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(Last Updated On July 27, 2023)

Entries with asterisks (*) indicate an artist where more information is required for a proper post.

In cases of artists who come from countries that do not use the Latin alphabet, their names will also appear in their native language (when available) to facilitate internet searches. In addition, if you have a copy of a Japanese book, look for these characters (撮影) which precedes the name of the photographer or these (写真集) which will follow the name. However, the second set of characters refers to a photo album by or of someone so may also be the name of the model. We would happy to assist with any identifications that cannot be found here.

AES+F (photographers): This is an alliance of four artist who produce a lot of images of young people, peculiarly in form-fitting white clothing. Two projects of particular interest are ‘Action Half-Life’ and ‘King of the Forest’.

Aida, Garo (会田我路, Photo-Lolicon): This artist covered an wide age range and shot both Asian and Caucasian girls. Aida participated in publications that featured groups of photographers but two books of interest display his work exclusively: Romance and Top Fashion Poster.

Alemany, Alex (painter): Christian said he might to a post on this artist someday.

Andreev, Oleg (photographer): There are a few interesting images of girls but this photographer is virtually unknown, not even getting credit for those few images left on the internet.

Angel, Catherine (photographer): Angel strikes me as a modern-day Sally Mann, photographing her three daughters in intimate settings. She is a professor at the Univeristy of Nevada in Reno.

AngeNoir (photographer): It is alarming to realize that artwork is disappearing from cyberspace. Each of the dozen images collected by Pip (probably from DeviantArt) show no results in an image search. The images are characterized by a sensual and mystic quality often accompanied by props associated with the occult.

Anna Kids (photographer): Yet another one that has no presence on the internet. Those examples in Pigtails’ digital collection are sepia images of single girl children shot in interesting setting, both indoor and out.

Araki, Nobuyoshi (荒木経惟, photographer): Although this artist photographed nudes, he does not seem to fall completely into the Photo-Lolicon genre. Most of his models were older girls but there are a few little girls most notably in Chrysalis (1996), the fifth book of a series focusing on his work. I was told there was another book of interest, but I did not get too many details.

Arkhangelskaya, Elena (photographer): A periodic phantom on the internet, there are a few intriguing images of little girls posing with a bare upper torso, many in black and white and sepia.

Babinski, Brian (sketch artist): When I first saw one of the sketches by this artist, I mistook it for a photograph. He was fortunate enough to be published in one of the few highly sought-after books printed by Ophelia Editions (Bouquet of Blossoms). To say he was obsessed with getting the details right would be an understatement and he did get into legal trouble because of his excessive fascination at naturist beaches.

Bacani, Xyza Cruz (photographer): This Filipina photographer is also an author who’s goal it is to bring attention to underreported stories, especially as it pertains to labor migration and human rights.

Bailey, David (photographer): In the spirit of democracy, this photographer invited people to come to his studio to be photographed in the nude. All subjects were to be shot in the same light and with no props. Some (I’m not sure how many) children were included as well. The results of this project appear in his book Bailey’s Democracy (2005). I am informed that no girl children appear in the book and so I am wondering to what extent they are included and why a reader suggested this artist.

Bailey, Elizabeth (photographer): Plenty of examples of children’s faces including some compositions suggesting symbolic meaning. Information is a bit difficult to track down due to the commonness of the name.

Balthus (painter): Readers of this blog probably need no introduction to this artist whose erotically-charged images of young girls have brought him both fame and notoriety. It will be difficult to do a proper post of this artist since there are numerous books and films to review to get a decent perspective for a post.

Bancroft, Iris (photographer): A noted photographer in naturist groups particularly in the 1980s.  She had a Yahoo fan site for a time.  She did not focus on children, but those images of them show real sensitivity and I would like to feature some of her work here.  Please put me in contact with someone who is an expert on this artist or the artist herself.

Barbara & Victoria (photographers): Barbara Shuravina and Victoria Grigorieva worked together on a collaborative basis as Barbara & Victoria. There is work as late as 2017 but the website seems to have been defunct after that. Many links to their images are also broken and there are still a few examples remaining for Grigorieva. However, it appears Shuravina may have closed up shop. Any information about the current activities of either of these artist would be appreciated.

Bartlett, Morton (sculptor/photographer): In my last visit to Graham’s he showed me an interesting exhibition catalog featuring life-like sculptures and posed photographs of young girls. Naturally, there is much speculation about the motivations of the artist.

Battiglia, Eugenio (sculptor): There are a number of figures of nude or partially-nude young girls including an archetypal Psyche and Cupid piece.

Bazydlo, Karolina (photographer): Plenty of lovely cherubs with bare skin here including some of the girl posing with a cigarette. It is not clear if the artist is making some kind of statement like Sally Mann’s famous photo or if it just a spontaneous interest in the prop by the girl. There is a good selection to view here.

Belin, Rudolf and Ernst (photographers, along with Ernst Vollmar Nachfolger): These photographers illustrated the instructive text Der Körper deines Kindes (The Body of Your Child) by Alice Bloch (1924). The interesting thing about this book is that the photographs show the children in many gymnastic poses.

Bertoncello, Mauro (photographer): This artist is known for one published work, Chrysalides: Photodreams (1985) featuring nudes of young girls in various settings which, as he tells it, is at an age where it is still possible to “catch moments of pure spontaneity”.

Bianco, Pamela (illustrator): This artist was a child prodigy who also illustrated a number of books that included images of children. Perhaps the most charming is the book Flora inspired by an 1919 exhibition of the 12-year-old artist’s work and enhanced with verses by Walter de la Mare.

Bloch, Alice (see Ernst and Rudolf Belin above): Bloch is the author. Another book on gymnastics has already been reviewed.

Bony, Jean-Claude (photographer): The only thing of note about this person is that he published a book called Natacha which is a collection of photos about one young girl.

