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(Last Updated On April 30, 2022)

Pigtails in Paint has evolved into a kind of resource center for information about the portrayal of little girls.  As a result, there are now a number of pages that serve as supplemental resources to this site.  It can be difficult for the new or even established readers to know what is available here without looking through every menu.  Therefore, this page is an outline of what is contained in these pages.

  1. About This Site: That is this page which offers a kind of map to the resource pages found elsewhere.
    1. Mission Statement: This evolving page was a reaction to associates in the academic world who believe—and I agree—that Pigtails in Paint’s purpose should be more explicitly stated.  It is all too easy for casual readers to think we are only about the cavalier presentation of little girl imagery.  This page will lend legitimacy to this site in the eyes of academic and high-art institutions interested in the potential of learning more about ourselves as human beings.  It is a formidable task so I will be adding parts to the Mission Statement as they occur to me and time permits.
    2. Messages from The Founder and Editor-in-Chief: As Pigtails in Paint gained in popularity, Pip (Founder) and Ron (Editor-in-Chief) recognized the need for a short statement offering the background and history of this site.  These statements are a few years old and do not account for more recent developments.
    3. RSS Feeds: Those desiring RSS Feeds for this site can get information here.
  2. Archives: Pigtails in Paint has and continues to serve as a kind of repository for the topic of little girls.  Even though a lot of this kind of information ought to be shared with the readers, it does not properly belong to a particular post or is too valuable to scatter or bury among the chronologically ordered posts.
    1. The Pipeline: The influx of relevant documents and sources are too overwhelming to publish in a timely manner.  Therefore, to avoid duplication of effort, a list of planned projects and leads will be offered so readers can know what we have on hand and what may still be needed to complete a post.
    2. Little Orphan Images: This page is for images of seeming import that are not identified.  Many bloggers are notorious for publishing things and not identifying the artist or source.  Readers can visit this page and offer any details they may be privy to.
    3. Transcriptions: Sometimes there are notes or articles of interest for a particular artist but the length of such materials would make including them in the original post untidy and cumbersome.  Also, transcriptions in foreign languages may be offered to solicit the help of translators so a well-researched post can be produced.  There is also a page called ‘Tangents’ for interesting and important articles that have a peripheral connection to the site (politics, art in general, science, etc.)
    4. Recommended Reading: There are a lot of interesting scholarly books and well-written novels that would be of interest to readers but, because this is largely a visual site, it was thought that these should not appear as individual posts.
    5. Artist Galleries: Currently this page is a repository for Pip’s own on-topic artwork.  It will also be offered to other skilled artists who cannot find a satisfactory forum for their work elsewhere.  This may sometimes include original art offered for sale.
  3. Community: Apart from the need for assistance in fleshing out our archives, this menu lets readers know what other work and technical expertise is needed to best service the rest of the community.  It is also hoped that this will foster scholarly and thoughtful discussion of topics of import related to little girls.
    1. Job Board: This is a list of specific needs such as translating, researching or serving as a liaison to relevant organizations.
    2. Related Sites: There are a number of reputable sites that connect to our own and we will share them here.
    3. Discussion Groups: Serious discussion about the science and politics of the character and plight of little girls is needed and should not be regarded as suspicious or taboo because of its specificity.  The Pigtails Facebook page was created to facilitate discussions that might evolve into useful conversations and organizations for the development of a compassionate society.
  4. Legal: This is just a disclaimer about the most touchy aspects of this site, but it is also our hope that Pigtails in Paint can establish some standards and serve as an authority for legislatures, courts and law enforcement that will mitigate a rampant witch hunt mentality.
  5. Contact Us: This page offers a contact form for reaching site administrators or readers can contact the Editor-in-Chief directly at the email address posted there.

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    • There is an element to that in some cases, but it is more complicated than that and a wide range of motivations depending on the individual. Trying to get into the head of “the other” is compelling but is not completely possible in the material realm we find ourselves in. I guess some are trying to push that envelope. But honestly, how would they know they succeeded? -Ron

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