Random Images: Niki Boon

(Last Updated On April 10, 2020)

Niki Boon is a self-taught photographer from New Zealand whose work emphasizes the freedoms of family life. It is nice to see there are still people bringing attention to the quality of childhood unfettered by needless public prudery.

I grew up on a farm in rural New Zealand, with a childhood barefoot ,wild and free. In part my photographic work pulls from my childhood freedoms and adventures that still exist so strongly in my mind. -From her website

Niki Boon – A Sincere Place of Freedom (Date Unknown)

2 thoughts on “Random Images: Niki Boon

  1. Very close and similar work to Alain Laboile a French Photographer. He wrote an open lettrer few months ago to talk about “copyright” and Boon’s stuff looking very similar to his own work.

    • A world of copyright law kind of complicates things because copyright holders have to decide whether it is worthwhile to sue over infringement and how to make one’s case to the courts. Where do we draw the line between infringement and homage (or legitimate social criticism)? In the past, some artists admired the style of a particular master and emulated it in some way while other less inspired yet skilled artisans might make a living producing convincing imitations at a lower cost to the customer. How much does this hurt a living artist is a debate we are forced to engage in nowadays. -Ron

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