Alfons, 1981): According to searches, there are multiple copies of the full film on YouTube but none seem to be found there.

My Favorite Wife (1940)

My Girl (1991)

My Grandmother’s House (Spanish, Spain, La casa de mi abuela, 2005)

My Kid Could Paint That (2007)

My Life as a Dog (Swedish, Mitt liv som hund, 1985)

My Little Princess (French, 2011): A somewhat autobiographical story directed by Eva Ionesco.

My Neighbor Totoro (Japanese, となりのトトロ, 1988): A Hayao Miyazaki film.

My Pal, Wolf (1944)

My Queen Karo (Belgium, 2009): This film was dubbed in Flemish, Dutch and French.

The Mystery of Natalie Wood (TV movie, 2004)

Nadia (TV movie, 1984)

Napoleon and Samantha (1972): Jodie Foster stars in her first role.

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (Japanese, 風の谷のナウシカ, 1984): A Hayao Miyazaki film.

The Neon Ceiling (TV movie, 1971)

The Nest (Spanish, Spain, El nido, 1980)

Never Take Sweets from a Stranger (UK, aka Never Take Candy from a Stranger, 1960)

News of the World (2020): This film was suggested by a fan of the actress Helena Zengel who earlier starred in System Crasher.

The Night of the Shooting Stars (Italian, La notte di San Lorenzo, 1982)

*Nim’s Island (2018): There was also a sequel Return to Nim’s Island (2013).

No Bikini (Short film, 2007)

Nobody’s Daughter (Hungarian, Árvácska, 1976)

Nutcases & Normals (TV series, Swedish, Dårfinkar & dönickar, 1988–1989)

The Nutcracker: the Untold Story (UK/Hungary, aka The Nutcracker in 3D, 2010)

Nuts (1987): There is a short bathtub scene near the conclusion revealing the dark secret of the stepfather.

Nymphomaniac Vol. I (2013): Some charming scenes early in the film as the main character talks about her childhood.

Margaret O’Brien films: A prolific child actress appearing in such titles as: Journey for Margaret (1942), Lost Angel (1943), The Canterville Ghost (1944), Our Vines Have Tender Grapes (1945), The Unfinished Dance (1947) [the only O’Brien film in color] and Tenth Avenue Angel (1948).

Off the Map (Australia, 2003)

The Official Story (Spanish, Argentina, La historia oficial, 1985)

Okja (Korea/US, 2017)

Oriana (French/Spanish, 1985)

Orphan (2009)

The Orphanage (Spanish, Spain, El orfanato, 2007)

The Other F Word (Documentary, 2011)

Out of Step (Short film, German, Aus dem Tritt, 2008)

The Pacifier (2005)

Pan’s Labyrinth (Spanish, Mexico, El laberinto del fauno, 2006): Probably director Guillermo del Toro’s finest film. A companion piece, The Devil’s Backbone, is a kind of counterpart featuring a boy protagonist.

Panama Hattie (1942)

Paper Moon (1973)

Paperhouse (1988)

Paradise (1991)

Paradise 89 (Latvian, Paradīze 89, 2018)

*Paradise: Hope (German, Austria, Paradies: Hoffnung, 2013): A reader submission: A teenage girl is shuffled off to fat camp so her mom can go on vacation. She bonds with her bunkmates, and falls for the middle aged camp doctor who enjoys her company.

Passion Despair (2011): It is clear that this film is not going to be released anytime in the near future. The photographer whom the film covers has had his work declared child pornography and has been banned in several countries. The film was shown in some film festivals but got no other public coverage. A number of Pigtails readers have attempted to inquire further and I expect the director, Steff Gruber, has been fairly hounded the past couple of years. A press kit for the film which does appear on the internet offers some explanation. Gruber, like many with an academic interest in human affairs, pursued this project despite warnings that it would be too controversial and might lead to legal problems. In that respect, Gruber is an ally and finds the prevalent criticism about Daniel Leuenberger’s work hypocritical to say the least. As has been stated numerous times on Pigtails in Paint, there is much we need to understand about how human beings tick including the matter of the allure of young girls and misconceptions about the prevalence and nature of so-called pedophilia. Hopefully, Gruber will find a serious audience among the academically inclined or release the film at a later date if the public hysteria ever dies down.

