Allied Websites

(Last Updated On July 15, 2020)

This page is dedicated to other websites of interest related to our own. They will be organized by type. Whether a website is included will be up to the discretion of the editor. Ambassadors are needed to monitor these sites for items that we may have missed on this site as soon as the basic Pipeline references are uploaded.


Agapeta: Poets and Lovers – This is Christian’s website which is a kind of worshipful look at young girls expressed through poetry, prose and fine art.

Graham Ovenden – For many, this artist needs no introduction. He was delighted quite recently to have the means to publish his art, writing and commentary on the internet. There is also a website for his publishing enterprise, Garage Press.


Childhood in Art – A good overview with scant information on each artist.

Novel Activist – Sadly this site—run by Ray Harris—is defunct but I discovered it at about the same time as Pigtails. It focused on child prodigies and the phenomenon of sexually precocious children and its causes/effects. It was research for the purpose of writing novels. It has been archived in part so you can visit the site archive here and the blog here. There is another archive that may have captured different material here.


Prostasia Foundation – One of the organizers of this organization contacted me and it is an interesting approach and one with more merit than most people would realize. It focuses on the rights of young people and how they might express their sexuality in a healthy way.


Naturist Vintage – This is a Twitter account which displays some images of naturist photographers of the past including young girls. As with all misunderstood subject matter, the owner offers this mission statement: “Documenting the history of the nudism movement. Promoting body acceptance through non-sexual social nudity. Porn and assholes will be blocked.” I love that last bit. I am counting on readers to bring me any items of particular interest that should be on my radar.


The Samantha Gates Archive – This is the official website of Samantha Gates (and her brother Stephan). It was conceived by Samantha’s late cousin Mackenzie and now maintained by a close friend of hers. It contains materials never before published.