Random Images: Raffael Esquivel

(Last Updated On May 9, 2022)

This artist contacted me to express an interest in getting his art presented in an article on this site. Raffael Esquivel is an illustrator living in Costa Rica. According to his Behance account, he is available for hire and told me that he intends to do a series of pieces that are on-topic for Pigtails hopefully warranting more coverage and getting his name out there. Below is the image I believe is most relevant to this site so far. Also interesting is an image called Wolf girls.

Raffael Esquivel – Fairy Child resting (2021)

3 thoughts on “Random Images: Raffael Esquivel

  1. I like it a lot and am eager to see the series he will be doing. I looked at the Behance account; the Warrior Ant and Wolfgirls are also on topic, but I like the Fairy Child Resting best. Thank you for the art.

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