Maiden Voyages: April 2023

(Last Updated On April 3, 2023)

I know many of you have observed a drop in my participation on this site. I am grateful for Moko for contributing articles and when time permits, so will I. We seem to be in a more stable stage for the site right now and would encourage others to contribute articles. Until I get more motivated, my main goal is to just keep this site running so readers can access it and try to keep up with administrative duties such registering new members and responding to comments. -Ron

A Serious Look at Taboo Subjects: For some, the discussion of paraphilic sexuality including pedophilia is uncomfortable. For others, the subject is to be avoided because one might be accused of some perversion simply for expressing an undue interest in the subject. Dr. James Cantor cuts through the crap and helps clarify these phenomena based on science rather than morality-based speculation. As a result, he has certainly experienced more than his fair share of cancel culture. He has appeared on a couple of podcasts and I though I’d share one of the better examples.

Curious Filipino Comic Book Artist: One of our readers cam across a comic strip drawn by Noly Zamora called Kwin seemingly featuring a half-naked little girl. Not much could be found about this artist in English. My best guess is that the text is in Tagalog and maybe someone fluent in that language could find out more for us.

Haunted Painting? There is a painting featuring a little girl and boy that has some creepy paranormal activity associated with it. When the painting The Hands Resist Him (1972) was recently put on auction, the seller felt a disclaimer was needed to warn potential buyers what they might be getting into. On the other hand, the winner of the auction says he never experienced anything unusual. Was this just some hype to jack up the price of the painting?

Future Features: Honestly, I do have an interesting backlog of leads I hope to process in time. What is most interesting is that artists themselves have found our site and are sharing their own work. Also, there have been some submissions making use of the latest versions of graphical AI. Stay tuned; we’ll get these things out to you.

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