Maiden Voyages: August 2020

(Last Updated On May 10, 2022)

Some interesting things have been coming in but nothing to report to the readers. I have successfully negotiated terms in acquiring an Edwardian postcard collection so that will be added to the Pigtails Archive.

Rescuing Novel Activist: I’m sure many of you were dismayed to learn of the shuttering of the Novel Activist site. It was an important site to me and I discovered it at the same time I did Pigtails in Paint. In fact, when Pip invited me to be a writer for this site, he told me that Pigtails has to take priority over NA. It’s funny to think what might have been if Ray had invited me first.

In the ‘Allied Websites’ page, there are some links to existing archives and I am pleased to say that if there are any articles that belong on this site, Ray Harris has graciously allowed them to be republished here. As an added bonus, Patricia, who has made a number of cogent contributions to this site said she is interested in doing this legwork. The only thing that remains is for some reader to come forward with a recent download of the site. Archives can be spotty and may be missing images. A download would guarantee that any images that no longer exist on the net can be republished. It was a download that rescued the first incarnation of Pigtails when it was first kicked off of WordPress. That is why all the early posts from the first two years are present on this site.

Artists by Name: I continue to push through the alphabetical list of leads in the Pigtails database and am posting them on the ‘Artists by Name’ page or making a ‘Random Images’ post if there seems to be only one or a couple of interesting instances. I have worked up to the letter “F” so anything before that I have missed, please bring it to my attention.

The Remains of Sublime Natures: A number of people have inquired about Peter Dominic and the court order destroying his work. However, not all his work was destroyed, so it is possible to purchase certain prints. Dominic is also the agent for Jacques Bourboulon so anyone wanting signed copies of books (and perhaps prints, I’m not sure) can contact me and I will give you the contact email.

Have a nice month and stay healthy. -Ron

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