Patsura (Short film, Georgian, Пацура, 1975): We got a copy of this film before the YouTube censors were able to remove it for violating their “community standards”.

Pavlova: A Woman for All Time (TV series, aka Anna Pavlova, 1983)

Peck’s Bad Boy with the Circus (1938)

*People Places Things (2015)

Pepito and the Wonderful Lamp (Spanish, Mexico, Pepito y la lámpara maravillosa, 1972)

Peppermint Peace (German, Peppermint Frieden,1983): No subtitles are available and a translator is needed for help with the dialog.

Peppermint Soda (French, Diabolo menthe, 1977)

Persepolis  (French/English, 2007)

Petticoat Larceny (1943)

*The Phantom Kid (UK, 1977)

Phoebe in Wonderland (2008)

Photographing Fairies (UK, 1997): Another film based on real events surrounding the Cottingley Fairies hoax.

The Piano (1993)

Play – Us Against the World (Music video, 2002)

The Pledge (2001)

Poison for the Fairies (Spanish, Mexico, Veneno para las hadas, 1985)

Pollyanna (TV series, UK, 1973): There are a number of versions of this Eleanor H. Porter story including Pollyanna (TV movie, UK, 2003).

Poltergeist (1982)

The Policeman’s Wife (German, Die Frau des Polizisten, 2013)

Possessions (Short film, Japanese, 九十九, 2013)

Presence of Mind (aka El celo, 1999): Based on a Henry James novel.

Pretty Baby (1977)

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (UK, 1969)

Puberty: Sexual Education for Boys and Girls (Documentary, Dutch, Belgium, Sexuele voorlichting, 1991): A sex education film that covers unconventional topics not usually found in a school curriculum.

Punky Brewster (TV series, 1984–1988)

A Quiet Place (2018)

The Quiet Room (Australia, 1996)

Rabbit-Proof Fence (Australia, 2002)

The Railway Children (UK, 1970)

Rain (New Zealand, 2001)

The Rainbow Bauble (TV movie, Czech, Duhová kulicka, 1985)

The Rainbowmaker (Georgian, 2008)

Raising Ravens (Spanish, Spain, Cría cuervos, 1976)

Raising a Riot (1955)

Ramona and Beezus (2010)

Ratcatcher (UK, 1999)

The Reaping (2007)

Red Beard (Japanese, 赤ひげ, 1965): This film is unusual in that it can properly be called a family film, not director Akira Kurosawa’s typical genre.

Red Cherry (Mandarin, 红樱桃, 1995)

Red Riding: The Year of Our Lord 1983 (UK, 2009)

ReMoved (Short film, 2014): So far, two sequels have been produced inspired by the success of the original project.

The Rescuers (1977)

Reset (Short film, Swedish, 2014)

The Right Six (TV series, Czech/German, Správná sestka/Sechs Richtige, 1984)

Ring of Darkness (Italian, Un’ombra nell’ombra, 1979)

The Road to Gyllenblå! (TV miniseries, Swedish, Vägen till Gyllenblå!, 1985–86)

Rolling Home (1946)

Romeo + Juliet (1996)

Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter (Swedish/Norwegian, Ronja Rövardotter, 1984): Based on an Astrid Lindgren novel.

Sabine Kleist, Aged 7… (German, GDR, 1982)

The Saddle Club: This TV series had two seasons and a third played by a new cast of actors and a few full-length films made from cobbled together scenes from season one.

Sailing on the Horizon (TV movie, German, GDR, Pianke, 1983)

Saint Monica (Canada, 2002)

Salaam Bacche (Hindi, India, 2007)

Salt on the Skin (French, Belgium, Du sel sur la peau, 1984)

Sam (Short film, 2014)

Sarah’s Key (French/English, Elle s’appelait Sarah, 2010)

Savannah Smiles (1982)

Say Yes (French, Dis-moi oui…, 1995)

The Sea of Ice Calls (German, GDR, Das Eismeer ruft, 1984)

Second Sight (Norwegian, Trollsyn, 1994)

The Secret Garden (TV movie, 1987): Of course there are many versions of this Frances Hodgson Burnett classic tale.

The Secret of Roan Inish (Ireland, 1994)

Sentimental Journey (1946)

A Series of Unfortunate Events (aka Lemony Snicket, 2004)

Shadow Animals (Short film, Swedish, Skuggdjur, 2017): A young girl follows her parents to a party and observes the strange rituals of the adults.

