Maiden Voyages: June 2020

(Last Updated On June 2, 2020)

Sanity for a Change: Pip informed me of the decision regard the sale of dot-org domains. The sale would have been a real setback for many volunteer organizations.

In the Works: As always, new posts appear sporadically. I wish I could dedicate full time to this endeavor but I have many interests and am now in a committed relationship and there can be no cutting corners there. And periodically, opportunities to make new connections or get access to hard-to-find material come up and must be taken advantage of immediately. Currently, I am negotiating to expand PIgtails’ Edwardian postcard collection. This was really someone else’s project but they have been incommunicado for a few years now. I have reached the letter C in the ‘Artists by Name’ database, An outline of definitions will be the basis of the ‘My Thesis’ page to eventually be found under the ‘About’ tab. I have been pressured by a number of serious individuals to put the theoretical scientific and philosophical principles in one place. I often allude to this idea or that on individual posts but there really needs to be one place where readers can understand the “big picture” anthropological framework of our efforts here. Also, there will be a ‘Online Resources’ page for leads on other sites of interest organized by contrivance. It is my hope that Pigtails in Paint can serve as an important nexus with regards to the subject of young/little girls. Stay Healthy! -Ron

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