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Pigtails depends on its readers for leads, additional research or images needed to complete certain posts.  I will date each entry so you can know the last time I updated or added a new entry.  The items are subdivided so, you can focus your attention on areas you are knowledgeable in.  The categories are: Artists, Models and Actresses, Film and Other Media (including such things as postcards and comics).  Items formerly belonging to the ‘Wish List’ have been integrated here.  Some items may already appear as posts on Pigtails, but more information or examples are desired..  Many of these leads will be developed into posts but others may remain here for readers to follow up on.  It is hoped that this page will eliminate a lot a duplication of effort.

This page is organized by: artist name, model/actress name, name of film and other media so you can focus your browsing to areas of interest or expertise.  Based on the current database, artists and films have the longest lists so they will have dedicated pages.


Bancroft, Iris: A noted photographer in naturist groups particularly in the 1980s.  She had a Yahoo fan site for a time.  She did not focus on children, but those images of them show real sensitivity and I would like to feature some of her work here.  Please put me in contact with someone who is an expert on this artist or the artist herself.  [150703]

Gómez, Violeta: Gómez held an exhibition called Alicia en el pais del amor (Alice in Loveland), an ode to Lewis Carroll, in 2001 at the Museo de Siyasa in Spain.  The images featured nude or seminude girls aged 7 to 10.  Due to controversy the exhibition was closed after only twenty days, and the artist was charged with corruption of minors.  I do not know if the series was ever collected into a book, but owing to the scarcity on the web, I guess not.  Still, it would be nice to see the work that the authorities considered obscenity.  If anyone has any leads on this, I would be quite interested.  You can read more about it here (a great site overall devoted to censored art). Further digging has revealed that this artist is also a musician and can probably be reached more easily through that medium.  There is an excellent essay written by Gómez that expresses her attitude eloquently.  [160618]


Henze, Claire: This artist is only mentioned on the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) website to illustrate controversies about nudes.  Henze did some work with her children,Anna and Nico, including nude studies somewhat reminiscent of Sally Mann.  This is probably not a difficult lead to pursue, I just don’t have time to do the leg work.  The “Estate” (Henze died young of cancer) should be contacted to see if access to other images can be had. The artists and children’s book author Sally Warner was a close friend of her using her photos in a couple of her books.  I am sure Ms. Warner would love there to be a nice about post about her friend.  [160719]

Kandó, Ata: Kandó’s work built on the photographic tradition of pictorialism and often featured children—including her own partially nude—in verdant natural settings, recalling classical artwork, particularly that devoted to the idyll.  I’m looking particularly for images from A Hold vérébõl (Children of the Moon) as well as any of her images of Hungarian refugees from her photojournalism work that may be relevant to this site. You can read more about her and view selections of her work here. Thanks to one of our readers, we have been informed that those elusive images from Venezuela and Hungary are on her new website.  Kandó just died in September 2017 as well and we hope to produce a dedicated post soon. [180127]

Käsebier, Gertrude: I learned about this artist when doing research on Nell Dorr, who was compared favorably to this artist and Sally Mann.  That suggested that she must have also shot child nudes.  I could not confirm this with internet or library research but I encountered a comment that suggests that such images exist.  I would like more substantial confirmation as well as some means to get scans of the relevant images. [150105]

Kizu, Satoshi: This Japanese artist is known for his erotic photography of young women, but he also did a nice 11-volume series of little Russian girls.  The series is called МИЛЕНЬКАЯ “Cuties” and I am trying to find two [now only one more is needed] of the volumes (the 7th). Fortunately these mooks promoted the older issues so I have a couple of low-res scans of the covers.  I am looking to purchase these or if someone can find a good set of scans, it would be ideal to have access to all the material for a proper post. [180126]

Satoshi Kizu - 微少女 (Charming Little-Girl) (1998)

Satoshi Kizu – 微少女 (Charming Little-Girl) (1998)