Boon, Elke Andreas (multimedia): This artist studied fashion design and works in Belgium. She took many photographs of little girls which tend to show off a fair amount of skin but it appears she draws a line: quite a few of her subjects are shot in their panties.

Boughton, Alice (photographer): Unfortunately, some of the links to this artist’s work no longer exists. Here is one that survives but the others must be out there somewhere to be rediscovered if anyone out there can help out.

Bouma, Aline (photographer): This artist has a website and her portraits seem to focus on women and girls.

Bourboulon, Jacques (photographer): The production of this post was a highly collaborative effort. Bourboulon’s agent was concerned that his Wikipedia page was not very comprehensive and that an article was needed to give a fuller record. Pigtails readers from France assisted in transcribing the various articles submitted and an associate wrote an article. The delay in publication has to do with the use of images. Because Bourboulon shot mostly older young girls, the images would have to come mostly from his book, Melodies, which focuses on the younger girls and there has not been the time to select and scan suitable images.

Brandt, Bill (photographer): Although this photographer did shoot nudes, the reason for his inclusion here is not clear. I recall there being one image of a young girl but I have forgotten much of the details and it is missing from the archive. A little help please!

Bratkov, Sergey (photographer): At least one of his series is a collection of portraits of young girls c2000.

Breitenbach, Josef (photographer): Although he was considered part of a Photo-Surrealist movement, he also shot many carefully-staged nudes of women while still living in Munich and later in Paris. What is not well-known is that his easy assimilation into naturist communities afforded him access to models which included an occasional young girl.

Brignon, Arno (photographer): This eclectic photographer has shot little girls in a number of distinct compositions.

Brike, Jana (painter): This Latvian painter includes girls and young women in her portrait-like compositions. One of her works is quite aptly named Anatomy of Innocence.

Brooks, Ellen (photographer): One of Brooks’ projects was to photograph a series of young people in the nude. At first, she had opportunities to exhibit but over time, there was more resistance as well as concerns from the artist herself about how her subjects would be viewed by the public. One book was published called Still Photography:The Problematic Model (1981) which features some of this work. I am hopeful that this artist might still be approached and persuaded to find a suitable forum to publish a more compete work.

Brubaker, Dani (fashion photographer): This artist is now well-established as a commercial photographer specializing in children but is most famous for her work with Thylane Blondeau. She was close with the family and did some lovely shots published on the now defunct Novel Activist. Fortunately those images have been saved.

Buddy (photographer): There is little to nothing to be found of this photographer whose real name we do not know. There is a lovely series of black and white photographs of girls as part of a series called “Pictorial Attitude”.

Buylen, Michel (painter): This Belgian painter is known for his work with the nude as well as the child.

Caffierei, Hector (painter): This artist’s work seems to portray little girls as mermaids or depicted in water settings generally.

Cals, Bruno (Fashion Photographer): This artist focuses on fashion and design and includes a series of little girls in staged scenes with various accoutrements.

Campuzano, Ricardo Gómez (painter): A famous Colombian painter, this artist produced a painting that was a direct homage to Goya’s Maja Desnuda. There was not much information on the painting itself and I was not sent a copy, but there is this collection where the painting is supposedly stored. From the looks of it, he painted a few busts of other young girls as well.

Cardinell, J.D. (Stationer and postcard artist): Anyone who has looked at postcard collections have seen some of these. Quite a few are of girls in humorous situations. One example has been published on this site.

Carlsson, Marcus (photographer): This Swedish artist, inspired by the work of Anne Geddes, specializes in photographing children, especially girls, produced in black and white format.

Caron, Geneviève (commercial photographer): The Canadian photographer prides herself on keeping up on the latest trends in the industry.

Cartier-Bresson, Henri (photographer): This artist is one the godfathers of early photography inspiring many others to take up the craft. He did not specialize but established a style of candid photography.

Chernyavsky, Anastasia (photographer): This artist does some lovely work on the theme of “mother and daughter” including nudes reminiscent of Sally Mann.

Chicheri, Raquel (photographer): Her strength seems to be capture candid shots of people in real settings including a lot of girls. Images are produced in color and black and white.

Cockrill, Mike (painter): I was told to keep an eye on this artist but have not had time to take a look. An associate of mine is actually friends with him so maybe I can persuade him to do a piece.

Cocq, Suzanne (painter): This Belgian artist is famous for her work featuring children in interior settings at home (similar to Carl Larsson). Her work has been published in numerous books and I simply need to borrow them to get a better look.

Daly, Jim (painter): This artist is known for his portrayal of Americana particularly scenes involving children. They are all a delight but one called Catch of My Dreams is especially charming.

J. Daniel Portraiture & Fine Art (portrait photographer agent): Daniel claims to represent photographers of stature but he omits identifying information on the artists and models.

Darger, Henry (collage, writer): This is an example of a “found” artist. He worked in seclusion on his little girl epic using images of girls traced or cut out from magazines and books. This was for his own entertainment and was only discovered upon his death. Accompanying the multitude of visual pieces was a massive ongoing narrative reminiscent of the American Civil War chronicling the adventures of the Vivian sisters against the forces of evil. A notable peculiarity of these collages is that when the girls are portrayed in the nude, they are shown with penises. A number of critics have speculated on this but I’m afraid the explanation is quite boring and simple. A documentary, In the Realms of the Unreal (2004), narrated by Dakota Fanning was also produced.

DeLone, Ruadh (photographer): This artist describes his work as, “In search of the uncommon things within the common.” and achieves some of his effect through photographic manipulation.

Delacroix, Eugene (figure painter): There are a number of studies by this artist and Pip notes that art academies up until the late 19th century often employed child
models, usually poor street urchins who could earn a good one-day wage from modeling—frequently nude—for artists in a studio setting (meaning with several people present, most of them men).

Delrue, Mirjam (photographer): This artist like to compose images that tell a story.

