(Last Updated On January 27, 2017)

A lot of information passes through here that should be made available to readers.  It is much better to have a single location where this can all be found than scattered among the various posts.  Pages under this heading include: ‘The Pipeline’ which will attempt to offer an up-to-date list of leads and materials collected so far, ‘Little Orphan Images’ contains unidentified images that seem of particular skill or importance and deserve attention; it is hoped that readers will fill in the missing information, ‘Transcriptions’ include supplemental articles or notes from artists covered on this site and those that require translation to offer a better researched post of the artist in question, ‘Recommended Reading’ is for books—non-fiction and fiction—that might be of interest to our readers due to the prominence of little girls in those works, ‘Pip Starr’s Art’ is a repository of Pip’s on-topic work, but it is hoped that other artists might want to have a short display of their work including original piece that might be for sale.