Maiden Voyages: August 2022

(Last Updated On August 5, 2022)

The months are just not long enough. As usual, I am a little late on this.

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Instagram Artists: I have gotten a spate of leads having to do with Instagram accounts with quality images by skilled photographers—amateur or otherwise. Young people are fond of sharing selfies but these few seems to be of higher production quality. Readers may even see posts here on some of these account holders in the future. Here are some of the leads I have received so far: here, here, here and here.

Quality Foreign Films: When I use the term “foreign”, this is from an English-speaking perspective. I really mean international films that were never intended for an international market. Someone turned me on to a YouTube channel with a collection (over 600) of foreign films in a wide range of languages. In one case, I found a much higher quality version of the film Du sel sur la peau (1984). I was intending to take new screen shots and update them on the post but the specific shots I captured weren’t really that bad. The problem was avoiding the hard-coded French subtitles and really poor sound quality. The channel in question has the theme of children in cinema which includes boys and girls so I would appreciate any readers willing to go through these and identify those dealing with girls that are not already included in the ‘Pipeline: Films’ page. The account seems to have been started in January 2022 which indicates to me that this person’s account is periodically cancelled due to “community standards” issues. Copyright issues are unlikely given the age of these films.

An Ethical Conundrum: I got a report about a pornography video—I believe a full-length film—that contains a child. Of course children engaging in sexual behavior with adults is almost universally illegal but this filmmaker seems to be pushing the edge and I wanted to hear comments—thoughtful, of course—about this tactic. According to the lead, the girl in question is not in any scene with an adult. In the story, the scene with the young girl (9 years old) is included as a flashback of one of the main characters in the film. The child’s genitals are visible for a few seconds because the scene is about her “playing doctor” with three little boys. The boys are also shown but the scenes were shot in such a way so the naked girl is not actually in the same room with the boy actors. To further complicate things, I am told that the girl’s face is recognizable in some shots which adds the possibility of stigmatization for having acted in the film. We have often discussed how nudity should not imply a sexual connotation (and therefore not stigmatized) but this little actress has been deliberately included in a porno film. Assuming the girl was otherwise treated well during filming, where do you fall on the ethics of this? Was it really necessary to show the girl’s genitals so prominently? Maybe because of the typical production values of pornos (low, in case you didn’t already know), maybe the filmmaker didn’t give it that much careful thought, but they seem to be skirting the edges of legality here. What do you think? Also, for the morbidly curious among you, I will not be divulging the title of the film, where it can be found and, no, I have not looked at the film myself so don’t bother asking!

18 thoughts on “Maiden Voyages: August 2022

  1. I guess I should say first and foremost how nice it is to even have a forum at all where this can be openly discussed in the first place.
    That being said, I’ll give the directors the benefit of the doubt on this one and assume that in the context of the film, this girl’s brief cameo comes across as sensible within the story and not just ham-fisted exhibitionism. Assuming that IS the case, I feel that at worst this is just a case of bad timing. Personally, I am someone who believes that when shot and directed properly, pornography CAN be an art form, and I likewise strongly feel that the naked human body/genitalia need not be sexualized at all when shown without the intent to entice, regardless of the age of the person appearing naked. I can imagine a scenario where a porno takes itself seriously enough to feel like there’s good reason to sprinkle tasteful artistic nudity in between the shots of hardcore penetration, and I won’t even say that such a movie sounds all that bad, but I’m also not going to pretend like it’s anything but tone deaf given that 99.8% of people sitting down to watch porn aren’t there to admire the naked bodies for their artistic merit. In a perfect world it wouldn’t be an ethical quandary to have a nude child actress playing an age-appropriate role in an “erotic” film, but you have to accept that in our reality, one MUST be acutely aware of the implications such a scene has regarding the director’s true intentions, to say nothing of how hard it must throw someone for a loop if they’re in a hypersexual mindset sitting down to watch a porn movie.

    • Thank you for this cogent and balanced discussion of the subject. I have said my piece about some of these issues in other comments, so I will leave it at that. -Ron

  2. The film you are referring to is Lars von Trier’s “Nymphomaniac.” While the scene itself is potentially ambiguous, being a von Trier film, the sexual context cannot be mistaken.

    • Thank you. That is the title I was thinking of. I knew it was something kind of explicit but could not remember it exactly. In fact, I think it would be worthwhile to include that clip in a future post. The girl’s relationship with her mother and father are quite relevant to the whole story as well. -Ron

  3. There are a lot of movies out there like that. For instance, Brooke Shields played as a young child prostitue in the film Pretty Baby. I never have seen it, nor do I want to. It was just they way the movies where back in the mid 1900s. A lot of those movies got banned from various countries becuase of their content.

    • First of all, thank you for your comment. I’m really glad you did this because it is too easy to assume that all readers know pretty much the same things and understand the same things. Unlike, the previous commenter of this post, your contention is way off. There is a world of difference between a porno film and Louis Malle’s Pretty Baby. First of all, I did a post on that film which you should take a look at. There are only a few scenes where Shields is nude and they are pretty tame. Intention is everything (although not necessarily in the eyes of the law) and the film I was talking about was actually marketed as an X-rated film. Malle’s film is simply a drama which takes place in New Orleans’ Storyville “red light” district. Certainly, it is a challenging theme and so is for mature audiences who can take in the full context. Perhaps the most risqué scene is when Shields is nude in an odalisque pose but it is quite discreet considering and you can that screen shot in the post and judge for yourself.
      I hope this comment helps some readers make important distinctions between different media forms a genres and that even when dealing with sexual themes, there can be both ethical and unethical portrayals of children. -Ron

  4. In an honest to god porno? Nah mate, that doesn’t fly with me. Pornography exists for a specific purpose, no matter what context you want to include. Like I was saying with the Eva Ionesco article, the exact same scene can be viewed very differently depending on what light you’re shining on it.

    • Makes sense. The context is damning and was it honestly necessary? Maybe playing doctor is an intriguing story point but did we need an actual scene shot with children? There are a million questions. It does kind of remind me of a film about a career prostitute (can’t remember the name) where there is a flashback with two little girls. Although the film deals with the life of a prostitute, it is not an actual porno but a so-called conventional drama with sexual themes; the little girls are not naked and we just see them sliding around on the wet bathroom floor as some kind tactile stimulation. Even the sexual context is very subtle and not titillating for the viewer. -Ron

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