Maiden Voyages: October 2022

(Last Updated On October 3, 2022)

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Cultural Norms: We have all seen comments from readers about when it was acceptable to let kids run around naked or little girls to be topless at public beaches. This anecdote is a little different. One of our readers recalls: Back in the last century (it may have been Hungary), orphaned children were given to people in rural communities to help with agriculture. The practice was to keep these children naked to discourage them from running away. The reader says he saw a film about this featuring a girl of about 7-8 but can’t remember the title. Does anybody have any ideas?

[Wow! Reader response is amazing. It is clear from several loyal readers that the Hungarian film Árvácska, 1976 whose English title is Nobody’s Daughter. Although I have a copy of the film and am familiar with the title (it is listed in the ‘Pipeline: Films’ page), I had not viewed the film and was not familiar with its plot and premise. Thank you all for your prompt replies but since so many of you gave the same exact answer, I don’t think it necessary to publish all these duplicate comments. Your contributions are appreciated!]


2 thoughts on “Maiden Voyages: October 2022

  1. I grew up in a very large and at one time close family – I had about 20 cousins growing up, even though my grandfather bought the house next door and (without hiring anyone) merged it into his first house, two bathtubs weren’t enough, iive seen plenty of 8 mm of aunts and uncles playing nude, and for those that have had the joy of nude beaches etc, let’s face it, they’re to protect us, but rather an uncomfortable necessity. We are animals, and if we don’t let our millennia of over-thinking get in the way, we can enjoy the freedom life offers – until society puts the brakes on it.

  2. The movie in question that the reader saw is almost certainly “Nobody’s Daughter” (1976, Hungarian), also known as “Arvacsca”, listed in the Pipeline. The young actress Zsuzsa Czinkoczi, 8, is naked for about the first half-hour of the movie.

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