Final Message to Readers … for now

(Last Updated On May 24, 2022)

I have been informed by our host that in order to continue conducting business, they must remove Pigtails in Paint for their client list. The same goes for Agapeta. We will be removed in the next few days. We apologize but running such a challenging site has its pitfalls. Please note that you can continue to reach me at [email protected].

As before, we will probably reestablish a Pigtails Facebook page with any news and updates. We will naturally be needing a new host and I am told that we will have full backup information so we can relocate the site. We will most likely have to give up the site address as well since it is unknown how and when we can get the site up and running again and, to be honest, it is not a priority for me at this time.

My apologies but we did have a good run and have already made a major contribution on the subject of the Cult of the Girl Child. -Ron, Editor-in-Chief

PS – Rest assured that since we have not done anything illegal, no legal actions are being taken against any Pigtails staff members.

7 thoughts on “Final Message to Readers … for now

  1. This is a very sad news. I only hope, Ron, you will be able to have a full backup including the comments, which always contained very stimulating discussion.

    • I agree. I was promised a backup. However, because there is a time lag, it is possible that some of the very last things will not get saved. -Ron

  2. I’m very sad and angry about this turn of events.
    I only hope that you will be able to find another host.
    I remember that you successfully did so in the past.

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