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Pigtails depends on its readers for leads, additional research or images needed to complete certain posts.  I will date each entry so you can know the last time I updated or added a new entry.  The items are subdivided so, you can focus your attention on areas you are knowledgeable in.  The categories are: Artists, Models and Actresses, Film and Other Media (including such things as postcards and comics).  Items formerly belonging to the ‘Wish List’ have been integrated here.  Some items may already appear as posts on Pigtails, but more information or examples are desired..  Many of these leads will be developed into posts but others may remain here for readers to follow up on.  It is hoped that this page will eliminate a lot a duplication of effort.

This page is organized by: artist name, model/actress name, name of film and other media so you can focus your browsing to areas of interest or expertise.  Based on the current database, artists and films have the longest lists so they will have dedicated pages.



Fuck Off and Die (and/or) La Squab by Britton, David & Kris Guidio: This comic collection was put out by the notorious Savoy Books.  This will perhaps be easier for our British readers to locate, since it is a British publication, but Amazon does seem to have some copies available.  I am interested primarily in the pages which have the character La Squab, a little prepubescent punk girl who is known to break rules … and boundaries.  This edition also has an introduction by Alan Moore.  There is now a book devoted solely to La Squab and both books are now in the Pigtails Library.

The Cottingley Fairies: It is remarkable how little girls manage to insinuate themselves into every aspect of life. During World War I and its aftermath, two young girls perpetrated a hoax in which they claimed to have photographed fairies in the area of Cottingley village in Yorkshire. Photographic experts declared that the photos in question were not altered and so they represented a kind of hope to a demoralized people. One of the most noted enthusiasts was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who lost a son in the war. There were two very different films produced surrounding this story, FairyTale: A True Story (US, 1997) and Photographing Fairies (UK, 1997) , and their reviews will be included as part of a post on this subject.

26 thoughts on “The Pipeline

  1. Congratulations on a most laudable venture, and congratulations also on your personal bravery and integrity. As a huge fan of Ovenden, I can certainly sympathize with the risks of being misunderstood, in his case tragically.

    I second the opinion someone expressed about a book list or bibliography of relevant titles; also you could create a separate list of titles you are seeking.

    Here’s a link to a book in German I happen to own a copy of, thought you might be interested. I just discovered your site, so I have only skimmed the surface so far. What I’ve seen is wonderful!

    • Thank you and you do need to explore our site some more. Part of the site is still in development, but we do have a Wish List for titles we are looking for (digital or hard copy). Items are removed when no longer needed and then those things are scheduled for a post.

      I deleted part of your message because of redundancy. Quite a few people recently have mentioned Dr. C.H. Stratz. I am planning to do posts that feature each of the photographers featured in that book. -Ron

  2. Thanks for your website. It’s fascinating. I’m honestly not sure if I’m doing this right, but I notice you look for ‘leads’ to material that might be of interest to you and your readers and I might have one for you. There is a famous, large, series of children’s books produced in England over the last fifty years called ‘Ladybird Books’. These are educational books for children and are really quite beloved in the UK, covering a wide range of different genres from fiction, through to reading primers, through to non-fictional factual books. Until about 1980, they were also notable for their excellent artwork – realistic paintings to accompany the text. And there were occasions when, for reasons directly connected to the content of the book, this included nude imagery of children. This wasn’t prurient or anything like that – it was just part and parcel of the way the books were produced. When they discussed warfare they showed pictures of battles. When they discussed foxes, they showed images of foxes. And when they discussed the human body, they showed pictures of the human body.

    I would particularly draw your attention to two particular titles in this regard (not having read every single Ladybird book I can’t say what may be in others). ‘Living Things (written by Romola Showell, and illustrated by David Palmer and Harry Wingfield from 1975) and ‘Your Body’ (written by David Scott Daniel and illustrated by Robert Ayton from 1967). (These details matter because Ladybird later ‘rereleased’ some of their books with significantly inferior artwork).

