Random AI: Kitschy Child Portraits

(Last Updated On July 29, 2023)

After an initial post demonstrating the use of AI to produce images, a number of readers made their own submissions. This one is from February and I am just now getting to it. In certain ways, these images are impressive, but in other ways there is something off about them. I am mentioning the month of these submissions because the technology is purportedly improving all the time.

This submission is from someone calling herself Nikolina. She set up an Instagram account named kitsch_portret_ai to display her efforts. Her interest is in vintage nostalgic-looking images of subjects who are  “glitzy and gorgeous”.

What struck me the most about this first image is not that this girl has no hair on her head, but that the skin mottling seems a little off. It appears the AI is attempting to simulate the texture of skin but does not understand the natural distribution of pores and freckles in real human beings.

The hair on the last two examples is quite convincing and consistent with Hollywood glamour. But these were clearly not constructed from whole cloth but copied from a specific example used to train the algorithm. In the past few months, lawsuits have been filed from writers, photographers and other artists claiming that AI text and image generation can be shown to come from specific sources and constitute copyright violations requiring compensation.

5 thoughts on “Random AI: Kitschy Child Portraits

  1. Lots of things can be produced by AI, and it can produce things that we WISH to see, BUT I am against it because it is being used to FALSIFY reality, to lie. I much prefer seeing REAL people, doing REAL things.

      • What I am concerned about is when what is shown may not be identified as a fantasy. This is especially troubling when news sources and similar organizations may post an image that isn’t real, with the intent of influencing opinion. I certainly can enjoy fantasy when it is identified as such.

    • I think that, like painting, AI drawing is an art form. as there is an increasingly tight policing, they stopped photographing children even photos of family children will be prohibited. One of the ways to have free rein in one’s expression comes from AI that does not involve people, even so it is already being hunted and considered a crime of pedophilia, even if these children exist only in the mind of the creator. I think it’s wonderful !!!!
      [This comment was reworded by the editor to help convey the real point and avoid a misunderstanding because of the commenter’s choice of words due to unfamiliarity with the subtleties of the English language. -Ron]

      • I like to let readers express themselves within reason, but are you comfortable with the way you said things here? -Ron

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