Maiden Voyages: November 2020

(Last Updated On May 10, 2022)

Nope, didn’t get to the dozen or so items that I still need to post. The simple fact of the matter is that a social life with a life mate is not conducive to maintaining a blog of any kind. Mari does not have a problem with my work here and, in fact, she has helped out from time to time. But I have entered a new phase of my life and priorities have to change.

The Samantha Gates Site: A couple of readers have reported last month that the Gates site is down. I’m afraid I cannot offer many details because Amanda who runs the site, is currently incommunicado. Her last communication to me was a few months ago. She explained that a lot of drama was going on in her life and that she would tell me everything. We were talking about a partnership in running Pigtails. That was the last I heard. Another thing to consider is that even though Gates is not ashamed of the work she did as a model, some branches of her family are quite conservative and find it inappropriate to post these things. The project was begun by Mackenzie who passed away in the early stages. She was a cousin of Sam’s and had her blessing. Also, since models are not given masters of the photos taken of them, she was keen on gathering examples of the work done with her. Amanda (Mackenzie’s best friend) carried on but since she is not a family member, she probably felt pressure to take a step back and withdraw from the project. Amanda also expressed dismay at the overly eager requests for the publishing of the nudes which she intended to post in due course. Anyway, this is a sad loss because Hajime Sawatari, Graham Ovenden and Brian Partridge contributed valuable never-before-seen materials for the site. Amanda had intended to interview Graham about his experiences with Sam (a real angel by all accounts) and she was intending to write an article based on the Ionesco materials for Pigtails (meant to be a companion to the Bourboulon post). She also told me that Sam was open to having a phone conversation with me as well which looks like it will not materialize.

[20201104] Fortunately, many people make it a habit to download websites that may be subject to censorship or closure. As a result, I am delighted to announce that the higher-resolution versions of the images to the Samantha Gates site will be republished in due course. Readers will be advised when the mirror site is in place (I believe that’s how we’re going to handle it).

[20201105] Because the Gates database is small, it did not take long to create a copy of the site. There are some glitches regarding fonts, but it’s all there including full-resolution images. Here’s the link.

15 thoughts on “Maiden Voyages: November 2020

  1. Hi, sorry to ask, but is there any new news about Samantha Gates and her website? Not even a mirror seems to be available. ):

    • I did hear from the creator of the website but she drifts in and out of communication so I’m not sure. A couple of associates I know do have a copy of the database so I expect within the next year or two, it will be available somewhere. -Ron

  2. It is certainly unfortunate that Mackenzie died so shortly after the site started- of course, considering that anyone´s death is unfortunate to begin with.

    As mentioned, it is quite likely that Amanda, not being family, will be inclined to tread lightly as far as her family is concerned due to basic human respect. Which, this being as it is, means that the site will likely fade into obscurity. I do hope that the people that contributed with their own materials and copies- which nowadays are quite rare- at least have them returned, though I does indeed not look likely.

    And frankly, if I wanted to start a site like that out of my love and admiration for a cherised frend or family member, getting an undue amount of essentially asking for nudes would be enough to make me take a long, hard look at whether I really want to go forward with it.

    Sad that such people exist, and sad that the circumstances ended his project. But such is life.

    • It is an incredible lack of judgement for people to show that they “can’t wait” to see the nudes. This reminds me of when somebody posts a comment showing erotic appreciation on a depiction of a nude child on You Tube or a photo-sharing site. The parents then quickly take down the video or picture.

  3. Please tell me that someone here managed to download the pics from thst site before it went down. I’d hate to think that some of those pictures will be lost forever.

      • Thanks for the mirror site. It isn’t working on my phone’s browser though. Possibly the mirrored version of the JS on the site is broken so it can’t load content on mobile. Not sure what’s wrong here. Also, the last time I posted this, the post disappeared.

        • There are some wrinkles to work out. We are doing our best to fix them. -Ron
          PS – Your comment did not really disappear. It’s just lost in your archive.

  4. I am happy to see the site finally having a new post.
    Ron, I understand the situation, but I hope that it only means a slowing down of the pace of the site, rather than a freeze on new postings.
    And I am of course sad to read about the situation regarding the Gates site.

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