Random Images: Arturo Checchi

(Last Updated On May 24, 2022)

There are a number of statues in the Piazza Italia in Perugia, Italy. The most famous is an equestrian bronze but below and little ways away there is a fountain with a lovely statue of a young girl. She appears very small in photos found on the internet because she is seldom the main focus of the square. One of our readers was kind enough to send some photos of the statue during a recent visit. He could not get close enough to it to make out the name of the sculptor so Patricia came to the rescue and identified him as Arturo Checchi (1886–1971).

Arturo Checchi – Bimba al sole (1935) (1)

Arturo Checchi – Bimba al sole (1935) (2)

Arturo Checchi – Bimba al sole (1935) (closeup)

Unfortunately, our photographer did not have exclusive access so the images are somewhat marred by the presence of other tourists, modern vehicles, etc.

4 thoughts on “Random Images: Arturo Checchi

  1. Europeans are not prudish when it comes to the beauty of the human body.
    A statue like that in an American city would provoke screams of protest.

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