Dijkstra, Rineke (photographer): This Dutch artist is well-known for her work with girls, mostly portraits and has lent her name in support to other aspiring women photographers.

Dittman, Evangeline (photographer): Browsing is organized by year and contain a number of lovely shots of children including a few nudes (perhaps her own daughter).

Djurberg, Nathalie (filmmaker): This artist came to my attention from an exhibition called ‘Pretty Baby’ held by the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth (Texas) in 2007. The Lisson Gallery was gracious enough to allow me to view her films. Mostly in conjunction with her partner, Hans Berg who does the music, this stop-motion animation seemed the convey the ambivalence of being female including a couple of curious examples featuring little girls, Florentin (2004) and The Necessity of Loss (2006).

Doisneau, Robert (photographer): Although this artist did not specialize in any way, his output was prolific and he established a system of thematic sorting to aid in locating needed images for research.

Dolron, Desirêe (photographer): This artist has a good eye for artistry and distinguishes herself in covering a diverse range of ethnicity in her portraiture.

Dorr, Nell (photographer): In an exhibition catalog, The Massillon Museum calls her the link between Gertude Käsebier and Sally Mann. A running theme and philosophy of her work seemed to be the idyllic life and the value of love—which she referred to as “the golden key”. Two of her books feature nude girls and young women posed among the sea grapes of the Florida keys in 1929, Mangroves (1933, under her married name Nell Koons) and In a Blue Moon (1939). Two curators of the Massillon Museum interviewed two of her models (sisters) while they were still alive. It is my intent to acquire the transcript before putting together a post on this artist. A notable later project was The Bare Feet (1962) which came about from a trip to a rural Mexican village where the people were fascinated by the magic of her camera. She became very close friends with Tasha Tudor and lived with her and her family for a time during which she tried her hand at filmmaking, The Golden Key (1957).

Durieu, Eugène (photographer): He is most famous for his nude studies which did include children. Many of his models were also painted by Delacroix.

Edburg, Daniela (visual artist): Although she uses photography, she digitally manipulates them to create surreal, sometimes grim compositions.

Empel, Ruud van (collage, digital photographer): This artist originally created collages by hand from photographs but began using digital photography to produce his compositions beginning in 1995.

Everard, John (photographer): This artist published a number of books of nude artist’s studies. Artist’s Model (1951) in particular is one that includes children.

Fauvel, Laure (photographer): This artist’s work is characterized by staged photography with a fantasy element. Most intriguing is her series ‘Terreurs’ (Terrors) but instead of the girls acting as victims of their terrors, each scene shows them boldly fighting the monster who is the one with a look of fear!

Fedoroff, Alexander (photographer): This artist appears to engage in tableau vivant compositions, but I could not find anything online about this artist (perhaps his name is only written in Cyrillic) nor did image searches yield anything. We could use some help on this. The pieces I have are called: Already Grown, Capture, Child of Nature, Hippie Forever, Presenting an Offering and Worship.

Alexander Fedoroff – Worship (date unknown)

Fensch, Angela (photographer): This artist from the GDR (East Germany) published a photographic essay called Kind Frau (Child Woman) featuring several women with their children. Although there is some nudity, the impression is of candid intimacy rather than eroticism.

Foley, James (author and illustrator): Of special interest is his clever and comical series of children’s books called ‘S. Tinker, Inc.’ The main character is Sally, an amateur scientist, who goes on a number of gastronomic adventures involving her annoying baby brother. Interestingly, in a interview, Foley says the main character is modeled after his own childhood, yet another example of an artist using a little girl as a stand-in for himself.

Formiguera, Pere (photographer): One of the interesting projects tackled by this artist was called ‘Cronos’. It was an attempt to make a photographic document of various individuals over a period of years. The result was Cronos (2000) but since the most remarkable changes over time happen in children, he produced two flip books Chica (2006) and Chico (2006) with carefully calibrated images that effectively illustrate bodily development.

Fradis, Sasha (photographer): This Moldovan artist always struggled between pure art and the commercial need to make a living. Because of his focus on the Lilith and Lolita archetypes in his work, he has come under suspicion and has been hounded on-and-off by the authorities. With the help of Pigtails readers, essays and photo have been gathered for an eventual post including part of an first-hand interview about his background. Fradis has become quite paranoid from all this persecution and wavers between wanting to tell his side of the story and keeping his mouth shut.

FreeHand, Julianna (photographer): This artist follows a mother-and-child theme and, having a healthy attitude about the human body, all the shots in Elizabeth’s Dream (1984) are nudes in natural settings. FreeHand calls this particular book, “A Photographic Tapestry of Woman—her relationships, her life”.

Fullerton-Batten, Julia (photographer): This composer of visually complex scenes is best known for her work with young girls transitioning into womanhood. Of particular interest are her series: ‘Teenage Stories’, ‘School Play’, ‘In Between’, ‘Awkward’, ‘Mothers and Daughter’ and ‘Feral Children’.

Geerlinks, Margi (photographer): This Dutch artist uses computer effects in part but the crux of her work is in careful staging of the images. She had a personal site which is suspended now for some reason (controversy is a possibility since some of her focus deals with the quality of skin). Series of particular interest are: ‘Living Dolls’ and ‘Knitted Breast’.

Giacobbe, Andrea (photographer and videographer): Born in Italy, this artist relocated to London. Two series are of interest: 1) ‘WAD’ (2005) which features images of children with political messages painted on their skin; and 2) ‘Dazed & Confused’ (2000) which features two characters wearing nametags “God” (a man) and “Humanity” (a little girl).

Goksøyr, Heidi Wexelsen (photographer): This Norwegian artist has produced some interesting shots involving children underwater.

