Pip Starr’s Art

(Last Updated On December 29, 2017)

Hello!  This page is dedicated to my very own illustration work.  There isn’t much here now, but keep checking in, as I will add more pieces as they are completed and/or scanned.

Pip Starr - Moon Goddess (2015)

Pip Starr – Moon Goddess (2015)

Pip Starr - Winter Moran (2015)

Pip Starr – Winter Moran (2015)

Pip Starr - Centauresses (2016)

Pip Starr – Centauresses (2016)

Pip Starr – The Birth of Venus (2017)

16 thoughts on “Pip Starr’s Art

  1. You know, I’m curious to find out more, but I can’t find you anywhere, except on this site. Do you go by any other name elsewhere?

  2. Very interesting work. I’m a huge fan of black and white illustration; Beardsley, Mahlon Blaine, Virgil Finlay, many more.

    Where/when may we see your Jugendstil inspired piece? Please expand your selection of your own art, it is top-notch, and I like the symbolism you worked into the two pieces shown.

    • Thank you very much. Ron informed me that someone had offered a comment on my work. I will be working hard to finish the piece, called Centauresses, before the end of the month. I may also post an illustration that is not related to the theme of this blog, which is very near completion. It is an illustration of a fox. Keep checking in!

  3. Thanks for your email.Let me know when you have completed your
    latest works. p.s.are you a boy or a girl ?
    Graham of Bracklesham.

    • Hi, Graham. Thanks for asking about my art! I will be adding pieces as I complete them. I wish I had more time to work on them, but unfortunately I don’t sell them fast enough to pay the bills. I am going to try to have a piece ready near the end of this month though. It’s a piece featuring two young centauresses and is heavily inspired by Jugendstil.

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