Random Scenes: Oh, By Jingo

(Last Updated On July 15, 2020)

An associate found this little gem on YouTube. It is a musical short sung by Gloria Grey. I found it kind of interesting that it is an interracial pair of girls taking a bath, especially for that period. Short films like this would have been shown as a preview to a full-length feature in the theaters, so you can use your imagination and wonder what 1947 film might have followed. You can watch the entire thing here.

Studio Films – Oh, By Jingo (1947)

4 thoughts on “Random Scenes: Oh, By Jingo

  1. This song is included in a film “Soundies Black Music from the 1940’s”

    Soundies were films played on a Juke Box like set up.
    I may have learned that there. Lol

    • Thank you for these details. There are a lot of short films for older eras and there was always a question of where to air them so they would be seen by the public. -Ron

  2. CLARIFICATION: The video says “1950s”.
    Another video then comes up of Debbie Reynolds singing the same song in a 1952 movie called “Skirts Ahoy!”.
    There seems to be some inconsistency about whether it is from 1947 or 1952.

    • There is no inconsistency. The video is a version of the song sung by Gloria Grey which is 1947. I don’t post dates unless I am quite sure of their accuracy. The song has been around for a while and sung by many people including in films. This one was interesting because of the bathing girls. People who post images and video often don’t bother to do the research; we do. If I am unsure, I will say so by saying something vague like “1950s” or “c1950”. -Ron

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