Gómez, Violeta (photographer): Gómez held an exhibition called Alicia en el pais del amor (Alice in Loveland), an ode to Lewis Carroll, in 2001 at the Museo de Siyasa in Spain.  The images featured nude or seminude girls aged 7 to 10.  Due to controversy the exhibition was closed after only twenty days, and the artist was charged with corruption of minors.  I do not know if the series was ever collected into a book, but owing to the scarcity on the web, I guess not.  Still, it would be nice to see the work that the authorities considered obscenity.  If anyone has any leads on this, I would be quite interested.  You can read more about it here (a great site overall devoted to censored art). Further digging has revealed that this artist is also a musician and can probably be reached more easily through that medium.  There is an excellent essay written by Gómez that expresses her attitude eloquently.


Gonnord, Pierre (photographer): This artist is known for his coverage of marginalized people such as the poor, homeless, gypsies, the mad and the blind. Interestingly, two of his three published books feature a girl child on the cover.

Grigorieva, Victoria: see Barbara & Victoria

Gross, Garry (photographer): This fashion photographer was fascinated with the idea of “The woman in the child”. He is most famous for his nudes of young Brooke Shields which tended to overshadow all his other work. Apparently, there was some animosity between photographer and model when Gross misused his Shields photographs to boost his own reputation.

Gudmundsen, Trent (painter): This artist approaches painting as a kind of dance between the paint and the subject herself. A number of his “figures” portray little girls but because he is a living active artist, it is hard to get a handle on how extensive this body of work is.

Guinot, René (Photo-Lolicon photographer): There is nothing online as far as I know but a reader gave this name for the one who shot a series of photographs (Maria, Denmark) pages 49–52 which appeared in the bootleg publication Dream Girls featured in ‘Stolen Dreams and the Japanese School’. This photographer did apparently have his work published in a photobook which indicates his association with ballet dancers.

Hamon, Deborah (painter and photographer): This artist produced some interesting juxtapositions that combine both media. Under the heading of Painting there is a series ‘Truly Girls’ and under Photography ‘Girls: Fact and Fiction’. Being the mother of a daughter herself, Hamon’s latest efforts involve empowering and educating girls—in a classroom setting—about the effects of global warming.

Hamon, Matthew (photographer): It’s always interesting how an artist incorporates his family with his work. One particular series ‘Gymnosophy’ is, as the name suggests, a study of nude subjects including his own two daughters.

Hanbury-Tenison, Robin (documentary photographer): This English explorer did extensive work in the Indonesian Archipelago and the Amazon Basin for the Royal Geological Society (RGS). It the course of documenting his work, it was discovered that he was a skilled photographer, preserving the knowledge of endangered tribal peoples. He became very good friends with a Penan (Borneo) native while his people were experiencing a major upheaval of their lifestyle and environment. Anyi, one of the man’s self-possessed little daughters formed a special bond with Hanbury-Tenison and today serves a crucial role in Survival International, an organization dedicated to preserving native tribal cultures in the face of the depredations of civilization. Many of the explorer’s books are excellent, but perhaps his most personal is Finding Eden: A Journey into the Heart of Borneo (2017).

Hanki, Andrea (photographer): One of the images Pip wanted identified belonged to this artist. An examination of her galleries will reveal her affinity for family-oriented subjects. Most intriguing is a 365-part series documenting a day-by-day account of a year in her daughter Lila’s life. Here’s another of her sites worth visiting.

*Hedgecoe, John (photographer): This artist is known for his photographs of children and has written books a number of how-to books including Complete Course in Photographing Children (1980). The books contains some fleeting nudes but, given the settings, it seems clear that Hedgecoe took many candid shots in naturist communities. There are no online archives but there is a physical archive of his work at the Sainsbury Center Art Gallery & Museum in Norwich.

Heilberg, Leif (photographer): In my opinion, one of three top photographers of naturist culture in the 1970s and ’80s, The work goes beyond mere documentation but really shows a sensitivity about his subjects.

Heine, Tina (photographer): This artist has involved herself in many projects which once included the photographing of children. That section of her website has been removed (perhaps to avoid stigmatizing the children) but her top photos from that period can still be seen here.

Henson, Bill (photographer): In my earliest researches into controversies associated with child/adolescent nudity, there were a number of things going on in Australia at the time: Poli Papapetrou (that’s when I met her), the Judith Anketell statue in Perth and Bill Henson. I could not uncover much about Henson without spending a lot of money on books but I got the impression that he worked mostly with older girls. For those who are interested, Ray Harris (Novel Activist) who discussed this artist extensively wanted me to share this link with readers.

Henze, Claire (photographer): This artist is only mentioned on the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) website to illustrate controversies about nudes.  Henze did some work with her children, Anna and Nico, including nude studies somewhat reminiscent of Sally Mann.  This is probably not a difficult lead to pursue, I just don’t have time to do the leg work.  The “Estate” (Henze died young of cancer) should be contacted to see if access to other images can be had. The artist and children’s book author Sally Warner was a close friend of her using her photos in a couple of her books.  I am sure Ms. Warner would love there to be a nice about post about her friend.

Herrlich, Lotte (photographer): This artist is a key figure in the photographing of naturist children in Germany in the 1920s. Many of her images were made into postcards. As associate is currently working on a book on this photographer.

Hester, Geroge M. (photographer): This artist specialized in candid nude studies. Two books of interest are The Classic Nude (1973) and Woman (1975).

Hildre, Berit (sculptor): This Norwegian artist specializes in figures of little girls. Her style is said to epitomize the state of grace of childhood.

Hill, Oliver (photographer): Although principally an architect, Hill spent his spare time photographing and shot a series of scenes using children with mythological themes. Three books were produced of which the first is the best quality because of the use of photogravures: The Garden of Adonis (1923), Pan’s Garden (1928) and Jonquil (1930).

Hobbs, Jenna (photographer): Although this artist has taken nude photos of older children, including her own two daughters, she says she is not “brave” enough to post them publicly. She understands the public attitude: nude pictures of babies are sweet but ones of older children is perverted. She is an admirer of Sally Mann and like her, her family lives in a remote area where being naked outdoors is not unusual.

