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Pigtails depends on its readers for leads, additional research or images needed to complete certain posts.  I will date each entry so you can know the last time I updated or added a new entry.  The items are subdivided so, you can focus your attention on areas you are knowledgeable in.  The categories are: Artists, Models and Actresses, Film and Other Media (including such things as postcards and comics).  Items formerly belonging to the ‘Wish List’ have been integrated here.  Some items may already appear as posts on Pigtails, but more information or examples are desired..  Many of these leads will be developed into posts but others may remain here for readers to follow up on.  It is hoped that this page will eliminate a lot a duplication of effort.

This page is organized by: artist name, model/actress name, name of film and other media so you can focus your browsing to areas of interest or expertise.  Based on the current database, artists and films have the longest lists so they will have dedicated pages.


Bush, Kate (singer, songwriter): It was hard to classify this artist because what is most interesting to Pigtails readers is a pictorial book, Cathy (2015), put together by her brother John Carder Bush featuring Kate as a young girl. The entire book can be viewed online here.

Ionesco, Eva: This girl was brought to public attention because of the modeling work with her mother, Irina Ionesco. Several books were published, most notably Eva: Eloge de ma Fille (2004). While still a youth, she also modeled for Jacques Bourboulon and posed in an Italian version of Playboy. She also starred in a mediocre film about a love triangle, Maladolescenza (Italy, 1977), which has since been banned in several countries. It was later revealed that Eva’s relationship with her mother was highly exploitative and coercive. Some clues to the details can be found in the film (a kind of condensed biography) My Little Princess (2011) directed by Eva and a biography Eva (2015) written by her husband, Simon Liberati. In 2017, she published her own book called Innocence. Considerable materials have been collected to produce a post including translations of the Liberati book.


Fuck Off and Die (and/or) La Squab by Britton, David & Kris Guidio: This comic collection was put out by the notorious Savoy Books.  This will perhaps be easier for our British readers to locate, since it is a British publication, but Amazon does seem to have some copies available.  I am interested primarily in the pages which have the character La Squab, a little prepubescent punk girl who is known to break rules … and boundaries.  This edition also has an introduction by Alan Moore.  There is now a book devoted solely to La Squab and both books are now in the Pigtails Library.


The Allégret Collection: Marc Allégret was a film actor perhaps most famous for his love affair with André Gide. What is virtually unknown is that for a time, he collected images of naked young girls. These mostly postcard-size images were glued into albums, purchased by a private collector and sold off one at a time. The images came from various known and unknown artists and were it not for this liquidation, Pigtails readers would have never learned of the work of Carl Lepper. It was my intent to do a post featuring some of many interesting image sent to me as a prospective buyer.

The Cottingley Fairies: It is remarkable how little girls manage to insinuate themselves into every aspect of life. During World War I and its aftermath, two young girls perpetrated a hoax in which they claimed to have photographed fairies in the area of Cottingley village in Yorkshire. Photographic experts declared that the photos in question were not altered and so they represented a kind of hope to a demoralized people. One of the most noted enthusiasts was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who lost a son in the war. There were two very different films produced surrounding this story, FairyTale: A True Story (US, 1997) and Photographing Fairies (UK, 1997) , and their reviews will be included as part of a post on this subject.

Mafalda: This little girl appeared in an Argentinian comic strip of the same name and has developed in at least two cartoon series. One of our contributors has promised to do a piece on this.

A Russian Nude Child Contest! Yes, it’s true. A Russian newspaper conducted a naked child photo contest and published the winners. Someone got a hold of that paper, scanned in the images and posted them online. Unfortunately, the site did not include documentation of which publication this was or the date. And these are reproductions from a newspaper so they quality is quite poor (some came out better than others). It would be appreciated if someone fluent in Russian could do a little digging on this and find out some concrete details. [A reader discovered that the site has been removed. Don’t worry, we kept copies of the images years ago.]

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    • We could really use some specifics here. Title, author(s) and the nature of the content and why it would be of interest here. -Ron

  1. I have been trying to find more information about photographers who are credited for photos in the books of C. H. Stratz. The following are people credited for the photos of girls in Stratz about whom I could not find any information. I have included the city if it is known. None are currently in the list of artists by name.
    Hugo Erfurth, Dresden (One photo is dated 1915.)
    Estinger, München
    Dr. Friedenthal
    Recknagel, München
    O. Schmidt, Wien
    A. Schuler (This name is on photos attributed to Estinger and others.)

    • I have a couple versions of that book and the photos do seem to range all over the place. Some artists are famous, some have left small traces and some have become essentially anonymous. For instance, one photographer had only one mention in a classified ad in a Munich periodical, selling his photographic services. At the time, photographic portraits were popular and a photographer could make a living that way. Sometimes they did documentary work or artistic work on the side. This is roughly comparable to modern day wedding photographers: they have to make a living but have an artistic impulse they want to express. The fact that these skilled photographers also shot nudes is an expression of the times. It was common enough that so-called ordinary photographers could engage in it. Nowadays, a photographer has to have a special reputation for handling such subjects with the necessary delicacy and normally in a context where nudity is more commonplace like naturist communities. -Ron

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