  3. Hi Ron,
    I was reading a couple more posts and came across this name… “Ron Raffaelli” and his photographs that seem to be heavly censored. I was unable to come up with one image on my Google adventure that I could say was even in the zone of being inappropriate. Have all his images been wiped off the face of the internet? And if so…does that mean the internet will only be a place not for freedom of expression but a place of controlled education? Will the internet solely become a trap for the morally questionable? Are we all potentially becoming the crucifiers in the game of Herod. My thought is that this is a fine evolution, if the freedoms of expression are maintained for the sake of keeping us out of Hells Heaven. I suppose what I am feeling more and more is that the internet is less and less a private, individual experience, but more of an experience of being judged by the God Head…an artificial God Head. Its as though we are being dragged along some artificial Judgement day just because we let the Powers that be pit us in their prison. I wonder if I would rather be in a proper prison than an artificial one that is corrupted based on a corrupt system. I really hear you walking the edge for the moderates and yet I wonder whether this is another way to bring us deeper into a world that tolerates nothing…not even the mistakes of a fool. I’m so glad that at some point in the future, Life will be free of such artificial bondage and we will finally succeed in accepting the costs of being a living organism that strives for full expression and naturally tests boundaries of what is worthy to keep in the Garden and what is not. The fruit on the Tree of Knowledge was not sexual temptation or taboo curiosities…it was the fruit of Death and Life…of the abandonment of faith. Innocence included all the things that we have chosen to Judge, not because they themselves are bad, but because we have fallen and have chosen to see ourselves as God, rather that let God do the Judging. Freedom comes, but true freedom always has a tension, a creative tension that Life must get used to. We need not get rid of that tension and call it evil, instead call the devil for what the devil is…a Trick to Lead us out of our zones of honest vulnerability and humanity to zones of the Gods. In the realm of the innocent, it is God that works his loving Magic in sometimes very paradoxical and morally opposing ways to reach the real honest to goodness need. Perhaps when we have become less of these internet judgers, we might understand that indeed…we all build our coffins…and my coffin has a back door clause that says I am human and grateful for my place in the heart of things. I do my best to not judge and I suppose I am as human as the humans that are behind this censorship, and yet I do wonder whether this internet world is really one big Net to see how morally true we can be. I am getting to the point that each time I get on the computer, it feels like that I am entering into a world of potential damnation. So it seems the days of my earthly innocence are being judged based on the divinity of the few. What a laugh if the real Judgement day turned everything upside down and liberation freed the potentially morally degenerate from all chains, and tightened the noose on the righteous. I would rather be the Good Thief than the Bad one. Expressing my concerns…Peter

    • Thank you, Peter.

      Ron Raffaelli’s images of little girls are indeed elusive. You can look at his uncensored work on the internet and see that he is heavily drawn toward erotic imagery and from what I have seen, he pulled no punches in photographing children. Although I am reasonably certain he did not produce any such images that a rational person would call pornography, the unabashed expression of innocent sexuality may qualify some images as “lascivious” (a vague distinction in U.S. law). I have seen this idea of an “erotic need” expressed a few times and it is akin to daredevils who feel a compulsion to seek certain thrills (climbing, shooting, parachuting, off-roading, etc.) A reasonable argument might be: if no harm is done, why not let them carry on?

      I would say that there are those, namely the puppet masters of the mainstream media, who do wish to control the internet. Their motivations are purely economic (copyright concerns), but they have necessarily had to ally themselves with puritanical fundamentalists including many who call themselves Christians and so they claim to uphold those same biases and err on the side of caution when there is the risk of litigation.

      You do seem to use a lot of western world Christian metaphors (Heaven and Hell) and I can only assume you were raised with it and are now having a psychological crisis which you prefer to couch in those terms. It isn’t as insidious as an outright temptation from the Devil, but a more cynical manipulation for economic and political gain. The real danger is the same as that which used to come from television: a kind of propaganda campaign to frame issues in a certain way (ie. telling us what it means to be a real man, a real American, a real Christian, a good person etc.) The real world is more complex and wondrous and the point of Pigtails is to bring people some of that in the charming form of the little girl. These girls have been variously portrayed as angels, devils or both or neither. If you wish to avoid “damnation”, it is best to keep your own counsel while understanding that there is a kind of ideological battle out there, a battle worth fighting. And each of the parties concerned have some of the keys to the kingdoms of Heaven and Hell.

      • Very Well Written Ron…A beautiful Reply…”each of the parties have keys to the kingdom”… I love that. A thought occured to me regarding Over Protective Fathers and the movement to become less protective to help lessen the more serious situations children and adults can get wrapped up in. I suppose what came to me is there is an important relationship with the Father and his own Mother and the experience of protecting his Mother is transfered to the Daughter. I have often found my relationships beckoning me to stand on my own beyond the dependence on Mom and how painful that letting go and the humanizing of Mom can be. It seems that allowing for Mom to be Beauty wrestling with Nature is a worthy place for the heart of Man to learn to embrace, however painful the learning and experience can be. That said my experience has shown me that the love of the Mother returns to the Man when the learning is complete. On my eyes, my daughter is the light of the world, learning to trust that the potential dangers of Life are for her to wrestle with and conquer with her Dance around the Sun. There is something about the Love between a Father and Daughter that is an expression of something incomplete, unless expressed with the Mother…I suppose in its ideal…Our Relationship is an ever unfolding Journey of Love, that doesnt seek to be fully expressed, but seeks to be a true note in the song of Life. Peter

        • Thank you for your beautiful words. The fly in the ointment is this business of the relationship between father and daughter. I would like to caution those who assume that the nuclear family structure we are accustomed to in West is normal. In primeval societies and extended families with lots of siblings, the father would actually have little interaction with his daughters unless, on some occasions, directed to do so by the mother/women involved. Because of this evolutionary segregation, there is really no adaptation and basis for a father/daughter relationship other than the rudimentary one of protecting the females of the tribe. That is why, I believe, men have so much difficulty dealing with the emerging sexuality of their “little girls”. In civilizations, this may be exacerbated by poverty, leading to violence. It is perhaps one of the driving emotional forces for the cult of virginity imposed on girls and then the arrested sex education that tends to result over time.

          Therefore, we live in an interesting time when a mythological model of father-daughter relationships is being worked out. The great challenge of finding one that works is overcoming or coming into accord with the instincts and impulses that are already so ingrained.

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