*Hodges, Charles DuBois (photographer): This photographer was principally a portraitist but became well-known for this skilled work with children. He published a book In Search of Young Beauty (1964) which focused on children along with extensive commentary. It included a number of tasteful nude studies including his own son and daughter. More specifics are needed about which institutions now house his photographic archives.

Hofmann, David (photographer): Also known as Sharkcookie in social media, this photographer is well-known for his work with young gymnasts/dancers. He started by shooting his own daughter and then just kept going. He has since expanded into underwater work as well still with a gymnastic sensibility.

Holland, Glenn (photographer): This New Zealand photographer’s work somewhat resembles that on David Hamilton which an eye for eroticism and, to some degree, making the images hazy for a dreamy effect. He was prosecuted for some kind of misconduct but I do not know many details. It remains to be discovered how much of this is legitimate and how much witch hunt.

Holloway, LJ (Lisa) (photographer): Based in Las Vegas, this family photographer produces sentimental scenes with children.

Holt, Norma (photographer): Perhaps her most interesting project is working with a Puerto Rican-American girl living in New York. After documenting her life in her own neighborhood, she took the girl and her mother to Puerto Rico to shoot scenes depicting life in her “homeland”. The results culminated in a book simply titled Angelita (1970).

Inaoka, Ariko (photographer): This artist did an interesting series featuring a pair of twins. One of her friends published an interview about the work.

Ionesco, Irina (photographer): By most accounts, this artist employed a tasteless Gothic style that might not have garnered much attention except by making use of her daughter, Eva, as a model. See ‘MODELS AND ACTRESSES’ for more on Eva Ionesco.

Ishikawa, Nobuo (石川信雄, Photo-Lolicon): This seems to be another amateur production of a man photographing his own daughter, Hitomi, in パパ撮って! (“Papa Shots!”).

Ishikawa, Yoji (石川洋司, Photo-Lolicon): This artist was inspired by the work of Charles Dodgson and, because of that, his images are perhaps less erotic than many others in the genre. He published many books (including two dedicated to his favorite model, Sophie) and his work also appears with others in bound collections.

Jackson, Ashlee Wells (photographer): This photographer established The 4th Trimester Bodies Project designed to look at women’s post-partum attitudes about their bodies. Many of her images of course include the babies, toddlers and children.

Jobst, R. (photographer): Not much is known except that he operated out of Vienna and some of his naturist photos of children were used for postcards in the 1920s.

Joffe, Chantal (painter): I discovered this artist while doing a post on Paula Modersohn-Becker. She’s done a number of portraits of herself and her daughter, Esme. Her interest is principally on the female form, its accessories and the complex relationships between mother and daughter.

Jousson, Pierre (photographer): This artist published a book, Jessica (1967), focused on a little girl of that name (probably his daughter).

Julien, René (sculptor): This artist was brought to my attention because of a sculpture in Liège, Belgium.

Kamiya, Hitoshi (神谷ひとし, Photo-Lolicon): This is one of many amateurs who got on the Photo-Lolicon bandwagon. The images, probably of his two daughters, are intimate but not really erotic. A collection of photos were published in a small book, ペパーミント少女 (Little Peppermint Girl).

Kandó, Ata (photographer): Kandó’s work built on the photographic tradition of pictorialism and often featured children—including her own partially nude—in verdant natural settings, recalling classical artwork, particularly that devoted to the idyll.  I’m looking particularly for images from A Hold vérébõl (Children of the Moon) as well as any of her images of Hungarian refugees from her photojournalism work that may be relevant to this site. You can read more about her and view selections of her work here. Thanks to one of our readers, we have been informed that those elusive images from Venezuela and Hungary are on her new website.  Kandó just died in September 2017 as well and we hope to produce a dedicated post on her someday. The two books dedicated to her children, Droom in het Woud (Dream in the Woods) and Kalypso & Nausikaä, have been reprinted and copies are in the Pigtails Library.

Kane, Art (photographer): This photographer was a surprise discovery. His work appeared in an issue of Photo [No. 88, January 1975] with articles about other artists. I don’t know how often Kane did nudes, but there are a pair of images of a young boy and girl in a field. In one image, the boy is checking out the girl and in the other, it is the other way around. This pair was entitled ‘Strawberry Fields’ for some unknown reason, perhaps some reference to the innocence of youth.

Karitonova, Natalia (photographer): Like many others, this artist’s passion began in earnest to preserve those precious moments of childhood. The ‘Fine Arts Child Photography’ list on Facebook was removed and there was concern that information on her would no longer be available online.

Käsebier, Gertrude (photographer): I learned about this artist when doing research on Nell Dorr, who was compared favorably to this artist and Sally Mann.  That suggested that she must have also shot child nudes.  I could not confirm this with internet or library research but I encountered a comment that suggests that such images exist.  I would like more substantial confirmation as well as some means to get scans of the relevant images.

Keane, Margaret (painter): This artist’s work is distinguished by the fact that all her characters (usually women, children and animals) have big eyes. These pieces were once attributed to her husband but in a divorce, she demonstrated in court that she was the real creator in a paint-off.

Kenmochi, Kazuo (剣持加津夫, Photo-Lolicon): This artist is credited for starting the Photo-Lolicon movement, like most things, just by accident. He was doing a photo shoot of the 12-year-old daughter of a Japanese aristocrat in natural settings which included many nudes, sparking the artistic imagination. Two volumes were produced and due to popular demand, another condensed volume, エウロペ (Europe) containing the “best” of the other two.

Keulards, Vivian (photographer): This Dutch artist does not have a dedicated post on Pigtails but she was mentioned in a post on censorship.

Kita, Yoshiaki (北義昭, Photo-Lolicon): This artist plays with the incongruity of little girls dressing up in adult clothes, accessories and/or makeup blurring the lines between little girl and woman.