Kuhn, Mona: This artist is known to have shot in many of the same naturist locations as Jock Sturges.  A visit to her site indicates she is being very conservative about posting nude children.  Given her subject matter, it is doubtful she is personally squeamish but is being cautious in today’s political climate.  It is my hope that perhaps Pigtails could serve as an appropriate venue for a more open expression of her child nudes and a more complete biography of the artist herself. Also, now that she has been published in book form, please advise us which ones are on-topic for this site. [150105]

Oliver, Ron: This is a well-known artist and his early work is the most relevant to Pigtails.  A book and a series of 30 postcards entitled The Secret Faces of Childhood was published.  I own the book and all but four of the postcards.  I would at least like scans of the remaining ones.  Even if they are not used for a future post, I would like them for the sake of completeness in the Pigtails Archive.  The missing serial numbers are: 006204, 006220, 006223 and 006224. [150105]

Rejlander, O(scar) G(ustav): There are some unreliable accounts that this artist was “known for his child nudes”.  In examining Father of Art Photography by Edgar Yoxall Jones, Victorian Children by Graham Ovenden, one image, Allegory of Motherhood, contained in Julia Margaret Cameron: The Complete Photographs by Julian Cox and Colin Ford, I do not get that impression.  I suspect one of two things is happening: 1) His nudes have been actively purged in the name of political correctness or 2) Certain parties are attempting to create the impression that he had this reputation.  I would like some more definitive (and documented) information and if the accounts are true, this artist deserves a post on Pigtails, most especially given his significance in the history of photography and art. [150105]

Vogt, Christian: Among the books and coverage in ZOOM Magazine, this artist includes some images by a model named Nina.  These images are unusual in that this girl is much younger than the other models he used.  I came to find out that she was his daughter, Nina.  I could just post the images but I would like more background information about those images and the circumstances of their production.  [150703]



Fuck Off and Die (and/or) La Squab by Britton, David & Kris Guidio: This comic collection was put out by the notorious Savoy Books.  This will perhaps be easier for our British readers to locate, since it is a British publication, but Amazon does seem to have some copies available.  I am interested primarily in the pages which have the character La Squab, a little prepubescent punk girl who is known to break rules … and boundaries.  This edition also has an introduction by Alan Moore.  Alternately, there is now a book devoted solely to La Squab, which may even be preferable to FOADSavoy Books.

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        • I see. The way you posted the link, it made it appear that was your website. I am working on the Betsy Schneider post, but even if I am successful, there will only be a small number of selections offered at higher resolution. Thank you for clarifying. -Ron

          • It is unfortunate that Betsy Schneider has not put out a BOOK including these works. Of course, there would be controversy, but that did not “scare” Jock Sturges or Sally Mann. Those two artists have set examples of artistic courage that deserve to be emulated.

    • Hello, I would like all the pictures bigger and is not it possible to post here complete series, like Jacques Bourboulon, David Hamilton, Glenn Holland, Alexander Fradis, Hiromi Saimon. In short, the seventies and eighties?!?


      • The reason we do not post bigger images and not complete series is out of respect for the artists’ hard work and copyright law. It is legitimate for us to review the work of artists and show examples, but not complete or overly-high resolution images. We are not an image-sharing site except whatever is needed to get the job done. Whenever possible, we do mention the titles of books where these images appear and you can purchase them. In the case of European and American artists, there is no way to be complete because of the multitude of images that exist only in private collections. For example, tens of thousands of Hamilton’s images will probably never see the light of day! All the artists you name will be covered on this site in the course of time. Thank you, -Ron

  1. I found scans of Ron Raffaelli’s Nymphets, but I’m worried that some of them aren’t legal. I’m not a legal expert thought, but I’m paranoid. I uploaded them to a file host. You can check them out. If they’re not all legal, please delete them and let us know to stay away from them. I want you and all of us here to stay on the right side of the law.


