Maiden Voyages: October 2023

(Last Updated On October 5, 2023)

My apologies dear readers for being so late. I have just been so exhausted the past few days but now I have a moment to cover a few items. And apropos to the work needed to run this site …

The Pigtails Job Fair: I have been thinking about this for a while. With all the contributions of readers and well-wishers, I have felt for a long time that this site needs to be a community project with a watchful editor to uphold our high standards and keep us out of legal trouble. There are many ways readers can volunteer their time so that interesting items can be shepherded to final publication. This month I will be establishing a job page that will give readers a more specific idea on our needs so that we can increase publication rates. Believe me when I say that we have a huge backlog of items that just need a little attention to complete. Therefore I expect to announce this dedicated job page in next month’s ‘Maiden Voyages’.

About Photo-Lolicon Collections: I understand readers’ enthusiasm about getting access to the more rare images produced during the Photo-Lolicon era which, due to legal concerns, are no longer generally available on the open secondary market. For those of you interested in purchasing or trading in hard-copy titles, I will endeavor to figure out a way to put you in touch with others who wish to sell or trade or know of the lesser-known secondary markets that occasionally sell these items. Be advised that Pigtails in Paint is not in the book business but as a favor to some of our readers, I can try to do some match-making so that you can build or liquidate your collection with other trusted collectors. In pursuit of this, I will be establishing a member-only page with artists (many already listed on the ‘Artists by Name’ page) along with pictures of the covers of their known publications so you know what has been produced out there. Obviously we will be depending on readers to inform us of anything we missed. Many of these items have been scanned over the years and have been made available to the public in the form of torrents and other peer-sharing applications. Unfortunately, these get shut down form time to time and there is no consistency about where to find works from a particular artist or what even exists out there. Also, as I have told many readers, Pigtails cannot ethically engage in this image sharing directly because it might expose us to too much legal risk. Not all materials have been vetted as to whether they represent legitimate girl-idol material or if they might be regarded as pornography in many nation states. With respect to this, I would be happy to entertain ideas on how these digital collections might be safely archived and appropriately distributed to interested parties. I remind readers that because Pigtails is a journalistic forum, it is safe to share items of interest with us so long as the items are not illegal material. I will inform you when a Photo-Lolicon publication page has been established so members can peruse and educate themselves on the scope of this genre.

Mysterious AI Community: With the advent of Large Data Models, generative AI images have started to become available to the general public. This has obviously led to an explosion of experimentation, including effort to “trick” (jailbreak) the application into producing images that are banned such as triggering violent scenes and most forms of nudity. I tried featuring some on this site, but it is just too much. A reader has come forward about a place where producers of AI images of little girls can congregate making it easier for the public to keep up on what is out there. The person who runs these mysterious communities goes by the handle Bericbone. His main site includes links to all his social media and the communities he started. They utilize a novel new decentralized social network called “Session”. The largest AI one he started has over 1200 active users. Berichone is apparently a huge supporter of freedom of speech and tasteful art featuring little girls.

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  1. Did some digging on Bericbone and found some others like them, and I even found they’re Discord servers… idk but they felt like really weird and unpleasant places

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