Kiyooka, Sumiko (清岡純子, Photo-Lolicon): Like many artist of this genre, it is hard to draw the line between little girl and adolescent. Kiyooka’s work has a more artistic quality than many of her contemporaries. She traveled abroad to do some of her shoots including Peru. Perhaps the most charming volume is The Little Girl and Her Friends which is a series of girls with their dogs.

Kizu, Satoshi (木津智史, photographer, Photo-Lolicon): This Japanese artist is known for his erotic photography of young women, but he also did a nice 11-volume series of little Russian girls, a late participant in the Photo-Lolicon genre.  The series is called МИЛЕНЬКАЯ “Cuties” and I am trying to find two [now only one more is needed] of the volumes (the 7th). Fortunately these mooks promoted the older issues so I have a couple of low-res scans of the covers.  I am looking to purchase these or if someone can find a good set of scans, it would be ideal to have access to all the material for a proper post.

Satoshi Kizu - 微少女 (Charming Little-Girl) (1998)

Satoshi Kizu – 微少女 (Charming Little-Girl) (1998)

Knowles, Jeff (photographer-storyteller): This artist uses his own photos to create stories. One of his latest efforts, Telaria River: Incursion of Chaos, takes place in a world whose races all resemble little girls. I am told that one half-animal character, Skitrid, even appears completely nude.

Kondo, Masayoshi (近藤昌良, Photo-Lolicon): For the most part, this artist contributed work that appeared in books featuring multiple artists. One notable exception is his Little Angels featuring both Asian and Caucasian models.

Kouji, Takeshita (photographer): There are a multitude of Japanese teen idols with a following and their own websites and magazines dedicated to them. Once in a while, a girl is discovered while she is younger and takes an early interest in modeling. One such girl is Miho Kaneko. In different times, she might probably have modeled nude but the closest we get in her photobooks is a tight-fitting two-piece bikini (and some other outfits, of course).

Krumpelman, Erasmus (painter): This Dutch painter whose full name is Erasmus Bernhard van Dulmen Krumpelman (or its German variant) is an Impressionist painter known for his landscapes and cityscapes. But even a cursory search of his images will reveal that he painted a lot of young nude girls.

Kuck, Sandra (painter): This artist calls herself a ‘Romantic Realist’. One of our readers discovered her upon noticing a calendar comprised completely of girls dressed in angel costimes.

Kühn, Heinrich (photographer): This German artist is considered an important early contributor to photography as an art form. His work is comprised primarily of candid portraiture.

Kuhn, Mona (photographer): This artist is known to have shot in many of the same naturist locations as Jock Sturges.  A visit to her site indicates she is being very conservative about posting nude children.  Given her subject matter, it is doubtful she is personally squeamish but is being cautious in today’s political climate.  It is my hope that perhaps Pigtails could serve as an appropriate venue for a more open expression of her child nudes and a more complete biography of the artist herself. Also, now that she has been published in book form, please advise us which ones are on-topic for this site.

Kuromatsu, Takashi (黒松隆, Photo-Lolicon): One of the more talented of this genre, he shot both Asian and Caucasian girls. His best-known models are the Ancenis sisters: Anna, Christine and Fanny.

Kustov, Alexander (photographer): This Russian photographer’s work documents life in post-Soviet Russia. Many of his subjects are children.

Lan, Cris (photographer): Stephen is planning a post on this artist who has produced relevant images on his Instagram account.

De Lange, Margaret M. (photographer): This artist is known for her grainy black-and-white photos of her two daughters exhibiting a wild and irreverent attitude. She published a folio-sized book, Daughters (2009).

Larsson, Carl (painter): My introduction to this artist was in the form of a postcard. Many books have been published by and about this artist, but the prevailing theme of his work seems to be the beauty of one’s country and home life. This attitude is most clearly conveyed in the book, Das Haus in der Sonne (2015, House in the Sun).

Lebasque, Henri (painter): This is another painter who reportedly used his wife and daughters as subjects in his work.

Leibovitz, Annie (photographer): I am uncertain about this lead and it is something I need to follow up on. I watched a documentary on this famous commercial artist and was fascinated to learn she had two adopted daughters. There was a short clip of them playing at the pool and I had to wonder if the photographer ever included them in her work.

Leuenberger, Daniel (photographer): This is a controversial figure. The best information on him is probably the documentary Passion Despair. The crux of the issue is that using young girls is a means to help struggling families financially but sample images do seem to indicate that certain poses are needlessly provocative pandering to the lowest common denominator for the sake of sales.

Lippoth, Achim (photographer): This German photographer is best known for his commercial work involving kid’s fashion, but he has done some work which can be called fine art including a delightful fairy-like nude scene.

Loomis, Andrew (illustrator): This artist is one of the most prominent and well-respected illustrators of the early to mid-20th century. Amusingly, the piece Family Man depicts the dad bathing what looks to be triplet girls.

Lorca, Guillermo (painter): A number of readers have brought this one up. Here is a link to his site and an interesting documentary about his process.

Luksch-Makowsky, Elena (painter and sculptor): This Russian impressionist painter was kind of rediscovered in a recent European exhibition featuring women artists. More on this artist here.

Lynn, S.K. (photographer): This artist like to have her pictures tell a story. Her subjects are most heavily women and girls. There were several images she really liked and wanted to share but she couldn’t come up with a story so she just called it ‘Ladies’.

MacAdams, Cynthia (photographer): One image can be seen here from Rising Goddess (1983) but there is scant information except that it deals with women nudes that are nonetheless consistent with her portrayal of feminism.

Macdonald, Elise (painter): Born in Zimbabwe and now working in South Africa, this artist’s latest series ‘Flying Dreams’ depicts girls in heavy associations with birds of all kinds.