Shadow on the Wall (1950)

She Monkeys (Swedish, Apflickorna, 2011)

She Who Enters the Sea (Short film, Soviet Union, Входящая в море, 1965): No words are spoken in this film.

Sheena (1984): Contains some scenes showing how Sheena became Queen of the Jungle. The story reminds me of real-life Tippi Degré and so some screenshots will be incorporated in a post dedicated to her.

The Shiralee (TV movie, Australia, 1987)

Shooting the Moon (Italian, L’albero delle pere, 1998)

Silent Hill (2006)

Skipped Parts (2000)

The Sky is Falling (Italian, Il cielo cade, 2000)

Small Wonder (TV series, 1985–1989)

Smash Palace (New Zealand, 1981)

Snap Decision (TV movie, 2001)

The Snow Queen (Finnish, Lumi-Kuningatar, 1986): One of many versions of the Hans Christian Andersen tale.

Snowfire (1957)

Some Birds Can’t Fly (Serbo-Croatian, Yugoslavia, Ptice koje ne polete, 1997)

Some Things That Stay (2004)

Sorrowful Jones (1949)

The South (Spanish, Spain, El sur, 1983)

Species (1995): There is a short scene where we see Sil in the course of her rapid development hooked up to electrodes and demonstrating that she is aware of being watched.

Specifically (Short film, 2010)

Spencer’s Mountain (1963): Movie that inspired the development of the TV series, The Waltons.

The Spirit of the Beehive (Spanish, Spain, El espíritu de la colmena, 1973)

Spirited Away (Japanese, 千と千尋の神隠し, 2001): A Hayao Miyazaki film.

Spring Symphony (German, FRG, Frühlingssinfonie, 1983)

The Spy Who Caught a Cold (Short film, UK, 1994)

Stand-In (1937)

Stepfather (French, Beau-père, 1981)

Stepping Toes (1938): Stars child tap-dancing champion Hazel Ascot.

A Stranger (Hindi, India, एक अजनबी, 2005)

A Stranger Is Watching (1982)

Stray Dogs (Taiwan, Mandarin, 郊遊, 2013)

Sudie and Simpson (1990)

The Sugarbowl (Short film, Dutch, Belgium, De Suikerpot, 1997)

Summer 1993 (Estiu 1993, Catalan, 2017)

The Summer of Aviya (Hebrew, הקיץ של אביה‎‎,1988)

Sundays and Cybèle (French, Les dimanches de Ville d’Avray, 1962)

Surviving with the Wolves (French, Survivre avec les loups, 2007)

Swallows and Amazons (1974): There are other versions of this Arthur Ransome story and a sequel entitled Swallows and Amazons Forever!

The Sweet Hereafter (Canada, 1997)

A Sweet Journey (French, Le voyage en douce, 1979)

*Swimming (Short film, 2006)

*Swimming Lessons (Canada, Short film, 2006)

*System Crasher (German, Systemsprenger, 2019): Stars Helena Zengel.

The Tale (2018)

Talking Feet (1937): Showcase for Hazel Ascot, child tap-dancing champion. Also features talent show acts by other child performers.

Shirley Temple films: This prolific child actress appeared in many films including: Our Little Girl (1935) and The Little Princess (1939).

The Tail People (Japanese, パコダテ人, 2002)

Taxi Driver (1976): Jodie Foster stars in this controversial film but it may be the fact that by playing such challenging roles that, she could be taken serious as an actress in adult roles.

*Tench (Dutch, Muidhond, 2019)

Tender Adolescent (French, Tendre adolescente, 1986)

Tender Age (Russian, Нежный возраст, 1983): A Russian version of Agnus Dei. There was also a Russian remake in 2000.

Thalassa, Thalassa: Return to the Sea (German, 1994)

Thawing Out (French, La fonte des neiges, 2009)

Their Children (TV movie, Russian, Свои дети, 2007)

*Thelma (Norwegian, 2017): A reader submission: A college freshman starts having mysterious seizures and developing a strange supernatural power. Mostly takes place in college, but there are numerous very important flashbacks to her childhood.

