Random Images: Xaver Bergmann

(Last Updated On May 24, 2022)

A reader came across this unusual figurine for auction. The really remarkable thing about it is that it is overtly erotic and looking at the physique of the girl, she is clearly very young. It would have been interesting to get into the head of the artist to understand the logic for composing this kind of subject for a Vienna Bronze. I own a very small one of a girl with a mandolin and so it must have been quite common to feature nude subjects in this medium.

Xaver Bergmann – Orientale mit Katze (1850s?)

I believe the title (Easterner [Arab] with Cat) was meant to be suggestive implying an erotic subject. Although there is no date indicated in the auction, Vienna Bronzes were made starting in the 1850s.

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  1. There is a lot of symbolism with this piece. The person who created it seems to be referring to the prophet Muhammad since he was very fond of cats and his youngest wife, Aisha. It is an interesting Orientalist piece of art.

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