Maiden Voyages: December 2021

(Last Updated On May 10, 2022)

This month, we had two related items.

The Trouble with Bots: Regarding the complaint that resulted in our site being shut down for a while, the offending image is a big surprise. It is the color image labeled: Brasil Indias Kamaiuras del Alto Xingu (c1965). Apparently, real humans don’t do the browsing, but an algorithm that uses pattern recognition that does. Perhaps the mere presence of a naked adult and child in the same photo set off the red flags! Needless to say, this algorithm needs to be improved. Also, The Canadian Centre for Child Protection has submitted complaints to us for comment before passing off the lead to the authorities. It is clear that none of the staff have even looked at it.

The Business of Child Protection: Protecting children from undue exploitation and abuse had been a hot topic in the political arena the past couple of decades. Conceptually, this is a noble pursuit, but any philanthropic organization that becomes too important or powerful has a tendency for corruption. Prostasia Foundation has done a little digging into the Canadian Centre for Child Protection expressing concerns over its lack of transparency and checks and balances.

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