Random Images: Pierre Boucher

(Last Updated On May 25, 2022)

Although Pierre Boucher (1908–2000) was known for his nude photography, he saw it as one of many tools in the service of graphic composition. He studied at the School of Applied Arts (in France) and was a photographer in the air force from 1921 to 1925. His professional career began in 1930 producing various forms of advertising including movie posters. He published articles on the nude, sports, architecture and traveling and his work was included in an anthology Le Nu en Photographie (1937).

Pierre Boucher – Femme avec enfant dans l’eau (1955)

Pierre Boucher – Petite fille nue sur la plage (1948)

Pierre Boucher – Petite nageuse (1936)

Thanks go to Patricia [below] for doing the extra research on these photographs. -Ron

3 thoughts on “Random Images: Pierre Boucher

  1. What is particularly remarkable about the images is their utter timelessness. They date from the 30s, but could as easily be from the 60s or the 90s or today. A reminder of the universality of childhood.

    • That is one of the great benefits of nudity that people overlook. Because the removal of clothing removes some of the visual cultural cues, we can appreciate the aesthetics of the human form without distraction. I have even found that nudes with period hair styles rather off-putting. Children and nudes in their honesty really helps psychologically ground us. Thank you for the observation. -Ron

  2. I have performed a little research and found some more info about these three photographs. “Femme avec enfant dans l’eau” is dated 1955:
    while “Petite fille nue sur la plage” is dated 1948:

    “Petite nageuse” (little swimmer) is dated 1936:
    Interestingly, I have found it also here, dated 1937 and entitled “Jeune marocaine au bain” (young Moroccan in a bath)
    Indeed, Boucher spent much of his military service in Morocco and he has been coming back to this country later. There are also other photographs by Boucher from this period (1936-1937) taken in Morocco.

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