Maiden Voyages: July 2023

(Last Updated On July 3, 2023)

New Email: I forgot to bring this up last month. For some inexplicable reason, Yahoo terminated the old email with no explanation and acted like the email didn’t even exist, and yet I was not able to create an account using the same name. This is suspicious and I don’t have the time to deal with this. Therefore, I have established a new email with Gmail. If you wish to contact us directly, there is an image of the new email on the Contact Page.

Future Photo-Lolicon Articles: Due to the popularity of Moko’s recent Rika Nishimura post, he plans to write about photographer Shuetsu Otomo and his star model Satomi Hiromoto.  Readers have been so generous in finding hard-to-find images due to censorship. Moko was able to find many non-nude and censored images here and there but it would be ideal to have uncensored photos and photos of better quality than can be found on the internet. Please contact Pigtails if you can help and we would be happy to forward these images to the author. If successful, he hopes to have an article put together later this year or early in the next.

Savior or Pawn? Much has been made of the pleas of Greta Thunberg for taking climate catastrophe seriously. It is hard to imagine that, at the time, Miss Thunberg was sufficiently self-possessed and educated to understand the full implications of her work. And in our modern cancel culture, anyone making this perfectly reasonable point—as I am now doing—have been ridiculed for attacking the girl. Suspicions were raised when Thunberg was seen in photo opportunities with many of the same “economic elites” who are the worst culprits and expected to be threatened by her. What is going on?

Where Are the Girls? We are not always kept in the loop in a timely manner, so sometimes we have to point out news items from the recent past. This item is from 2018 and is connected to the Trump Administration’s handling of refugees and immigrants. An observation was made by Matt Agorist from The Free Thought Project. He noticed there was a “minuscule” amount of footage released by the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) the previous week that showed any girls. The images seemed to show only boys, and only those age 10 and up. Besides girls, there also seemed to be an absence of toddlers and babies. It is hard to imagine a political spin in which this does not point in a dark direction. The most generous interpretation is that the Trump Administration did not want the public to feel overly sympathetic about the plight of these people.

The Siren of Scrap Metal: One of the grassroots economies in Mexico is the collecting of scrap metal for profit. To solicit donations, the merchants play recordings from their trucks in the various neighborhoods of Mexico City, announcing their services. These iconic calls (or pregones)  have become a part of the city’s everyday auditory landscape. In fact, one particularly popular one was recorded using the voice of a 9-year-old girl and has, over the past two decades—has been used in remixes by DJs and musicians ever since.

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  1. In 1895 Sigmund Freud published his book Studies on Hysteria. In it he describes the results of years of study as a pioneer in his field of psychoanalyses. Some of his claims proved incorrect over time, but the basics still stand today: people are internally motivated, and one of the main drivers is sex. This means that rewards work better to change behavior than punishment, and sex (or the expectation thereof) is an excellent motivator.

    In his book Mein Kampf Adolph Hitler expands on this idea and says that safety and security is an excellent internal motivator as well. He describes how this can be used to manipulate people by focusing on the lowest educated people with simple slogans to suggest an easy to identify common enemy, which is then blamed as the source of all problems. He appoints Joseph Goebbels as head of the newly created Reichsministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda (Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda (sic)), and together they successfully start an internal war, and then WW2.

    After the war was over the allied countries found themselves with factories that were highly efficient to produce a single item cheaply and quickly, be that tanks or bullets. In most countries these factories were converted back, but in the US Eddie Bernays, combined the ideas of his uncle Freud and Hitler and came up with a more comprehensive internal goal: lifestyle. This motivated people to buy the same things as the beautiful people in the advertisements, and replace them quickly to outshine the neighbors. This marked the beginning of the consumer market.

    The discovery that cigarettes were dangerous was problematic for the lifestyle advertisements. Beautiful people in a sailing boat off the coats of some tropical island may sell Peter Stuyvesant cigarettes, but people on life support not so much. A new plan was needed.

    The solution was to create doubt. Even the worst of products has some benefits, and the cigarette manufacturers used that to their advantage. Real benefits such as a reduced stress levels and calmer demeanor (nicotine stimulates the production of dopamine in the brain) or statistical benefits, such as reduced change of Alzheimer (because people died of cancer before the could even get it) were mixed together, and this proved very successful. Today, after many years, we know the truth, but it took decades for that to happen, and one might argue that the non-believers simply passed away leaving the people who believed and quit smoking behind alive.

    This solution proved highly successful and is currently used in many places, such as the sugar industry who have successfully manipulated people to think that they are not fat because sugar is added to ridiculously many processed foods, but that people don’t exercise enough (it takes at least 20 minutes of intense exercise to use the amount of energy in just one single glass of soft drink…).

    So where else could we use doubt? What other problem could be quite costly for manufacturers? Indeed: the environment. And this is what is happening with Greta Thunberg today. Of course she talks to the biggest offenders, for if she wants to be successful she needs to find their internal motivators and use those. For Bill Gates for example this is charity, for Elon Musk it is status, but what is it for the others? Talk to them and find out, negotiate using this and get results. It’s the only way and she knows it.

    And now you know it too, because I just gave you 100 words to explain the history of manipulation (and this is just the summary). But without knowledge of our history we are doomed to repeat it. And this particular history is not taught at the average highschool. But do feel free to research this in more detail, it is a fascinating though somewhat scary subject.

    These talks are now used for manipulation, and to cast doubt. And by posting the question about Thunberg on your site you are now part of the problem. You are casting doubt and helping the largest polluters continue to pollute the world that we all live in. I wouldn’t care if this were only your world, but the problem is that it is my world too. Fix it please, by removing the question from your site, and become part of the solution!

    For if you don’t, than at some point in the future there will be no more pig-tailed girls left to to write about, nor people to read it.

    • You may inform those above you in the chain of command that you have done your due diligence in informing us about our egregious poor judgment in sharing this item. We are flattered that you think our little old site has so much influence among the public. And I must shamefully admit your comment has triggered a knee-jerk response and now I am compelled to quote Shakespeare: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” Nonetheless, I commend you on so concisely informing our readers about the principles behind modern capitalism’s playbook, a lesson usually shared only with students at elite universities. Kind regards, -Ron

  2. Ron, I confess I’m frustrated. You of course get final say in what does or does not get posted here, but I fail to see how railing against some secret agenda by global economic elites has anything whatsoever to do with the representation of young girls in art. That subject has already become deeply politicized (at least here in the US). It’s all about taking something innocent and uplifting and scratching at it to find some nefarious hidden meaning. Can we please try to avoid doing that ourselves?

    • The mission of this site is to cover the portrayal of little girls in art and the media. They are often entangled in political situations and it is only fair to cover that as part of the spectrum of the Cult of the Girl Child. If a particular news item does not appeal to you, you are at liberty to ignore it. -Ron

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