    • That is very kind of you but public comments are not the appropriate forum for sharing this. Because of the danger of entrapment (yes, I can be paranoid too), I prefer to accept image files only from people I have established a dialog with. You are welcome to contact me through my email; your contributions are appreciated. For your information, I sometimes ask an associate to retrieve questionable files to see if they are of any value (using a proxy browser). If there is a concern over legality, the files are then forwarded to another associate who has a friend in law enforcement who reviews the images. Only those that are completely legitimate are sent to me and sometimes I receive a summary about the nature of those images that were excluded. I feel very fortunate that we have so many guardian angels out there helping us stay out of trouble. If I had a means of contacting you, I would then let you know about which are the problem files. I am aware that some of Raffaelli’s images may technically violate US law. This is unfair because even though they can be highly erotic, they were produced in good spirit and no reasonable case of coercion can be made. If work like this is considered of historical/sociological value, copies may be forwarded to two university archives (one in Australia and one in Canada) where they are safely kept for use in academic research or until such images may be acceptably accessed by the public.
      The acceptable images have been forwarded to me. I’m afraid that advising people on the legality of images (by US standards) is difficult because many of the images were classified as borderline. That is to say that in a court of law, a judge or jury could go either way and that would also depend on the region; certainly juries in the South are going to be very conservative when it comes to nudity or any sexual self-expression by children. Also, context is important. Courts are going to consider what other materials might have been seized in evidence. An excessive focus on nudes or erotica is going to be a problem which is why Pigtails has to make a special efforts to include explanatory text on all nudes that require it. Raffaelli, realizing the political climate had changed, made a statement to the effect that anyone having his child nudes would be advised to destroy them. That is not to say that he or his models became ashamed of the work, simply that he wanted to protect fans and collectors. A fair number of images are appropriate for Pigtails and so I thank you for adding these to our collection. Apologies also for my somewhat harsh reply earlier, but submissions from “out of the blue” have to be regarded with suspicion.

    • I am interested in these scans of Ron Raffaelli’s Nymphets. Is there any way I could be sent a link to download?

      • Because Raffaelli pushes the limits of (US) legality, I have not even seen all the images. Those that were forwarded to me plus others that were sent will be used in a post. We cannot get into the business of exchanging or giving out complete archives of images. Regardless of their source, Pigtails has a legitimate need for access to conduct reviews of artists. The good news is that a reader found a file online recently and so perhaps it can be found out there somewhere. I have no idea or I would give you a link. The reader in question uploaded the file to a file sharing system and did not give me the original link. If you are lucky and resourceful you might still be able to find it on the internet somewhere.

    • Yes, I am familiar with that site and I signed up. I closed my account when I realized they explicitly exclude nudes. I know this rule is not necessarily enforced and I have gone a couple times to look for Ron Oliver postcards. The problem now is overload. I have been toying with the idea of having readers volunteer to monitor certain sites and report when something of interest turns up. Delcampe would be one of them. At some point, I will probably list the ones I would like actively monitored on a page I plan to call ‘Adopt-A-Site’.

  2. AG Steglitz, has done some interesting nude photographs of children in the early 1900s. A number of them are sometime available online, in postcard format, to purchase or to bid on if you are lucky to be there at the right time. Most of the ones I have seen are children nude outdoors, either by a river or in the forest.
    I would like to know what’s all available from this same theme.

    • Thank you for these leads. I am familiar with these images but many reproductions have not been credited. My copies do not have any such identifying information. The little girl sitting on the bank has appeared in a number of other naturist postcards. Is AG Steglitz the name of the company or the artist?
      Since you have taken the time to leave a comment, I have a sneak preview for you. I have made arrangements to have access to perhaps the largest Edwardian postcard collection in the world. This will begin within the next year and–barring some catastrophe–will include the complete images to the Reutlinger post and the Gaboriaud post. It will also undoubtedly include those more rare Steglitz naturist postcards.
      An associate in Australia is interested in cataloging vintage postcards and will use this collection as a foundation for an online archive. When the software is set up, Pigtails will be making an official announcement.

  3. It should be added here that the layout in the first “ZOOM” magazine, while beautiful, is made up only of pictures of adult women. The above article seemed to imply otherwise, but perhaps I understood it incorrectly.

    • The issue I have is clearly too early (before 1979), so it would have to be a later issue. Nina was not the only model featured and another reader has shared another image that strongly resembles a Sturges composition. When I do get the relevant information, it will be put together in a post and I will certain share any relevant details with Pigtails’ readers.

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