*There Was a War When I Was a Child (Japanese, 子供のころ戦争があった, 1981)

These Final Hours (Australia, 2013)

Thoughts and Visions of a Cut Head (French, Belgium, Pensées et visions d’une tête coupée, 1991)

Thrill of the Hills (French, Canada, Frisson des collines, 2011)

Thursday’s Child (UK, 1943)

Tideland (UK, 2005)

Tierney Gearon: The Mother Project (Documentary, 2006)

Tiger Bay (UK, 1959)

To the Forest of Firefly Lights (Japanese, 蛍火の杜へ, 2011)

‘Toby Dammit’ (1968): One part of a three-part anthology with a Poe theme titled Spirits of the Dead by three different directors. In this one, an actor is haunted by a “agile and cheerful” portrayal of the devil in the form of a little girl.

Together (Swedish, Tillsammans, 2000)

Together Forever (Italian, Il medaglione insanguinato (Perche?!), 1975): Released under the names of The Night Child and The Cursed Medallion in the US.

Tom and Lola (French, Tom et Lola, 1990)

Tomboy (French, 2011)

Tomorrow’s Pioneers (TV series, Arabic, Palestine, رواد الغد‎, 2007–2009)

Tooth Fairy (2010)

Tormented (1960)

Totally True Love (Norwegian, Jørgen + Anne = sant, 2011)

Toto the Hero (French, Toto le héros, 1991)

Towards Evening (Italian, Verso sera, 1990)

Toy World (TV series, Spanish, Mexico, Mundo de juguete, 1974–)

Trade (2007): Based on a true story.

The Tree (Australia, 2010): Stars Morgana Davies.

Tree of Knowledge (Danish, Kundskabens træ, 1981)

*The Trouble with Being Born (2020)

Trouble with Father (TV series, aka The Stu Erwin Show, 1950–1955)

True Grit (2010)

The True Meaning of Pictures: Shelby Lee Adams’ Appalachia (2002): WCL intended to include this artist in one of his posts but was intimidated by the copyright warning on Adams’ website. A short scene of interest will probably appear in an upcoming ‘Random Scenes’ post.

The Truth About Sauna: The Truth About Finns (Documentary, Finnish, 2008): Only incidental scenes including children.

Truth or Dare (Swedish, Sanning eller konsekvens, 1997)

Tutoring for Dad (TV movie, German, GDR, Nachhilfe für Vati, 1984)

Tweet, Tweet (Finnish, Tirlittan, 1958): This film is based on a Finnish children’s book from 1953 by Oiva Paloheimo. It’s the story of a little girl who ends up separated from her family after a thunderstorm destroys their home and embarks on an eventful quest to find her parents and siblings.

Two-Bits & Pepper (1995)

Two Cars, One Night (Short film, New Zealand, 2003)

The Two Mrs. Carrolls (1947)

Two Times Lotte (German, FRG, Das doppelte Lottchen, 1950): Considered the best film involving twin girls who trade places as in the more famous The Parent Trap (1998).

×Uncle Buck (1989): A John Hughes film. The little girl in the film does have some speaking parts and she is cute as a button, but her role is one of a token support character.

The Under-Pup (1939)

Una (UK, 2016)

The Unloved (TV movie, UK, 2009)

Until the Violence Stops (Documentary, aka World VDAY, 2003)

Uranus (French, 1990): Three incidental bath scenes with no direct relevance to the film.

Vacations of Terror (Spanish, Mexico, Vacaciones de terror, 1988): There is also a sequel released the following year.

Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (Czech, Valerie a týden divu, 1970)

Venice (Polish, Wenecja, 2010)

Vigil (New Zealand, 1984)

Village of the Damned (UK, aka The Midwich Cuckoos, 1960): There is also a 1995 sequel.

Voice of the Nightingale (Short film, French, La voix du rossignol, 1923): Silent film with English text.

Wadjda (Arabic, Saudi Arabia, وجدة‎,2012)

Waiting for the Rain (Czech, Čekání na déšť, 1978)

Wake Wood (Ireland, 2009)

Watch Me Fly (Danish, Tøsepiger, 1996)

The Water Babies (UK, 1978): Stars Samantha Gates.

Water Lillies (French, Naissance des pieuvres, 2007)

*Wax Mask (Italian, Maschera di cera, 1997): Pip discovered this great giallo film that, surprisingly, has a fairly long scene of a topless girl of about 12 or 13 lying on an autopsy table. She’s supposed to be dead but actually isn’t.

