Random Images: 1944 Liberation of Paris

(Last Updated On August 1, 2023)

This submission from a Pigtails reader shows a scene of a German sniper attack during the liberation of Paris during World War II in 1944. US Army photographers were on the scene to document these events. The credit given in the caption indicates the name of the senior officer of the No. 5 Army Film and Photo Section, Army Film and Photographic Unit, Captain E. G. Malindine, but Lieutenant Handford and Sergeant Hardy were also part of this unit and so it cannot be determined who captured this particular shot. The explanation for this image being submitted is the apparent heroism of the adults attempting to protect the children by surrounding them.

Capt E G Malindine et al – The Liberation of Paris 1944 (August 26, 1944)

The original photo is part of the War Office Second World War Official Collection. The attached comment states:

As Gen. de Gaulle arrived at the Notre Dame, German snipers opened fire. These photographs show scenes during the incident as Parisians fled for safety. The General and his staff were unhurt.

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  1. I am looking for a photo from 1945 showing a mother and daughter sunbathing against the background of the destroyed Reistag in Germany.

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