Merry Christmas: A Gift from Graham Ovenden

(Last Updated On May 9, 2022)

One of my contentions—which I perhaps do not mention often enough—is that the reason true artists produce their art is something akin to compulsion. There is something in their psychology that drives them to do it. To my mind, it is a valuable form of exorcising one’s demons and, by extension, that of society. I was quite distressed to learn that health concerns in the past year have made Graham quite frail (not connected to the extant coronavirus). For a time, his shoulder was too stiff for him to work and I became quite concerned that he would go mad (balmy to you Brits out there) if he were forced to stop painting permanently. Fortunately, things got a little better and one of his most ambitious projects is a triptych recently completed and given as a gift to his younger sister.

Graham Ovenden – The Wind (2021) (left panel)

Graham Ovenden – My Sister’s Ghost Arising (2021) (center panel)

This center panel is meant to depict Graham’s sister in her youth kicking a ball to another younger sister who passed away when she was young (figure on the right).

Graham Ovenden – Moon Jumping (2021) (right panel)

Not only can cows jump over the moon; girls can too which I’m sure many readers will agree is a more delightful metaphor.

Graham Ovenden – Triptych (2021)

The works were produced in oil on prepared paper laid down onto board or plywood. Graham says,” The three panels are very much a depiction of childhood freedoms and wonder.”

Happy Christmas to all! -Ron

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