*We Are the Best! (Swedish, Vi är bäst!, 2013): A reader submission: A really fun movie about 3 middle school girls growing up in 1980s Stockholm. Outcasts for different reasons, they start a punk band, bond and rebel.

The Web of the Witch (Hindi, India, मकड़ी, 2002)

Whale Rider (New Zealand, 2002)

What Color Is the Wind? (Spanish, Mexico, De que color es el viento,1973)

What Happened to Monday (UK, 2017)

What Maisie Knew (TV movie, French, Ce que savait Maisie, 1995): In the course of reviewing the 2012 American version of this Henry James story, readers informed me of this version as well.

What Remains (Documentary, 2005): A documentary about Sally Mann expanded from an earlier documentary, Blood Ties: The Life and Work of Sally Mann (1994), from the same director.

When the Bough Breaks (1994)

When Every Day Was the Fourth of July (TV movie, 1978)

When Father Was Away on Business (Serbo-Croatian, Yugoslavia, Otac na sluzbenom putu, 1985)

When I Was 5, I Killed Myself (French, Quand j’avais 5 ans je m’ai tué, 1994)

When Lotte Became Invisible (TV mini-series, Danish, Da Lotte blev usynlig, 1988): We have only three of the six episodes to this series.

Where are you, Bagira? (Russian, Где ты, Багира?, 1977)

Where the Heart Is (French, À la place du coeur, 1998)

Whisper of the Heart (Japanese, 耳をすませば, 1995): A Studio Ghibli film written by Miyazaki.

Whistle Down the Wind (UK, 1961)

*White God (Czech, Fehér isten, 2014): According to a reader, this is a film about a girl and her dog. When her mother travels abroad, the girl is forced to live with her bitter father, who kicks out her beloved dog. Both quest to find each other: a coming-of-age for both.

*The White Ribbon (German, Austria, Das weiße Band: Eine deutsche Kindergeschichte, 2009): A reader submission, this film takes place in a rural village just prior to World War I, where a series of cruel incidents take place. Villagers suspect the inscrutable children are at the heart of the matter. Filmed in sharp black & white.

Who Can Kill a Child? (Spanish, Spain, ¿Quién puede matar a un niño?, 1976)

×Willow (1988): This film poses an interesting question: do we include films in which the girl is a figurehead and does not really have any lines or action meaningful to the plot? In this film, out heroes are fighting to establish a baby girl as the rightful princess of a domain, but the girl does nothing more than coo or smile or cry on cue as appropriate.

×Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971): This film and its remake, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), has an ensemble child cast but the main protagonist is a boy.

With Bare Hands (Short film, French, À mains nues, 2005)

With a Friend Like Harry… (French, Harry, un ami qui vous veut du bien, 2000)

Jane Withers films: Another prolific child actress with titles including: Paddy O’Day (1936) Pepper (1936), Angel’s Holiday (1937), Wild and Woolly (1937), Always in Trouble (1938) and Keep Smiling (1938).

A Woman Under the Influence (1974)

Womb (2010)

The Wonders (Italian, Le meraviglie, 2014)

The World According to Tippi (TV movie, French, Le monde selon Tippi, 1997): This is about the adventure of a real-life girl, Tipp Degré, in Africa. There will be a dedicated post on her based on various media including this film.

The World of Ludovic (TV movie, Dutch, Belgium, De wereld van Ludovic, 1993)

*The Worst Witch (TV series, 2017–): Three earlier incarnations of this idea included: The New Worst Witch (2005–2007), The Worst Witch (1998–2001) and a TV movie of the same name in 1986.

A Wrinkle in Time (2018)

X (Norwegian, 1986)

The Year I Was Seven (TV movie, French, L’année de mes sept ans, 2003)

You and Nothing and Berlin (TV movie, German, GDR, Du und icke und Berlin, 1978)

Young Aphrodites (Greek, Μικρές Αφροδίτες, 1961)

You’re Out of Your Mind, Maggie (Swedish, Du är inte klok, Madicken,1979): Another film based on an Astrid Lindgren novel.

Your Child, That Unknown Creature (Documentary, German, Oswalt Kolle: Dein Kind, das unbekannte Wesen,1970): A sex-ed documentary.

Yours, Mine & Ours (2005)

Yulenka (Russian, Юленька, 2009)

Zazie in the Subway (French, Zazie dans le métro, 1960)

Zelly and Me (1988)