Maeba, Teruo (前場輝夫, Photo-Lolicon): This photographer is most well-known for his work with model Shiori Suwano.

Mapplethorpe, Robert (photographer): Although he is best known for his work focusing on boys, he did shoot a few girls including the daughter of Susan Sarandon.

Mateev, Evgeny (photographer, fashion)

Mathis, Miles (Painter-Photographer): This artist counts himself among the victims of anti-realism that has permeated art since around the Cold War. Most interesting is a book (The Tess Book) dedicated to his muse, Tess, he came upon unexpectedly but came to inspire him during the period 1990–1992.

Metzner, Sheila (photographer): Although this artist’s emphasis is fashion, she did include her children in a number of shoots including a couple of nudes. The book of most interest is Color (1991).

Michel, Jean-Louis (ジャンルイ・ミッシェル, Photo-Lolicon): I have included the Katakana spelling of this artist’s name since all three of his books were published in Japan: 愛・少女 (Love Girl), 少女 シリーズPart II (Girl Series Part II “Provence”) and Fairy Diary.

Miller, Lee (photographer, model): It is hard to say if this entry should be here or under the models category. At a young age, her father Theodore took pictures of her and her friends under dubious circumstances but, at the same time, taught her some photographic techniques. She continued to model but was unsatisfied by the work and so studied to become an accomplished photographer herself.

Mills, Ryan (photographer, fine art): This artist’s work seems to center around the lives of young girls: color and back-and-white photography.

Mohr, Ralf (photographer): This artist published a book called Family Nudes (2001) which include some candid portraits or children.

Mokhorev, Evgeny (photographer): This artist is known for his documentary coverage of adolescent life and coming of age, especially in St. Petersburg. His work has caught the eye of many people and appears frequently on the internet. See also here.

Morin, Patrick (パトリック・モラン, Photo-Lolicon): I have included the Katakana spelling because this artist (as far as I know) was only published in Japan. Two books of note are: Lolita Part 1 and Cinq Petite Sirénes (Five Little Sirens).

Moseholm-Jørgensen, Keld (sculptor): Although most of his work seems to be rotund figures participating in a satirical scene, there are a couple of lovely early works of young girls.

Mr. (manga artist): Although he calls himself a Lolicon artist and his work may be slightly suggestive and, to some, controversial, those more expert at Lolicon art would point out that his work lacks sufficient sexuality (or eroticism) to be given that moniker. Nonetheless, his images have garnered high bids in auctions and he collaborated in the production of a Pharrell Williams video called It Girl (2014). There is an interesting New Yorker article on the subject.

Nelson, Lori (painter): Using the theme of coming of age in the forest, the artist manages to capture the essence of young girls, endowing them with supernatural power which is actually emanating from within.

Nikolson, Chris (photographer): One book of this artist’s erotic photography, Les Dentelles de l’Automne (Autumn Lace), features older girls but because of his connection to naturist communities, he produced a number of charming postcards of little girls as well.

Nishikawa, Osamu (西川治, photographer): One book of interest is アマンダの日曜日 (Amanda’s Sunday) which follows a little Caucasian girl as she goes about her day. Text by Keiko Kida.

Nomura, Seiichi (野村誠一, photographer): At least in one book, La Prunelle de Verre (ガラスの瞳, The Glass Eye), this artist focuses exclusively on the portraits of little girls.

Obuchi, Shizuki (大舞地静樹, Photo-Lolicon): This artist’s work is said to be so sought-after that the only way one can get one of his books is through a deathbed bequest! He published several soft-bound books but one in particular, 少女を撮る (Shooting Little Girls), gives an extensive written account of the minutiae of photographing his subjects. The complete text has been transcribed and I wish someone fluent enough in Japanese and English would translate it for us.

Okabe, Shinzo (岡部信三, Photo-Lolicon): This artist seems to have shot only Asian girls and mostly published in collections with other artists.

Oliver, Ron (photographer): This is a well-known artist and his early work is the most relevant to Pigtails.  A book and a series of 30 postcards entitled The Secret Faces of Childhood was published.  I own the book and all but four of the postcards.  I would at least like scans of the remaining ones.  Even if they are not used for a future post, I would like them for the sake of completeness in the Pigtails Library.  The missing serial numbers are: 006204, 006220, 006223 and 006224.

Osaka, Mitsuyoshi (Photo-Lolicon): One known book of Caucasian girl, 白い妖精 (White Nymph). May also be operating under the nickname Kou (こう).

Ox6mor, Alexis (painter): Of particular interest are the works of body art painted on various nude forms including little girls. The body painting work can be seen here.

Oyama, Kenishiro (大山謙一郎, photographer): From what I can gather, Oyama is well-known in Japan and he has done a fair amount of nude photography. But there is this one odd item of a Caucasian girl he shot. The book is called Fancy-Free probably shot in the 1980s of a girl, Christine, shot during fairly mundane tasks around the house but completely naked, many with her mother and their dog.

Parks, Ayako (あやこパークス, Photo-Lolicon): This photographer is noted for her work in My Fairy featuring her own stepdaughter as model after marrying and moving to California.

Parsons, Jacynth (illustrator): It is lamentable that this illustrator is not better known. She became an accomplished artist when she was a child and depicted many children in her work. In fact, striking similarities between her work and the poses in Balthus’ work was noticed and it was later confirmed that Balthus indeed had a copy of one of her books in his studio!

Peverelli, Benoit (fashion photographer): There are some interesting examples of this photographer’s work. It features well-dressed girls in well-appointed homes (not their own). Some of the work appeared in Vogue: Les Enfants.

Queen Victoria (illustrator): That’s right, the monarch after whom an entire cultural era was named was actually an amateur illustrator. And her drawing skills were actually pretty competent, albeit not especially original or exceptional. At the very least, this is an item of human interest.

