Little Orphan Images

This page is dedicated to images that seem to have historical importance but cannot be identified.  Pigtails readers are our eyes and ears and we rely on you for reliable leads and clarification.  Please contact Ron if you have any leads.

[180203] One of our biggest fans came forward with an interesting image.  It is a picture of a floor covering advertisement that appeared often during the mid-1980s in Mexico.  Since he took a quick photo using his phone, the image is quite blurry and may not yield the usual results in an image search.  The image does seem familiar but cannot recall where I have seen it.  It would be nice for someone to come forward with more specifics and a better version of the image.  I was also told that the name of the product advertised is called Vinylia which should help in image searches.  The text is a poem (translated into English):

Footsteps are soft,

Sky is quiet,

I leave my ice cream and feel so amazed.

I do not feel any heat or cold at all under my feet.

I breathe so deeply, ramble and think, “I am so happy!”

Mexican flooring ad (c1980)

[170201] The next ten images (some have now been identified and removed) came from Pip’s archive collected from the internet and passed on when he retired from full-time work on the site.

The first images has a rough credit “Boy and girl in pants”, copyright by Miles/zefa/Corbis.


I have seen this image numerous times usually associated with a humorous caption like: “Someday this will dominate your life!”


The next two images have a documentary feel and may be press photos.


The following image comes from someone who calls himself/herself “bibingkalove”.  Please come forward if you have more definitive information about this photographer.


[170125] The following images were from the book Dream Girls referred to in ‘Stolen Dreams and the Japanese School’.  Many images have been identified so far but these still have not.

Dream Girls (page 13)

Dream Girls (page 27)

Dream Girls (page 41)

Dream Girls (page 54)

Dream Girls (page 55)

Dream Girls (page 60)

Dream Girls (page 62)

[150704] The image below was sold online, but due to some shady tactics, I did not win the auction.  I mentioned to the seller that the style closely resembled Lotte Herrlich and probably puts it in that era.  I would appreciate anyone who might recognize the artist or anyone who owns this image and can provide higher quality scan.

lotte herrlich-like image

4 thoughts on “Little Orphan Images

  1. RE: Pip3 variant that Jerrold mentions, I’ve typically seen captions such as, “Oh, so that explains the difference in our salaries” and so on : )

  2. As for “Pip-3”, there was a poster being sold, back in the 1970’s I think, that was the opposite of this picture. It showed two kids from the side.
    The boy was pulling his underpants forward so that the naked little girl could look inside. The caption said something like “From tiny acorns mighty oaks grow”.

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