Maiden Voyages: May 2022

(Last Updated On April 30, 2022)

Things have been heating up on many fronts. The most important announcement is that in order to import the necessary subroutines to protect the site from the wrong kind of scrutiny, we will have to shut down in the next couple of days. Don’t worry, we are doing this ourselves and hopefully the hiatus will be a relatively short one (hopefully only a few hours). We have put this off for a few days to give readers some notice so I won’t be inundated with emails asking what is happening.

Future Outages: Whether we are making voluntary revisions to the site that will require us to go offline or we have another carrier, data center or registrar who perfunctorily shuts us down again, remember that I will communicate to readers through our Facebook page. You can also take note of my Pigtails email and contact me directly.

Allied Websites: Because Pigtails shared an account with Agapeta and the Graham Ovenden sites, they were affected by the protests against our site. Clearly, these sites are much less edgy than we are and it is unfortunate they were affected. From now on, our host has promised to run the sites on separate accounts so that they don’t suffer these collateral effects. For some reason, the old registrar released the Pigtails domain access codes but not the correct ones for the other sites. Therefore Agapeta is not up and running yet and Graham’s sites (Personal and Garage Press) are operating under different domain names. Christian is protesting the delay in transfer. No word yet if this is some kind of deliberate act or an honest mistake.

Registered Accounts: As mentioned in my recent ‘State of the Blog Address’, we will be instituting a registration process for readers who want to see all the images of this site. Applicants will be screened by myself before being added as a user. Initially, we are taking the precaution of protecting images that are not publicly available so that automatic systems will not come across them and they can’t be reported to the internet hierarchy. We can no longer trust technicians and managers of internet providers to make educated decisions about acceptable forms of nudity. This is one of the reasons for the short downtime mentioned above.

Poignant Performance: The Russian invasion of Ukraine is regarded by most as a travesty, making many citizens pawns in a political struggle and causing yet another immigration crisis. Yet in the midst of this sublime chaos, there are rays of sunshine. I will let you take a look at this video yourself. The same reader also offered this charming (albeit less poignant) video of a little girl singing as well.

Presidential Pets: As I have mentioned before, I have been binging a lot of podcasts which are peppered with a multitude of interesting tidbits. For instance, Theodore Roosevelt was not the kind of president who was happy sitting behind a desk and during one of his excursions to the west (Arizona in this case), he was presented with a pet badger from a little girl. I tried to look it up but although I did find some information about the animal, I could find no mention on the girl who offered the gift nor a publicity photo during the offering.

First Black Millionairess? Conventional wisdom is that a woman named Sarah Breedlove Walker was the first Black woman millionaire. But a young girl may have beaten her: Sarah Rector. She inherited the fortune while still a little girl and required some involvement of advocacy organizations to keep her from getting taken advantage of. This item appears in an episode of Stuff You Missed in History Class.


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    • I have restored the text, but we are in the process of deciding which images get activated and which are for registered users. Anyone else requesting a particular post be visible, please let me know. -Ron

    • Yes, we are ready to begin. It is not an automated process so I have to manually set up each account for now. There needs to be a lot of renovation to this site to work well for all involved. I will contact you personally when an account is formed. -Ron

  1. As Njalla are still blocking the domain and do not make the effort to provide correct authorisation codes for transferring the domain name to another registrar, we have created a new domain name and restored the site there:

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