Rejlander, O(scar) G(ustav) (photographer): There are some unreliable accounts that this artist was “known for his child nudes”.  In examining Father of Art Photography by Edgar Yoxall Jones, Victorian Children by Graham Ovenden, one image, Allegory of Motherhood, contained in Julia Margaret Cameron: The Complete Photographs by Julian Cox and Colin Ford, I do not get that impression.  I suspect one of two things is happening: 1) His nudes have been actively purged in the name of political correctness or 2) Certain parties are attempting to create the impression that he had this reputation.  I would like some more definitive (and documented) information and if the accounts are true, this artist deserves a post on Pigtails, most especially given his significance in the history of photography and art.

√Rikitake, Yasushi (力武靖, Photo-Lolicon): Like Kizu, this photographer is a late entry into this genre. His most famous model is Rika Nishimura who still models as an adult. The great majority of his work covers so-called teen idols but there are some lovely images in the younger age range as well.

Ronalds, Cathy (photographer): This artist wrote an interesting essay on why she prefers non-smiling portraits of little girls.Royce, Joseph (photographer): This artist published an extensive collection of anatomical studies with his own daughter, Inge, as model: Surface Anatomy (1965).

Rusinov, Mikhail (photographer): Really a political activist who takes photographs, this artist published Holy Nature (1998) about the people and customs at clothing-optional beaches along the Gulf of Finland.

Saimon, Hiromi (彩紋洋美, Photo-Lolicon): This artist has shot both Asian and Caucasian models which not only appear in her own books, but in collections featuring various artists. Two books of note are: きんぽうげ (Buttercup, often referred to as “Princess Laika” after the 12-year-old model) and Märchen Story involving a mannequin doppelganger.

Sarony, Napoleon (portrait photographer): Pip came across some lovely images by accident of this Victorian-era American photographer who mainly specialized in photographing stage actors and other celebrities of the time. It appears his son Otto continued the family business and shot actors like Edith Nesbit published on this site. The elder Sarony shot many child stars including Miss Elsie Lesley Lyde (known as Elsie Leslie on stage).

Schenk, Charles (photographer): This artist put together a collection of nude studies of children, Artistic Studies of Human Body (1898) which included 53 photogravures. Since these were not mass produced, they appear in only a handful of collections around the world. Because a copy appeared in an auction recently, a large number of the images were momentarily viewable online. Other books of studies were also produced which contained a wide range of ages including a few of the child images.

Schuh, Gotthard (photographer): Pip came upon this artist while doing other research. There are some truly lovely images of Asian island (mostly Javanese and Balinese mainly) girls from the late 1930s through the 1950s.

Sharapov, Andrey (photographer): This Russian photographer seems to specialize in shooting athletically developed girls often showing off their bare torsos.

Shinoyama, Kishin (篠山紀信, Photo-Lolicon): Photo-Lolicon, as I have defined it, does not necessarily include nudes. It is simply a kind of obsession, with erotic undertones, with the intimate life of a young girl. One book of interest is called Namaiki (1996) with text by Akio Nakamori.

Shufeldt, Robert W. (photographer): There are a series of images that come from a book called Studies of the human form for artists, sculptors, & scientists—an abbreviated title. Like many Victorian-era authors, Shufeldt associated lengthy titles with perceived professionalism.

Shuravina, Barbara: see Barbara & Victoria

Stanaman, L.A. (photographer): This alias was used for the one-off publication Friends and Strangers (1995, Ophelia Editions) featuring the artist’s candid photos of young girls.

Sturges, Jock (photographer): This artist was my introduction to the child nude. I was astounded that such images could be published openly. Sturges has worked within naturist communities in California and France and although the images are meant to be a record of a culture, the emphasis is to bring out the beauty in his subjects. Therefore his works are both document and art.

*Swannell, John (photographer): This artist’s specialty is portraits and figures including nudes. In the earlier years of his career, these included young girls. But as doing this fell out of fashion and he became a royal photographer, he decided to distance himself from that work and reportedly sold off all relevant images to a private collector. I would very much like to see these lost prints (and perhaps negatives) preserved digitally for posterity.

Tudor-Hart, Edith (photographer): Although one of the most important photojournalists of her age, she has a special distinction as a spy for the Communists and even assisted in the recruitment of KGB agents. Her images were candid including public markets, hospitals and gymnastics classes where children might be seen.

Vigeland, Gustav (sculptor): A reader says this artist made many sculptures of little girls including an installation currently housed in Oslo.

Vinogradov, Alexander (photographer): This portrait photographer has been operating for over 8 years. He is interested in shooting people with interesting and peculiar traits. He won an award for his work featuring a girl with vitiligo.

Voglino, Alessandro (photographer): This artist published a one-off series of black-and-white fashion photographs of a single girl culminating in a few complete nudes: Complice du rêve (Fulfillment of a Dream). Interestingly, in contacting the publisher (Éditions de la Mouette) in my investigations, I received a curious email. In it they not only denied any connection with this project but made a point of requiring an electronic receipt confirming I had read the response!

*Vogt, Christian (photographer): Among the books and coverage in ZOOM Magazine, this artist includes some images by a model named Nina.  These images are unusual in that this girl is much younger than the other models he used.  I came to find out that she was his daughter.  I could just post the images but I would like more background information about those images and the circumstances of their production.

West, Richard (photographer): This artist is a member of some naturist communities and has photographically documented that culture. He published two books showing his best images: Canada Naturally, The Book (1993) and Love for Life (1998).

Whitworth, Jerry (painter, portraits): This artist does portraits of children in oil.

Witkin, Joel-Peter (photographer): This artist’s obsession with the theme of dismemberment apparently came from witnessing an accident in which a little girl was decapitated. Images relevant to this site are reported to appear in Joel-Peter Witkin: Vanitas (2012).

Yamaki, Takami (山木隆未, Photo-Lolicon): One book of interest for this photographer is 小さなおすまし屋さんたち (Little Pretenders).