Random Images: Ricardo Gómez Campuzano

(Last Updated On August 9, 2022)

Ricardo Gómez Campuzano (1891–1981) was a famous Colombian painter. The reader who offered this lead could not find much on this particular painting except that it was a direct homage to Goya’s Maja Desnuda.

Ricardo Gómez Campuzano – Le Majita (1925)

The story of this painting is an excellent example of collaboration. First, there was the lead from the reader with a few sparse details. He attempted to find the image online, but was unsuccessful even while browsing the gallery website where the painting is supposedly housed. I casually passed this lead on to Pip in case he ever came across it. He said he may have but didn’t know where it was at the time. I prepared this post in July 2020 anticipating that he would dig it up and later I forgot about it. I came across the draft post while going through and classifying images under the new protocol. I realized I was still missing the image. I was about to delete the draft when Pip came forward with some materials he found stored that I should share with readers and, lo and behold, there is was! So thanks to open communication among the parties involved, all readers can finally see it here.

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  1. P.S. Shouldn’t the title in the picture be “La Majita”? “La” is the feminine “the” in Spanish. “Le” is used only as a pronoun.

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