Maiden Voyages: July 2021

(Last Updated On May 10, 2022)

Since this is the first of the month after Pigtails being reinstated, I felt I should at least do a MV post to get a normal routine going again.

Notice to All Bots: For some reason, the security plugin had a defective Captcha program. I know some of you had trouble leaving a comment. My apologies for that. We had to disable that part of the program. Also, it was not a proper captcha because it was not something that would confound computers. I will be adding a new captcha if the bot traffic starts to become unmanageable again. So far, the spam filter has picked those up so I haven’t had to look at them. If there are any problems with the site, please feel free to leave a message using the contact form.

Database Progress: Currently, I am adding to the ‘Artists by Name’ database. I have now gotten up to the letter ‘L’. If there are any artists not posted or listed in this database with letters before ‘L’, they are not on our radar and should be brought to our attention. Please note that there is a Film Database as well which is pretty complete but will need some revision when the other projects are done.

Take care and be safe. -Ron

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