Maiden Voyages: July 2023

(Last Updated On July 3, 2023)

New Email: I forgot to bring this up last month. For some inexplicable reason, Yahoo terminated the old email with no explanation and acted like the email didn’t even exist, and yet I was not able to create an account using the same name. This is suspicious and I don’t have the time to deal with this. Therefore, I have established a new email with Gmail. If you wish to contact us directly, there is an image of the new email on the Contact Page.

Future Photo-Lolicon Articles: Due to the popularity of Moko’s recent Rika Nishimura post, he plans to write about photographer Shuetsu Otomo and his star model Satomi Hiromoto.  Readers have been so generous in finding hard-to-find images due to censorship. Moko was able to find many non-nude and censored images here and there but it would be ideal to have uncensored photos and photos of better quality than can be found on the internet. Please contact Pigtails if you can help and we would be happy to forward these images to the author. If successful, he hopes to have an article put together later this year or early in the next.

Savior or Pawn? Much has been made of the pleas of Greta Thunberg for taking climate catastrophe seriously. It is hard to imagine that, at the time, Miss Thunberg was sufficiently self-possessed and educated to understand the full implications of her work. And in our modern cancel culture, anyone making this perfectly reasonable point—as I am now doing—have been ridiculed for attacking the girl. Suspicions were raised when Thunberg was seen in photo opportunities with many of the same “economic elites” who are the worst culprits and expected to be threatened by her. What is going on?

Where Are the Girls? We are not always kept in the loop in a timely manner, so sometimes we have to point out news items from the recent past. This item is from 2018 and is connected to the Trump Administration’s handling of refugees and immigrants. An observation was made by Matt Agorist from The Free Thought Project. He noticed there was a “minuscule” amount of footage released by the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) the previous week that showed any girls. The images seemed to show only boys, and only those age 10 and up. Besides girls, there also seemed to be an absence of toddlers and babies. It is hard to imagine a political spin in which this does not point in a dark direction. The most generous interpretation is that the Trump Administration did not want the public to feel overly sympathetic about the plight of these people.

The Siren of Scrap Metal: One of the grassroots economies in Mexico is the collecting of scrap metal for profit. To solicit donations, the merchants play recordings from their trucks in the various neighborhoods of Mexico City, announcing their services. These iconic calls (or pregones)  have become a part of the city’s everyday auditory landscape. In fact, one particularly popular one was recorded using the voice of a 9-year-old girl and has, over the past two decades—has been used in remixes by DJs and musicians ever since.

15 thoughts on “Maiden Voyages: July 2023

  1. What is the process by which one would be able to help with the Otomo article? I happen to possess 3 digital photobooks of Hiromoto, as well as a few scattered pics from miscellaneous sources. Not ideal, but all of them are uncensored.

  2. Ahh yes I’ve heard about greta’s controversy. While I still believe the issue at hand is real, it made me question whether any of her actions is real, or if she’s merely a mouthpiece of a certain country, or countries, or worse yet a certain group of individuals hidden agenda. Also I do find it suspicious that her so called programs indirectly target emerging markets the most.
    I discussed this with a group of friends who pointed out that using a child, that would never be taken seriously, as a front was pointless. Then it suddenly dawned on me. Being a child is exactly the point, supposedly innocent, honest and well “pure” minded, makes any attempt at discrediting her nothing short of a mortal sin in the public eye. That would make her a perfect saint these certain individuals need.
    Yes I know this sounds like a wild conspiracy theory, but if we think about it, it’s entirely possible.

    • Finally, I am happy to see someone offering a comment relevant to the subject. Thank you so much for paying attention to details. -Ron

  3. Ron, you could give it a look to Proton Mail as email contact. The free email service has a ridiculous 500 MB storage, but don’t require any personal information to create a new account, except that you could provide an email address (or a phone number, but this is not the best option for privacy) as ‘account recovery’ and ‘to fight spam’ (you could avoid this step, just resolving a captcha).

    Now, if you want more storage, you must paid a few Euros, because Proton provide another services beside the Mail address, as Drive-like, an a VPN,

    I’m not really sure how ‘safe’ it is, knowing the misconceptions and misinformation around the material or subjects PiP touch; therefore, I don’t not recommended paying for an ‘unlimited account’ just for more storage.

    Also, you could try Tutanota, personally I never used it, so, I can’t tell how good or bad it’s the service.

    Sorry if the comment sounds like an advertise, but, is always good to know alternatives.

  4. I’m not sure what to make of the Goodreads article. The economics of our world are almost neutral in a way, money simply follows money. If a new green industry arises I’m sure as many people will want to profit from it as would fight to keep the old systems in place.

    • Money does follow money and there are a lot of attractive forces like that. But I don’t think ‘neutral’ would be the word to use. When someone is successful in the money domain, it establishes a precedent which others follow, sustainable or not. Well-worn practices are hard to give up. -Ron

  5. I find the comment entirely relevant. That is, regardless of political questions raised, the point Thiurnbeg is perceived as making is valid and of great concern. Further, my experience with young people offers numerous examples of those who are indeed intelligent, self-possessed and motivated enough to become agents of change. They are tired of being sold short simply because of their age. Meanwhile, the book you link to seems to be so full of fringe politics and conspiracy theory as to be just short of tinfoil-hat territory. Mind you, that impression is drawn from the review rather than the book itself, so the whole issue calls for at least as much healthy skepticism as you are directing toward Miss Thurnberg.

    • Thank you for your deliciously ironic comment. What is relevant here is how Thunberg, whatever her qualities, is being exploited. Her competence and character are not being challenged here. I can’t say I agree with everything being brought up in the review, but I feel it a refreshing counterpoint to the cookie-cutter narrative we get from mainstream media and their strenuously consistent playbook. I don’t happen to keep tinfoil in my home, but the irony is that most people would consider purveyors of this site perverts since it is “impossible” to have a healthy awe for the physical beauty of young girls that does not imply a sexual ulterior motive. What we get from mainstream corporate media is only the message they feel are “good for business”. This is not helpful for people like me who want to know how the world actually works. That’s why I share these things; it is my little effort to offer some independent journalism. -Ron

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