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(Last Updated On May 24, 2022)

Christian recently found this image requesting that it be identified. He suggested that it may have come from DeviantArt but Pip doesn’t think so because it violates their TOS. He believes it is associated with Manga. If it originally appeared there, that may be why it cannot be found there any longer. Any assistance would be much appreciated. It appears to be a kind of bacchanalia comprised of little girls. [see additional  comments below]

Alke / Alkemanubis - Ritual

Alkemanubis – Ritual (variant) (2018)

[20210505] Once again, our readers come to the rescue. As can be seen below, a few out there knew the source of this image. Many thanks to all of you. One contributor even told me he knew the artist personally, so it is possible that we may be expanding this post at some point.

It turns out that Pip and Christian were both right. Alke/Alkemanubis has a DeviantArt account and a Pixiv account (the latter from which this image was removed). There are apparently four versions of this image.

6 thoughts on “Random Images: Alkemanubis

  1. Well, the good news is I found a site hosting the picture in question, and the uploader (who might not be the actual artist).

    The bad news is, the site is… umm… highly questionable, to the point that I’m reluctant to even give the name. Suffice it to say I found, shall we say, more explicit art there – just drawings, but still. Not of the foreground girl in that particular piece of art, but others. So I don’t recommend trying to find more details in this particular case.

    • I can now confirm that the uploader is indeed not the original artist. I completely understand your concern, but please do let us know if you find anything that should be on our radar.

      • Of course. Naturally had I found a copy on what I considered to be a “safe” site, I’d have said where I found it, but in this particular case I didn’t. I also didn’t find there similar pieces by the same artist, just the one you already had (I didn’t find the missing variants, sadly).

  2. The Artist is Alke / Alkemanubis. He has a DeviantArt Page but I saw the Image on his pixiv.
    The Image is one of four Versions and is titled “Ritual”. It was posted in November 2018 but is not available anymore.

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