Random Images: Les Bryant

(Last Updated On July 5, 2020)

Les Bryant is a realist painter who recently produced a series of works entitled “Memories of Childhood Never Fade”. The one below has a bit of a collage-like quality with discrete figures placed in the scene. As an extra bonus, there is an image showing the work in progress.

Les Bryant – Jump! (2008)

Les Bryant – Jump! (in progress)

4 thoughts on “Random Images: Les Bryant

  1. I had watched this picture from a late Australian site called Novel Activist. The site’s owner had posted so much information related to little girls in art and even some issues about sexuality. The site included both well-known painters and photographers like Balthus or Graham Ovenden and less known people like South American and Asian painters.

    • Yes, I only realized recently that the site was defunct. Since the owner’s goal was research for writing novels, he eventually found it cumbersome and expensive to maintain. There is an archive and I have not doubt some reader has a recent download so we can salvage the more valuable bits and post them on Pigtails. I will say more about it in the next Maiden Voyages. -Ron

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