Random Images: Jean-Luc Deru

(Last Updated On May 25, 2022)

There is a little information about Jean-Luc Deru on his Facebook page and his work covers many subjects but this photo of a young girl is a delight.

Jean-Luc Deru – from Petite fille dans la mer (Date Unknown)

The caption means “Little Girl in the Sea” and based on the information associated with the file, the girl’s name is Laura. There are many photographs of girls in his portfolio; take a look here.

3 thoughts on “Random Images: Jean-Luc Deru

  1. Jean-Luc Deru lives in Liège (Belgium) and a quick Google search led me to the websites of Laura Deru, now a young attorney in Liège. She is an adult woman, but looking very similar to the girl on the photograph and it is very plausible that she was actually the model and is the photographer’s daughter. On the first page of the portfolio linked by Ron I found other pictures of Laura, at roughly the same age as in the “Little Girl in the Sea” work, all dated 1995.

    • As always, thanks for the extra legwork. As I push to get the most relevant data posted on this site, I will depend on readers to supplement the posts with any information they may have. -Ron

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